Best Shark Fishing Spots in Tampa Bay (Top 3 Hot Sites)

best shark fishing spots in tampa bay

Do you want to catch a shark? We’re going to show you the best shark fishing spots in Tampa bay. You’ll learn about the top 3 spots, how to get there, and what kind of bait is used.

This will help you have a fantastic time on your next Tampa bay fishing trip!

If you want to catch a shark this summer, then read our guide today! It has everything you need about Florida shark fishing, and Tampa fishing locations to make it easier for Tampa bay fisheries to find them.

These are some of the best spots in Florida for catching sharks, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then check out our article right now!

Where can you catch sharks in Tampa? (Tampa bay fishing spots)

Sharks are a popular game fish, but they can be hard to catch. The best place to find sharks in Florida is offshore in deep waters. 

However, you might also find sharks in the shallow waters with plenty of fish. When hunting for sharks, remember to go where their nose takes them.

This means you need to know how deep is Tampa bay waters and look for a place with plenty of shark prey – and lots of baitfish!

We’ve gathered together this list of three great spots for catching trophy-sized bull (blacktip) and hammerhead sharks off Tampa Bay’s coast during both the summer and winter seasons so that you can maximize your chances at reeling one in on any given day.

Top 3 best fishing spots in Tampa

All these sites have been tried by some very experienced local anglers who know precisely what it takes to reel big ones into their boats! So check out our list below, and good luck fishing!

  • Clearwater Beach, Fl Shark Fishing 
  • John’s Pass Shark Fishing
  • Shark Fishing St Pete Beach

Where are the best sharks fishing places in Florida? 

The best place for shark fishing in Florida is the west coast, where you can catch all sorts of sharks. This may surprise some people, but Florida is one of the best places for shark fishing in the US, and it has a vast amount of coastline.

In the Florida Keys, there are many places to go fishing for sharks. Key West is considered an epicentre of this sport, with over 20 different species having been caught here since records began being kept in 1900!

In addition, you can find swordfish and Tarpon near Sarasota and bishops harbor- it’s just a matter of finding your perfect spot when faced with such rich waters.

What beach in Florida has the most sharks?

The most frequent place for sharks to attack humans is Florida, with Volusia County claiming 320 documented attacks. Famous as “the Shark Attack Capital of The World,” seven outTen the top ten counties in America have had at least one human fatality from AWP shark bite!

What month are sharks most active in Florida?

In Florida, the most active time for shark fishing is in the summer when the water is hot and lots of sharks are around. You can catch big bullsharks, hammerhead sharks, and even tiger sharks.

The fascinating relationship between sharks and humans is that most people will be in contact with them during the period in which they thrive. However, these interactions are still infrequent for those who do, resulting in a personal encounter gone wrong at any moment!

What is the most common shark to catch in Florida?

The most common shark to catch in Florida is blacktip sharks. You can find them over shallow-water reefs, but they’re also the first species to be caught when you’re fishing for sharks. They can get bigger up to 5 feet and weigh 150 pounds.

You can find out more about Shark Fishing in Panama City Beach, Florida, right here!

How much does Florida shark fishing cost? (Shark fishing in Florida prices)

shark fishing Florida
shark fishing Florida

It depends on where you go and what your expectations are. You can expect to pay around $400 for a half-day trip and up to several hundred dollars for a full-day trip with a guide.

If you are fishing with a mate, the fishing trip cost can be split, so you’ll only pay half. If there are six to 10 people in the group, the cost to each person will be less.

The minimum is four persons per boat on most charters, which means that if your party is smaller than four, you may have to share a boat with another group or at least one other person.

Some states like Florida make it easy for the public to fish in local waters without a license, but in others, you will need one.

For example, in South Carolina, you can get a three-day license for $10, and this will allow you to catch 16 sharks. A seven-day license costs $25, and a one-year license costs $50.

What is the best shark bait Florida?

Florida shark fishing
Florida shark fishing

The best bait for more giant sharks is a chunk of bonito, mackerel, or mullet. For the sporty little guys, 2-3 feet long cut pilchards with threadfin herring and live shrimp bring them closer to the surface.

Sharks are not picky eaters, so you can use anything if it is alive and moving. Work quickly and cut the bait into 3-4 inches long pieces.

