Line Counter for Spooling Reels: How to properly spool your reel? (DIY Tactical Tips)

DIY Line Counter For Spooling Reels

How do you spool your reel? If you are such as me, you could just put the main line on the bulk spool and start winding without using the line counter for spooling reels.

I was accustomed to being one of those people who never worried about how they were putting their line on my reels.

It was always a mess when I would finish, and it looked like someone had thrown spaghetti at my reels, but that didn’t bother me because that is what everyone else did too.

If so, we have the perfect product for you. Line counter for spooling reels is designed to help you properly spool your reel to avoid tangles and twists.

Line counter for spooling reels is a small device that sits on your fishing reel and keeps track of how many rotations your reel spool has.

These line counter for spooling reels are cheap and easy to use.

They are also compact enough where you can leave one on your fishing reel while traveling so that you will not forget to take it off before fishing.

Is line counter for spooling reels worth it?

You might be thinking, “I can just count the rotations as I put my line on my reel.” Unfortunately, this method will not work.

It is tough to count the number of rotations as you spool your reel, and it gets more sophisticated if you have a lot of lines on the spool.

So is being lazy and just counting as you put your line on worth risking whether or not your spool has a knot in the line or not?

As you can see, using a line counter reels is great tool and worth it in the long run!

How do you measure a line for spooling?

It is straightforward to measure a line for your spooling. Start by unspooling all the line from the reel and folding it in half.

Once the line is folded in half, measure how long your line needs to be and cut it at that length. Then fold the end of your line back under itself to create a small loop.

Now take the loop you created and feed it through the slot on your line counter for spooling reels. It should fit snug but still, go through.

Now press the button on your line counter for spooling reels, and it will start counting your line as you reel.

Remember that the longer the line, the more rotations it will take to rewind it. So make sure your line counter for spooling reels has a good amount of line left before the end of your spool, and you should be good to go!

What is a fishing line counter? (fishing line measuring tool)

A line counter for spooling reels is a small device you attach to your fishing reel that keeps track of how many rotations your reel has.

They are designed specifically for fishing reels, and you attach them to the side of your spins.

There are also line counters for spooling line, which you can attach to your fishing lines, and it keeps track of how many rotations your fishing line has.

Many people leave their line counter for spooling on when they are traveling with their reels, making it easy to find when you are ready to fish.

Recommended Fishing line counter reels

What is a fishing line spooler? (fishing reels hand winding device)

A fishing line spooler is a device that attaches to your fishing reel and lets you manually wind your fishing lines.

Typically, these are attached to your fishing rod, and you can use them while you are standing up.

They are more convenient than line spinning reels because you do not need someone to help you with them, and they are more portable.

Many anglers use fishing line spoolers and fishing line spooling accessories on their fishing line counter reels when they go ice fishing to keep their fishing line from freezing.

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What’s the best way to spool the fishing line?

There is no one correct way on how to spool the fishing line. Everyone has their own way of spooling line, so it is essential to find the best way that works for you and your fishing reel.

The most important thing you should do when spooling line on your fishing reel is to make sure the line does not hit any side plates or get tangled.

One way to do this is to place a finger over the line where the line enters the reel and pull it out from there. This way, you can spool your fishing line without worrying about tangles or twists.

How to spool a fishing reel with braided line

If you use a braided line, it is much harder to keep from tangling the line. The braided line can easily get twisted around other spooled lines and cause a big mess at your feet.

A good trick for spooling braided fishing line is to put the end of it in your mouth and hold on to the other end. Then simply spool it in.

This may sound a little weird, but it is the most effective way to keep your line from tangling with other spooled lines.

Once you get to the end of your spool, take the line out of your mouth and tie it off.

Once you have finished spooling your fishing reel with either braid or mono, you need to take off the line counter for spooling reels and cut off the line on the spool.

How to use a line counter for spooling reels?

First, you should thread the line through the eyelets on your hook. Then, place your line counter for spooling reels on the side of your fishing reel next to the spool.

