Do Deer Eat Tomatoes Plants? 3 Tips to Keep Deer (Away)

do deer eat tomatoes

Do deer eat tomatoes? Do they like tomato plants? These are questions that many gardeners have, and the answer may surprise you. It’s frustrating when you do all the hard work of growing a garden, only to have it destroyed by deer.

While deer enjoy eating tomatoes, you can do a few things to keep your tomatoes from deer damage. Follow these quick tips to keep deer away from your tomato plants and protect your harvest.

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes? – (Do Deer like Tomato Plants?) 

Do Deer Eat Tomato Plants? Even though deer might seem like pesky animals, they can eat tomatoes right off the vine and other parts of the plants. They also love eating nightshade family plants; even if you don’t want them in your vegetable garden, they will find a way to get there.

The best way to keep deer and other animals away from your tomato plants is by using an electric fence.

Deer are good jumpers, so the fence should be at least eight feet tall.

You can also use ultrasonic devices and chicken wire around the perimeter of your garden to keep deer out.

do deer eat tomato plants

How Do I Protect My Tomatoes from Deer? 

How to Keep Deer Away from Tomato Plants? If you live in a district where deer are known to roam, it’s essential to take precautions to protect your plants.

You could do a few things to protect your tomatoes from deer.

Some people use fences, repellents, and motion-activated sprinklers, while others rely on scare tactics like sprinkling blood meals around the plants or playing recordings of nearby predators.

Whatever method you choose, following these tips will help keep those deer away from your tomatoes.

3 Tips to Keep Deer Away from Tomato Plants

You’ve gone to great lengths to grow a garden full of delicious tomatoes, but you’re worried that deer will come and eat them all!

Here are three tips to help keep deer away from your tomato plants this season: 

1. Use a Fence 

The deer can be a pesky problem for gardeners, especially those with tomatoes. The better way to keep them away is by using an 8-foot high fence!

2. Try Deer Deterrents & Repellents

There are many different deer repellent sprays available on the market. You could find these repellents at your local hardware store or online. Repellents work by either making noise or emitting a scent that deer don’t like.

3. Use Scare Tactics 

If you’re searching for a perfect way to keep deer away, try using scare tactics. One way is by sprinkling blood meal around your plants. You can also try playing recordings of predators nearby.

Following these tips, you can keep deer away from your tomato plants and enjoy a bountiful harvest!

Do Deer Eat Whole Tomatoes?

Yes, deer do eat whole tomatoes. They are the most-liked food of deer, and they love the taste. Tomato plants are also famous for deer, which will eat the plant’s leaves, vines, and fruits.

will deer eat tomatoes
Will deer eat tomatoes?

While deer will munch just about anything, they generally prefer to eat the soft parts of fruits and vegetables.

This means that they’ll leave the skin and seeds of a tomato behind. If you find deer eating your tomatoes, you can do a few things to deter them.

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes at Night?

Some people say that deer do eat tomatoes at night. It’s said that they’re particularly drawn to the fruit when everything is quiet, and they can sneak around without being seen.

Others believe that the rumor is a silly myth and that deer don’t eat tomatoes at all. They claim that the story was likely invented to keep gardeners from leaving their tomatoes unprotected overnight.

So which is it? Do deer eat tomatoes at night or not? As with most things in our life, the reply is it depends. Every deer is different, and some may be more inclined to snack on tomatoes than others. Overall, it’s probably safest to assume they will if given a chance!

Can Deer Eat Cherry Tomatoes? 

Do Deer Eat Cherry Tomatoes? Yes, deer love cherry tomatoes! They love all types of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a favorite food of deer because they’re high in antioxidants and nutrients like vitamins A, C, and K. They also provide plenty of minerals like potassium, magnesium, and manganese.

And since deer are native to North America, they’re naturally adapted to digesting the fruits and vegetables that grow here. So feel free to plant a few tomato plants in your vegetable garden this year – you may be rewarded with some delicious fresh tomatoes but don’t forget to protect them from hungry deer!