Attach your hook near the end of four to six feet of 80-pound-test nylon wire leader and attach a 12-inch piece of surgical tubing to reduce the amount of noise made by your line as it moves through the water.

What is the best time to catch sharks?  

There are many benefits to fishing during dawn and dusk, but you can indeed find success at any time. Just remember that landing big sharks in the dark is tricky at best- so make sure your headlamp works!

A headlamp is a way to go if you want a chance of landing big sharks at night. Evenings and dawns are when fishermen find themselves with more success, but don’t forget about catches made during other hours!

What tide is best for shark fishing in Florida?

It is best to fish for sharks when the tide is coming in or out. Stay away from fishing when there’s a severe tide, like a neap or spring tide, because you’ll find very few sharks, and the ones that are there will be small.

You can catch larger predators like snook and tarpon when it’s high tide. These fish tend to be warier when in shallow water, so they are usually caught during the higher tides that come with spring runoff or near falls where there are pools of water waiting for them!

Can you swim with sharks in Tampa?

There’s a reason why Florida is one of the best places in America to go shark diving. The fish can be found year-round, there is plenty for everyone who wants them, and you don’t need an expensive charter!

What’s more awesome than a sharkskin suit and fin? Not much! You may go swimming with the Sand Tiger Shark at The Florida Aquarium in Tampa.

Tampa has much more to offer than just the ability to swim with sharks. This city has much history and is an excellent place for families and couples to explore. Head out to Busch Gardens, and you can even take a tour of the zoo (for an additional cost).

How much it cost to swim with sharks in Florida?

The Florida Aquarium charges an admission fee of $25 for adults and $17.50 for children. These rates include the ability to swim with sharks, stingrays, or touch a horseshoe crab.

When you arrive at the aquarium, you’ll need to take your ticket and check your personal stuff, such as your phone and wallet, in a locker. You then pay the $10 fee for the tour and go through a short orientation with your guide.

Swimming with the Sand Tiger Sharks is one of the best things to do in Florida, but it comes at a price, so plan accordingly.

Are there big sharks in Tampa Bay?   

Tampa Bay is one of the most popular spots in Florida for people to go fishing and witness nature up close.

The bay attracts sharks, both human interest and those that want nothing more than a tasty meal!

The average size ranges between 5-6 feet long, with most commonly found along our Gulf Coast beaches, although there’s always someone who will swim across town just so they can say, “I’ve. A huge fish have killed me.”    

Are there any shark attacks at Clearwater Beach?

The probability of being attacked by a shark is meagre. There have been reports from people who live in Florida that they were bitten. Still, these instances happen far less than you would think due to their location and nature with this type of animal-a human attack will never become common because we can trust them so much more when it comes time for us humans’ needs vs. wants equation!  

Is Tampa Bay shark infested?

Yes, sharks persevere in this large body of water. Humans are the only species on the planet that fear things they can’t understand.

This does not mean we should hate sharks for this reason. The majority of the sharks in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas are reef sharks.

These sharks are not typically dangerous to humans unless their habitat is disrupted or they are in the incorrect time.  

What time of day are most shark attacks?

Sharks are most active during the day when other shark facts point to the early morning being when sharks are more likely to attack humans.

A study was done on which hours have seen an increase or decrease over decades based on past data from Environment Canada records that demonstrate this trend between 8 am – 6 pm during summer months (June-August). It turns out there isn’t any specific pattern other than knowing that these types of attacks happen more during the day and early morning hours.

Questions and Answers about shark fishing Tampa & Shark Fishing Clearwater, FL (FAQ)

The idea that women are more likely to be bitten by sharks during their period is a widely circulating internet myth. While the sense of smell in these creatures can detect sources up close with incredible accuracy, there has never been any proof proving this phenomenon causes them to target human females.


The Florida coasts are known for their great opportunities to catch sharks. Tampa Bay is a trendy place to go shark fishing because of the many different species, like bull sharks and hammerheads, that can be caught there. If you’re searching for the best shark fishing spots in Tampa bay, it may be worth checking out your local beach during certain times of the year or even at night time when they are most active. Now that you have been informed of some good spots to start catching these big fish in Florida, let’s see if we can answer another question about Florida shark fishing for you.

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