This could be a little tough at first due to the small size of the line counter for spooling reels.

You can press down on the line counter, spooling the reel with your thumb to apply more pressure and enable getting it onto the fishing reel.

Once on the spool, you can turn the handle of the fishing reel and allow your line counter for spooling reels to spin as it tracks the rotations. Once done, you can remove your line counter fishing reel, and you are done!

There are many line counters for spooling reels on the market. As with everything you buy, make sure you read the reviews of line counter for spooling reels before buying one.

Some are superior to others, so make sure you look at the number of stars people have given to the line counter reels before buying.

It is important to note that line counter spooling reels should be used consistently. If you constantly use your line counters for spooling reels at different angles, it will not work correctly due to inconsistency.

Commonly Asked Questions about fish line counter (FAQ)

How much line should I put on a 2500 reel?

You know how to reel in your new line. It’s time for some tricks and tips on spooling up! Nearly all 2500 or 3000 size reels with similar diameters (1-3/4 inch), a 1/4″ gap is what you want when installing backing onto nearly any size rod either way–this ensures that they will be able to use every last yard from their 150 yards worth of fishing kit.

To learn these things as quickly as possible: Start by looking at both ends if not already wound tightly enough – this will give you an idea about where each end begins within themselves.

How do you know how much line you out?

Some people measure their line by trolling for five minutes, quickly pulling up the slack to see how much they have fished.

Others will use a fish finder that has been calibrated with precision weights attached and set on its surface temperature preference (it varies between 5 deg C below water). Suppose these methods don’t work out exactly as planned because you are not catching anything or can never seem to get close enough.

In this respect, it may be time to consider adding some weight either from bait or lures, so we better start thinking about what kind of lure/bait works best when trying our luck at home waters!

How much line do I need on my reel?

Casting reels should be at least an eighth of an inch from the top and down but not more than two feet in length.

Spinning ones need to have a full line when casting with them because too much will cause coils that jump off spools rather than going out as intended, which can ruin your day since you’ll end up losing some fish!

How full should you spool a spinning reel?

Once you have your line on, make sure it’s about 1/8 of an inch from the outer edge and towards a lip. This will help keep any casting momentum while also leaving enough room for when it comes time to launch that big cast!

How much line do I need for a 8000 reel?

It often depends on what you intend to use the line for. If you need a fishing line, then you should be OK with about 200 yards of line.

If you need a fishing line and a reasonable amount of backing, then 400 yards would be a great choice since it will provide the line strength and extra backing. If you need a lot of lines and a good amount of backing, then the best choice would be 800 yards or even 1000 yards of line.

How to spool a spinning reel with a monofilament fishing line?

The best way to do it is by sticking the end of the reel through your rod’s eye, then letting it go down the side towards the end of your spool.

Go back to sticking it through the spool’s remaining eye and continue down that side. You can then tie a knot to lock it in place or use some fishing line clippers to cut it off once you’re done!

How do I spool a baitcasting reel?

Just like with the spinning reels, start by sticking the end of the line through your rod’s eye and then down one side (it doesn’t matter which side). Keep doing this until you have gone all the way around the spool. Tie a knot to hold the line in place, or use your fishing line clippers!

How many yards of braided line do I need for a spinning reel?

Put 100-150 yards of braid on your spinning reel. This won’t be the spool you use for fishing, so feel free to choose any tying technique that works best with what type of material you are using (I just taped it).


Going fishing is a great pastime, but it is even better when prepared for whatever happens. Having the proper fishing gear can make all the difference in your trip! Ensure you are ready for any situation by packing what you need before setting out for a day with nature.

Now that you have read all of this, you should know how to spool a spinning reel properly and what kind of line is needed for certain reels you plan to use. You also should know the correct amount of line required for a given type of reel you either want or already have! You may still have some asking, so feel free to leave them below in the comments. Thanks for reading my article!

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