Are Goldfish Good Catfish Bait? – And How to (Rig Them Up)

are goldfish good catfish bait

You want to catch some catfish but don’t know what bait to use. All the other fishermen are catching catfish using live bait, so you feel you need to implement the same if you want success. So, are goldfish good catfish bait? 

Goldfish make great catfish bait for a few reasons. For one, they’re readily available and easy to find at any grocery store or pet shop.

They’re also relatively cheap, which is essential when trying to save money on your fishing trips.

But most importantly, goldfish make excellent bait because they’re irresistible to cats! I’m sure you know the old saying: “

goldfish catfish bait

You can’t catch any fish until you throw your bait in the water.” That’s why, when fishing for catfish, many people turn to goldfish as bait.

And it turns out; this is a pretty good choice – especially if you know how to rig them up properly. Keep reading to learn more!

Are Goldfish Good Catfish Bait? (Do Goldfish Like Catfish?)

Are Goldfish Good Bait? First, let’s answer the question: do goldfish like catfish? The answer is yes – goldfish love catfish! They love them so much that they often fight over who gets to eat them.

And that’s great for you because it means you’re more likely to catch a catfish using a goldfish as bait than any other type of fish.

Of course, just because catfish are like gold fish doesn’t mean they’re the best bait for every situation.

For example, if you’re fishing in a pond full of other fish, you might want to use a different type of bait so that the catfish don’t have to compete with the other fish for food.

But in general, goldfish make great bait because they’re a favorite food of these fish.

How to Rig Up Goldfish for Catfish Bait?

Now that we know that goldfish make excellent catfish bait let’s talk about how to rig them up properly. After all, if you don’t rig them up correctly, you’re not likely to catch many catfish.

Here are a few tips for rigging up your goldfish: 

  • Use a small hook. This will help to prevent the goldfish from tearing off the bait.
  • Cut the tail off of the goldfish. This will assist in keeping the fish from swimming away from the hook.
  • Put a small weight on the line above the goldfish. This will aid in keeping the bait in the water and prevent it from floating to the surface.

Following these easy and simple tips, you should be able to rig up your goldfish quickly and easily. And once you do, you’ll be well on your way to catching some catfish!

The Benefits of Using Goldfish as Catfish Bait:

Now that we’ve gone over how to rig up goldfish for catfish let’s talk about some of the benefits of using these fish as bait.

Goldfish are relatively easy to find. You could commonly find them at your local grocery store or pet shop. They’re also relatively cheap.

This is important when trying to save money on your fishing trips. But most importantly, goldfish make good bait because they’re irresistible to cats!

How Can You Use Goldfish as Catfish Bait?

How to Hook a Goldfish for Bait Catfish? You’ve heard a lot about catfish lately, and you’re interested in trying your hand at fishing for them. But you’re not sure what type of bait to use. 

The other catfish anglers seem to know what they’re doing, and you don’t want to look like a novice when you go out on the water. 

Goldfish make great bait for catfish! In this short video, we’ll show you how to hook them up so you can start reeling in those big cats.

Where to Buy Goldfish for Catfish Bait? 

Goldfish Catfish Bait near Me: Now that you know all about goldfish and why they make such excellent catfish bait, you’re probably wondering where you can buy them.

There are a few options for buying goldfish for catfish bait. You can buy them at a pet store, or you can catch them yourself in a nearby body of water. If you’re looking to buy them, get the right size – more considerable goldfish work best for catching catfish.

If you’re having difficulty finding them, you can always try looking online. Several online retailers sell goldfish specifically for use as bait.

What Is the Best Bait for Catfishing? 

What Bait Is Best for Catfish? Many different kinds of bait can be used for catfishing, but some of the most popular include nightcrawler, chicken livers, gizzard shad, white suckers, and bluegills.

  • Nightcrawlers are an excellent choice because they’re readily available and easy to use.
  • Chicken livers are also a good choice because cats love cut baits and are relatively inexpensive.
  • Gizzard shad are another excellent option because they’re plentiful and make a good presentation on the hook.
  • White suckers and bluegills are also good choices because cats find them tasty and can be caught easily in many areas.

What Kind of Fish species Could You Catch with Goldfish Bait?

Goldfish can be used as bait to catch many different types of fish, including catfish, bass, and crappie. However, they’re most commonly used as bait for catfish. This is because cats love to eat goldfish, which are relatively easy to catch.

If you’re looking to catch catfish, use a giant goldfish as bait. This will help to ensure that the catfish can see the bait and that they’re able to get a good mouthful of it.

are goldfish good bait
Are goldfish good bait?

Bass and crappie can also be caught with goldfish bait, but using a smaller fish is essential. This is because these fish are not as attracted to the baitfish as catfish are.

Generally, it’s best to use live bait when fishing for any fish. Fish are more likely to munch when they see a live baitfish swimming around.

If you’re having trouble catching goldfish, you can always try using artificial bait. Artificial bait is designed to look and act like a real fish and can be just as effective as live bait.

When using artificial bait, it’s crucial to use size and color that will attract the type of fish you’re trying to catch.

Commonly Asked Questions about Goldfish Catfish Bait (FAQ)

Can You Use Live Goldfish for Bait?

Yes, you can use live goldfish for bait. Many anglers prefer live bait because it’s more effective than artificial bait. Live goldfish are more likely to attract catfish because they look and act like real fish. This makes them more tempting for catfish to bite.

Is Goldfish Good Bait for Bass?

Yes, goldfish can be used as bait for bass. However, it’s essential to use a smaller fish. This is because the bass is not as attracted to the baitfish as catfish are.

Can You Use Goldfish as Bait in Georgia?

It is prohibited to use goldfish as bait in Georgia. This is because goldfish can accidentally escape into waterways and could potentially compete with or even eat the local fish populations.

Can You Use Goldfish as Bait in California?

Yes, it is legal to use goldfish as bait in California. They are common bait because they are inexpensive and readily available. Goldfish make an effective bait for many types of fish, including bass, trout, and catfish.

Can You Fish with Goldfish in Alabama?

Yes, you can fish with goldfish in Alabama. It’s legal to use any live bait in Alabama except for minnows.


So, are goldfish good catfish bait? It’s pretty clear by now: if you want to go fishing for catfish, believe it or not, goldfish are a perfect bait option. And there are many ways to rig goldfish catfish bait, so they work well and stay on the hook. So next time you’re at your local bait shop, don’t be afraid to ask for some goldfish!

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