Do Catfish Have Periods? (Cat Fish Myths & Facts)

do catfish have periods

We all heard a lot of myths and legends out there about catfish. But did you know that people used to believe catfish had periods? It’s hard to consider some of these things, but once you learn do catfish have periods, it’s so easy to see how people got confused.

In this blog post, we’re going to dispel some of the most common catfish myths and set the record straight. Keep reading to know more about your favorite fishy friends!

Do catfish have a menstrual cycle? 

Do catfish have periods? The female catfish are not blessed with a menstrual cycle like humans but still create offspring through autotrophy or self-fertilization.

Tend towards the male gender mainly because they can fertilize their eggs without any help from another creature.

This process begins when an ovarian filament secretes hormones uterus that triggers oocyte release at specific times during ovariohysterectomy (the removal of both testicles).

These same chemicals also program cells within each individual’s uterus to be ready for implantation should pregnancy happen!

Why do people say catfish have periods?

Now, think back to that one time you were online and saw someone’s MySpace page. What era is this? Frozen fish sticks are a thing of the past! All-female fish go through spawning and naturally produce and grow unfertilized eggs inside their bellies; until they’re ready to fertilize, they just release them into open water during spawning season.

Do you have to bleed a catfish?

As I have long recommended, anglers should bleed catfish while these fish species are still alive. Or if they want to put them on ice for transport back home, then bleeding can happen either right before or after you catch your catch to reduce blood exposure so it won’t ruin taste too much when eating these delicacies later down the road!

You may be asking yourself, how do catfish bleed? Well, it’s not like they have veins or arteries which actually host blood as humans do, but instead, there are large cavities that fill up with milt (a.k.a. sperm) and eggs that escape into open water; in the event of mating!

Which Fish Has a Period? (do fish have periods?)

Fish don’t have periods. The catfish lay eggs in a year during the spawning, which males then fertilize during external sperm counting (and sometimes carry their eggs internal).

Fish have menstrual periods without having sexually mature females release their matured unfertilized youthful embryos into the water as other animals do! 

When a fish has mature eggs that are not fertilized inside her body, she will emit them into the water to be fertilized by the male.

Do Female Sharks Have Periods?

Female sharks are different from humans, so there’s no need to avoid them during their periods. They don’t menstruate or have any menstrual cycle as we do as women and girls.

They don’t need to avoid sharks during their periods because, unlike humans, they produce offspring the conventional way through a sexual meeting where sperm meets egg.

Do whales get their period?

Whales are inhabitants of the ocean, but they do not menstruate! Mammals that live in water and have uteruses include dolphins and whales.

However, only primates (apes) or elephant shrews can shed their bones during puberty to make way for new skin cells – this process is called menstrual bleeding.

Do other animals bleed during menstruation as humans do?

Some creatures naturally menstruate as humans do, but not all of them. Some animals shed their uteruses right before they die to let blood come out.

However, other animals shed their uteruses when pregnant, and others reproduce asexually.

What animal has periods?

The estrous cycle is an essential part of female mammals’ reproductive lives. It involves the endometrium, which becomes swollen and firms up to prevent any conception from happening while in this state; if there are no fertilization opportunities available, then it will shrink back into its original form over time until the next menstruation (or “estrus”).

The length each animal has their period can vary depending on how long they’ve been pregnant with young before giving birth. 

Some only experience brief interruptions like elephant shrews who Barely shed any hair during pregnancy, but other species such as humans develop Racklike bald patches called Gearldabad, Usually due to breastfeeding.

Commonly Asked Questions about estrous cycles (FAQ)    



Although catfish have not been proven to have periods, some evidence suggests they may do so. The claim do catfish have periods may come from the fact that their reproductive cycles are similar to those of other fish. Periods in catfish are not well understood, and more research is needed to determine the length and timing of these cycles. However, understanding the reproductive biology of catfish can help fisheries managers make better decisions about when and how to harvest these fish. Catfish are an essential part of many ecosystems, so it is necessary to ensure healthy populations.

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