How to find good ice fishing spots (Find Shoaling All Day)

How to find good ice Fishing Spots

Are you wondering how to find good ice fishing spots? Have you ever wondered how the pros always seem to know where the fish are biting? You can learn their secrets and become a better angler by following these simple tips.

Ice fishing is not only fun, but it’s also an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone and try nature in a new way. 

The best part about ice fishing is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or expensive ice fishing gear.

just some time, patience, and determination! 

And if you follow our advice below, we guarantee that you will have more luck than ever before.

So what are you waiting for?

find good ice Fishing Spots
find good ice Fishing Spots

Let’s go ice fishing! Read this post right now to show you how to find excellent ice fishing hot spots today!

How do you pick good ice fish spots?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself: how much time and energy do you want to spend?

If you desire to catch fish, you need to be willing to work for it. You want to put in the time and effort so that your chances of success are as high as possible.

Don’t be lazy; you need to do some work. 

The best way of finding good ice fishing spots is by asking the locals. If you want to find good ice fishing spots, it’s best to get in touch with some local people and ask around.

Locals know where the good ice fishing hotspots are.

They don’t want to reveal their secret spots, so they won’t tell you exactly where to go. Instead, they will generally give some suggestions as to specific areas that might be worth checking out. 

This is the best way to find suitable winter fishing spots. If you want to know where to find good fishing spots, this is definitely your best option.

How do I get good ice fishing spots?

Even if you follow the above advice, there will still be times when your best efforts will come to nothing. Sometimes, you simply won’t catch any fish (despite the suggestion that locals gave you).

You don’t just want to find a good ice fishing spot – you also want to catch some fish! So, if the above technique doesn’t work for you, what should you do?

In this case, you need to be more creative. In the end, it’s all about building a solid relationship with Mother Nature.

The best way to find good ice fishing hot spots is by understanding the natural habitat of the fish you desire to catch. You need to study the natural environment and try to think like a fish.

In this way, you will learn which type of ice fishing spot is best for your target fish.

If you want to learn how to find suitable winter fishing spots, below three simple tips might help you.

3 Simple tips for finding good ice fishing spots

1. Choose the right time of day

You want to go ice fishing adventure when there is plenty of sunlight, preferably around noon.

This is the time when fish come out of their hiding spots and start looking for food. Usually, they are starving at this time, which makes for an excellent opportunity to catch them.

2. Choose the right bait or lure

This is one of the major crucial tips. Depending on what you are trying to catch, choose the right bait or lure. You need to experiment and see which one works for that specific fish.

3. Check the weather forecast

The final thing you want to do is go ice fishing when the weather conditions are wrong. For example, if the weather forecast says a warm spell or a vast snowstorm, you should postpone your fishing trip for a day.

All about ice fishing for beginners (ice fishing tips & how to icefish)

How do you catch fish on the ice? If you are wondering, “how do I catch fish on the ice?” then you are one of the many ice fishing beginners that are looking for answers to this same question. 

Fishing on the ice is not the same as fishing in open water. When you are ice fishing, it’s essential to understand certain rules and techniques that you need to use.

If you want catching fish, you need to get into their mindset and understand what they are doing under the ice.

In this post, we are going to award you a few pointers to get started. In the end, ice fishing for beginners is not as difficult as you might think.

It’s all about knowing the basics and learning a few techniques, which we will cover below.

How to icefish? 

To start with, you must do some research and learn a bit about the environment. What type of fish are you looking to catch? What kind of bait or lure should you use for ice fishing?

It’s an excellent idea to do some research about the fish you want to catch and find out more about their environment.

It would be better if you also thought of it like a fish – try to see the world through their eyes.

This is not as tough as it seems. The bottom line is that fish are very resourceful, and they know how to survive in their environment.

They do what they need to make sure that they are safe and well-fed. Once you understand what fish are doing under the ice, catching them will feel like a walk in the park.

Of course, different types of fish behave and react differently – which means that ice fishing is not as easy as it seems.

In the highly competitive ice fishing world, it’s essential to understand and remember that ice fishing is not an exact science.

Although there are some basic tips and ice fishing techniques, there are no set rules to follow.

What kind of fish? 

To start with, you need to be realistic about the type of fish you want to catch.

For example, if you just started ice fishing and you are using the wrong bait or lure, the chances are that your efforts will not give you great results.

This is where the research comes in handy – it’s important to make sure that you are using the right bait or lure.

In some situations, this might take a little bit of time and effort – but it’s worth the trouble.

Can you fish in a frozen lake? (catching fish under ice)

The short answer is yes. But you need to follow some rules and techniques to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

First, you need to understand that ice fishing is different from open-water fishing.