Will Deer Eat Unripe Tomatoes?

Yes, deer will eat unripe tomatoes. They’ll also eat the leaves, so if you have tomato plants in your garden, protect them with a fence or some barrier.

If you find deer eating your unripe tomatoes, you can do a few things to deter them. You can try using deer repellents or scare tactics. You can also try growing your tomatoes in pots or containers so that they’re more difficult for the deer to reach.

What Do Deer Eat Besides Tomatoes?

In addition to tomatoes, deer love to eat fruit, vegetables, grass, and leaves. They’ll also eat nuts, seeds, and bark. If it’s edible, a deer will try to eat it!

One of the best ways to deter deer from eating your plants is to use a deer-resistant variety. Various plants deer don’t like to eat, so research and find one that’s right for your garden.

What Vegetables Do Deer Not Eat?

Deer have a surprisingly limited palate. They seem to avoid anything that smells remotely garlicky or oniony, so garlic, onions, scallions, leeks, squash, zucchini, pumpkins, and cucumbers are all safe bets.

What Vegetables Do Deer Not Eat
What Vegetables Do Deer Not Eat?

They also don’t seem to enjoy bitter vegetables like kale or collard greens, so those are also off the list.

And finally, they’re not big fans of fruit, so stay away from apples and other sweet treats when you’re trying to lure them in with dinner!

Commonly Asked Questions About Do Deer Like Tomato Plants (FAQ)

Can You Feed Deer Tomatoes?

Are Tomatoes Good for Deer? Yes, you can feed deer tomatoes. They love them! Just cut them into small pieces so they’re easy to eat.

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes or Cucumbers?

Deer will eat both tomatoes and cucumbers. However, they seem to prefer tomatoes because they’re sweeter. If you’re trying to entice deer to your garden, plant some tomatoes and cucumbers and see which one they go for first!

Do Deer Eat Onions?

No, deer do not eat onions. They don’t seem to enjoy the taste of onions or garlic, so these are safe to plant in your garden if you’re worried about deer getting to them.

Do Deer Eat Potatoes?

Yes, deer will eat potatoes. They’ll also eat the leaves, so if you have potato plants in your garden, protect them with a fence or some barrier.

Do Deer Eat Cucumbers?

No, deer don’t typically eat cucumbers. The skin is coated in tiny thorns that deer don’t like to eat—most deer bypass cucumbers in favor of tastier treats, like leaves and grasses.

Do Deer Eat Pepper Plants?

Yes, deer eat pepper plants. They’ll eat just about anything, in fact, including peppers. The hot peppers won’t bother the deer, but they’ll leave the plants alone if there are any jalapeños or other hotter peppers around.

Do Deer Eat Lettuce?

Yes, deer will eat lettuce. They love it! If you have a lettuce plant in your garden, protect it with some barrier.

Do Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, rabbits can eat tomatoes in small quantities. Tomato plants are a good source of Vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients for rabbits. However, too much tomato can cause diarrhea in rabbits, so feeding them only a tiny amount is best.

Do Raccoons Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, they do! Raccoons are pretty fond of ripe tomatoes and will eat them whenever they can find them. They love ripe tomatoes almost as much as people do!

Do Deer Eat Tomatos and Peppers?

Yes, deer will eat both tomatoes and peppers. However, they seem to prefer tomatoes because they’re sweeter; if you’re trying to pull deer to your garden, plant some tomatoes and peppers and see which one they go for first!


Do deer eat tomatoes? So, there you have it. Deer may or may not eat your tomatoes depending on various factors, like how desperate they are for food and whether or not they’ve developed a taste for tomatoes. If you’re worried about deer destroying your precious tomato plants, you can do a few things to deter them. Just remember, if all else fails and the deer still manage to get to your tomatoes, at least you’ll have some extra ingredients for your salad. Thanks for reading! I hope this article helped deter deer from your plants!

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