Do Catfish Eat Other Fish in the Tank? (Solved & Explained)

does catfish eat other fish

Do you know what do catfish eat? Does Catfish eat other fish? In this blog post, we’ll explore the eating habits of catfish and some interesting catfishing facts.

We’ll also take a tour at some tips for keeping your Community aquarium full of healthy catfish. So, if you’re curious about what these slimy bottom feeders get up to in the water, read on is tilapia a bottom feeder?!

Does Catfish Eat Other Fish in Tank? 

Do catfish eat other fish in tank? The short answer is Yes. Many species of catfish will eat smaller, prey-live fish species such as shad and perch. They also feed on dead ones if given a chance!

Even within the same species, you can find some catfish that are big hunters and others who would prefer to be vegetarians (or at least not eat “meat”).

It’s helpful to think of catfish like lions when hunting. Some lions (like the lioness) are hunters.

They will stalk, chase and kill their meat. Other lions (like the male lion) prefer to lounge around all day and eat their meat already dead. It’s the same for Catfish.

What Fish Can Live with a Catfish? 

Much different fish can live with Catfish, but you need to consider the size of the fish tank, including Corys, Danios, Gouramis, Guppies, Loaches. Mollies and Platies.

If you’re considering adding fish to your aquarium with your Catfish, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The best option for a fish tank with a single catfish is to pick the smallest fish species possible.
  • A smaller tank means less room for all the other fish to swim around, meaning that it’s less likely they will be eaten.
  • Fish like goldfish and guppies are famous catfish tank mates because they’re big enough to not be at risk of being eaten.

What Size Fish Do Catfish Eat?

Many channel catfish do eat other fish. Even though some are vegetarians, quite a few of them will attack and eat smaller prey fish like guppies,

However, if you’re deciding on keeping your new catfish in with other types of fish, it’s worth considering that they will need a much bigger tank than the other fish.

This is because they are big and bulky, and you’ll want to leave them plenty of room to swim around and explore.

Flathead catfish prefer Drum, Gold Fish (or Carp), Perch Bluegills; any smaller seafood available in lakes close by that they may find appetizing enough too!

What Do Catfish Eat in a Fish Tank?

What does catfish eat? In the wild, catfish love to eat live fish. In a fish tank? They might be a little pickier. While they will still happily eat fish, they also love eating fish flakes and catfish pellets.

what do cat fish eat? The Catfish’s diet should include sinking pellets or flake foods, brine shrimp, and Mysis (or saltwater) fishers.

They also enjoy blood worms for live feeders but can eat freezing–then thawing out before being cooked to get the most nutrients possible!

Will Catfish Eat Guppies?

Do catfish eat small fish? Catfish will eat guppies. They love to eat small fish like guppies and carps in the wild, but most giant Catfish will also eat goldfish, minnows, and other fish types.

When a catfish finds an attractive prey, it will try to fit as much in its mouth. For example, if small fish can be eaten easily and quickly, this might not seem like much of a challenge for them.

What do catfish like in their tank?

Although most people think of Catfish as bottom feeders who eat anything they can find, the truth is that they are pretty picky about their living.

The tank should have plenty of rocks, gravel, and plants for your Catfish to hunt food in. The more natural setting will make it easier on you since they are avid scavengers that love hunting down tasty tidbits!

Commonly Asked Question about Catfish Habits &What Does Catfish Eat (FAQ)


So, do catfish eat other fish? In conclusion, while catfish are omnivorous and will eat most things they come across in a tank, they typically prefer meaty foods. This means that a catfish may eat smaller fish or other invertebrates if available in the tank. However, larger fish are not as likely to be consumed. If you have any questions about whether catfish eat other fish or what catfish eat in a fish tank, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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