Ice fishing is done on top of frozen lakes, ponds, or rivers.

There are fundamental tips and techniques that you need to follow to ensure that your ice fishing trip goes well and your efforts won’t be in vain.

How do you do ice fishing techniques?

As we already mentioned, ice fishing is not an exact science.

However, there are some essential fishing tips and techniques that you need to follow.

First of all, you mu to understand that the fish will not bite your lure or bait if they don’t sense any movement.

So, the first trick is to use an easy-to-use fishing rod and add some action with a small spoon.

As far as the lure is concerned, you need to ensure that it’s made of a natural material such as real feathers or hair.

Another good tip is to use a lighter fishing weight. It should be enough to get your bait or lure closer to the bottom of the lake, but not too heavy.

Ensure that you are using the proper fishing line and a good set of ice-fishing rods.

How can you tell if ice is thick enough?

This is an excellent question. After finding an area where the ice is thick and sturdy enough, insert a tape measure into its hole. 

Make sure that it doesn’t break or bend under pressure when hooked onto the edge with the end of the measuring device; 

if not successful at four inches in diameter – proceed cautiously as more than five-inch thickness will likely support snowmobile and over eight inches can hold cars (small pickup trucks).

In most cases, you can tell if the ice is thick enough from experience, in some situations where you might need to do a little research first, especially if the ice is on a new lake that you are visiting for the first time.

There are different ways of testing the thickness of the ice – you might want to start by drilling a small hole in order to see how thick the ice is.

But even this might not be enough – depending on the weather and the time of year. You will have to decide if the ice is thick enough or not.

As a general rule of thumb, you never want to go alone. If someone else goes with you, you will get help in case of an emergency.

What is the best time for ice fishing?

Ice angling can be a lot of fun for most ice anglers, but it’s best done throughout the first couple hours after sunrise and before sunset. Every lake has its personality that affects when fish are most active or biting on ice – some may bite all day while others only do so early in the morning (and not at night) or after sunset.

Another matter to keep in mind is that not all fish are active at the same time – Walleye, for example, only bite after the sun goes down and during the pre-dawn hours.

It’s an excellent idea to check with your local fishing regulations to see what time of day is best for the fish you are trying to catch.

What are some good ice fishing safety tips?

You must understand that the ice is not as safe as you think.

Although it’s straightforward for people on land to tell if the ice is safe to walk on, it’s much harder for someone who’s standing on top of it.

So, if you are not sure that it’s safe to go ice fishing, then you should think twice before doing it.

  • It will be best if you try to stay away from snowmobiles and cars on the ice. Even though they are closer to you, their weight can make the ice collapse quickly.
  • Never go ice fishing alone, and remember that you need to keep an eye on younger kids at all times. Instead, take them with you and teach them how to fish.
  • You should also make sure that your fishing spot is not too far away from the shore – if you want to go back, make sure that you can get there without any problems.
  • Remember that it’s not safe to go ice fishing in water less than four inches deep.

What are the best American states for ice fishing?

The best states for ice fishing are Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Why do I say that these three Northeastern States rule when it comes to this type of sport in winter months with freezing temps!

You can find a lot of great fishing spots that are perfect for both beginners and experienced anglers. Some other states offer the same quality of ice fishing, but these three are at the top of everyone’s list.

Another matter to keep in mind is that every state has different regulations when it comes to ice fishing, so make sure to check them out before you go.

What to take ice fishing?

The best advice is to have everything in one spot. This means that you need to take all your equipment in one bag so that it’s easier to carry.

You will need a different bag for every type of fishing tackle you have, but they should all be inside one large container.

Some of the most common types of equipment that you will need are rods, reels, weights, jigs, and accessories. Of course, you might also need a few different lures and bait so that you can get the fish for your next meal.

Recommended ice fishing gear and equipment

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Do I need to wear a wetsuit?

Whenever you are going ice fishing, there’s a chance that you will have to get in the water.

If you fall in, you might want to wear some wetsuit that can protect your body.

Wearing a fishing wet suit will also make sure that you don’t catch a cold when ice fishing.

This type of apparel is specially designed to keep your skin warm and dry, so it’s a good idea to use them whenever you have to go in the water.

How to check depth ice fishing?

The best way to check the depth is by using a thin fishing line, but you must drill a hole in order to use it.

This ensures that you will know the exact depth of your fishing spot, but this is also extremely dangerous.

In fact, some people don’t even recommend drilling a hole if you don’t have experience with these types of activities.

Choosing the Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder for Ice Fishing

Choosing the best ice fishing fish finder for ice fishing is extremely important.

You need to make sure that you can see as much as possible on your device’s screen, so it’s crucial to think about this before you start looking for a new one.

The sonar is what you will use to find fish under the ice, so it’s extremely important that the fish finder shows you the correct bottom depth.

You also need to think about day and night modes that will allow you to see if there are any fish around at any time of the day.

Before buying a fish finder, make sure that it has good reviews from other anglers who have tried it out for themselves.

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Questions & Answers about how to icefish & Fishing map (FAQ)

Where to ice fish on a lake?

If you can find a lake near you, then you should check it out on Google Maps. This is the best thing to do to find out if there are any ice fishing holes around your Area. If you want, you can also ask around if anyone knows a good spot near your house.

How long does it take to catch fish ice fishing?

The time that it takes to catch a fish during ice fishing is highly variable. That’s because so many factors determine how long it will take before a fish bites.

If you have a good fish finder, you will know the exact depth you are fishing at. This makes it easier to use the correct lures and bait, which increases your chance of catching a fish.

How deep will I need to drill before ice fishing?

It would be best if you didn’t drill holes too deep before ice fishing. Drilling a hole in deeper water more than seven inches will allow oxygen to get inside, which can kill the fish when they are caught. If you don’t know how to drill a proper hole, then it’s best not to do it at all.

What kind of fish can you catch ice fishing?

You can catch a variety of different types of fish during ice fishing. The species you can catch will depend on the kind of fish that lives in your lake or river. 

Fish species like northern pike, crappies, perches, carp, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, chinook salmon, jumbo perch, and others will be available to catch when ice fishing. You should also check your state or local laws to see any limitations for ice fishing.

How deep of water is best for ice fishing?

If you want to be successful at ice fishing, start by looking for anywhere between 8 and 20 feet of water. However, it depends on the type of fish that live there as well how much time has passed since they were last caught, so that depth could vary even within these ranges!

where is the ice thickest on a lake?

Ice on edge is limited to the depth of water at that point. So it can never be thicker than 5 or 6 inches thick, no matter how far away from shore you are sitting. The middle of a body of water can be much thicker ice.

What is the best ice fishing bait?

If you want to have a great deal of luck during your ice fishing, then you should use worms. They are the best to use if you’re catching small fish, but they can also draw in some bigger ones. For giant northern pike and largemouth bass, you should use minnows or lures that are designed for this purpose.

What are the most popular months for ice fishing in the States?  

In the ice fishing winter season, a lot of states begin in December and finish by the middle to end of March. The accurate start date varies from state to state, mainly depending on each year; however, some have an earlier or later opening day than others because of more benign conditions they experience during this time period.

What month is best for ice fishing?

The best month of the winter for fishing in most areas is usually March, but this can vary depending on conditions. It’s hard to know how lake access will be impacted by unpredictable weather such as heavy snowfall and strong winds, which could cause cracks or breaks in open water surface levels.

A fisher should always check ahead before heading out into early ice and freezing waters with their equipment during these cold months – it may not seem like much at first ice, but just one bad storm event can change everything!

Where can I ice fish on Lake Champlain?

The traditional northern pike hotspots include Lake Champlain Kelley Bay, Missisquoi Bay, Dillenbeck Bay, and Carrybay. Other popular spots are Keeler bay just off of Galway Point in Addison, Vermont; St Albans Bar south of the Sandbar Cause Way Bridge between Milton & South Hero New York state line, or near Woods Hole on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The Area around these waters offers an opportunity for fishing not found elsewhere with its diverse habitat types, including deepwater flats teeming with flounders.

Where kids can wade while you try your luck catching bass so large they look like small whales, jumping out at us from below the surface!

Can you ice fish Silver Lake?

Yes, you can ice fish Silver Lake when the ice conditions are safe to be on the lake. It is very important to check with the town hall and find out what the ice conditions are before you go and stay aware while you are on the ice. It will be impossible to catch any fish if you fall through the ice and get stuck in the freezing water!


When you’re looking for a good ice fish spot, it can be tough to know where to start. There are abundant elements that play into the quality of an ice fishing experience.

We want to assist you in making your decision easier by providing some helpful tips on how to pick a great location and what ice fishing gear is best suited for beginners. We trust this guide has been beneficial for those who may not have much previous knowledge about ice fishing or even those who think they do but could use more information!

If you still need help deciding which spots might be best, head over here. Ice fishing blog, our team will provide all the necessary resources required to find out exactly what kind of fisher you are and what you need to go ice fishing! 

Any other tips for how to find good ice fish spots? Please add your comments below!


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