The Ultimate Guide for Shark Fishing in Panama City Beach Florida

Shark Fishing in Panama City Beach

Do you want to learn more about Shark Fishing in Panama City Beach? If so, then this is the ideal guide for you.

We’ll teach you everything there is to know about shark fishing here in Panama City Beach and why it’s such a popular activity among locals and tourists alike!

You can even read some of our favorite tips from experienced anglers who have been catching sharks on the beach for decades.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading, and we promise that by the end of this article, your knowledge of shark fishing will be second-to-none!

Can you fish sharks in Panama City Beach?

Yes, you can! However, the State of Florida has put some restrictions on shark fishing. You can’t keep any shark longer than seven feet, and you can only keep one shark per day.

What kind of sharks can I catch in Panama City Beach?

There are several species of sharks that can be caught on the beach here in Panama City Beach. Here are some of the most usual ones.

Blacktip shark: 

A smallish shark that’s often confused with the Spinner Shark. However, it can be special by its long and gently curved pectoral fins.

Blacknose shark: 

This species of sharks are often found off the coast of Panama City Beach during the winter months. During the summer, though, they’re often found in the Atlantic Ocean.

What’s the best bait to use for shark fishing?

The most common bait for shark bottom fishing is mullet. However, you can also use menhaden, pilchards, king mackerel Spanish mackerel, and ballyhoo.

Is Panama City Beach safe to swim in?

Yes, it is. Panama Beach is one of the safest beaches in Florida to swim in because of its small tides and gentle waves!

How do you catch a shark in Panama City Beach?

A lot of shark fishing in Panama City Beach is done on a kayak. But you can also catch sharks from the beach, piers, and boats!

However, if you do opt for the kayak, here’s what you need to remember.

  • Always wear a life jacket or wetsuit when you’re out on the water.
  • Make sure that your vessel is equipped with a working compass. The last thing that you want to do is get lost out on the water!
  • Try not to go shark fishing during stormy weather conditions.
  • You should also exercise some common sense when it comes to keeping your distance from larger fish. At most, sharks are not the only fish that can be dangerous!

How do you shark fish at night?

A lot of shark fishing in Panama City Beach is done at night. However, you’ll need one or two lights to see what you’re doing. You can also use red lights because it doesn’t affect the shark’s eyesight.

But make sure that you use glow sticks to mark your fishing line so that other boats don’t accidentally cut it.

What is the beach with the most shark attacks?

New Smyrna Beach Florida, is the location with the most recorded shark attacks. This makes sense as developed nations such as America and Australia have more thorough documentation of these types (attacks).

On the other hand, developing coastlines like South Africa only document them when they happen, making it difficult to collect accurate statistics on how often these creatures target humans compared to those living elsewhere worldwide!

What time of year is best for shark fishing

The best time to go deep-sea fishing is in May, June, and July when you can catch your biggest fish. The other months are good for small shark rod or reel fishers – Spring (April) and Fall (September). If it snows, then winter will be prime bait!

Spring can be very good as well. Most of our anglers do well after hurricane season is over, and the water gets clear, warm, and baitfish move inshore.

Do sharks like low tide or high tide?

Most attacks happen in the near-shore waters, typically inshore of a sandbar or between bars where sharks live and can become trapped at low tide.

When tides get high, though, they have an opportunity to find another bar closer towards the shore that’s exposed enough for them during high water.

The Ichthyology Department at Florida International University states, “Sharks are attracted to areas with easy prey, which often includes swimmers.”

Can you catch a shark in the morning?

It’s best to go fishing charters in the morning when there’s no wind at all! If you wish to catch more sharks, you must also look for the right tide.

“Morning is usually best, especially if you are fishing with live baits, as the fish are feeding when the sun comes up.

What sharks are in Panama City Beach?

The Gulf of Mexico is home to many different species, including Bull Sharks, Thresher Sharks, and Nurse sharks.

But you’ll find Hammerheads in abundance, too, along with other large sea creatures like Mako Shark or Blacknose Shark!

The oceanic whitetip shark has white tips on its fins while an Oceanid’s tip appears blacker than coal; it also goes by “blacktip.”

There are two types of shortfin Mako (armed) males called switchblade swords because they can attack from either side depending on whether prey moves towards them during feeding time.

Are there great white sharks in Panama?

There are many unfounded myths about great whites in Panama City waters.

Although Jaws made people think they were everywhere, actually, this is quite uncommon as the water temperature generally doesn’t produce enough nutrients for them to survive here onshore with us humans!

But there have been cases where fisherman found their nets filled up by what looked like teeth marks–maybe these sharks come into shore when currents bring back old habits from the sea.

How many shark attacks have there been in Panama City Beach?

The sharks of Panama City Beach are usually pretty shy and don’t like people much.

Of course, this is rare for them to be seen up close- even though there have only been eight attacks in history that involved a human!

The two most fatal incidents happened when someone was free diving or snorkeling near the water’s surface; we’ll let you know what those were about as soon as possible so stay tuned!

Are there alligators in Panama City Beach Florida?

We do have alligators in the area, but they tend to stay in the swamps and marshes. However, if you’re looking for more dangerous animals, you can always go to the zoo and see for yourself!

Alligators are well-known to come out of rivers and ponds, so it’s always a good idea to use caution when going in the water. When fishing for sharks off the coast, you’ll need a boat – they are typically caught around three miles away from shore.

What should you not wear in Panama?

People in Panama City love to dress up, but they also have a sense of style that’s more relaxed than in many other countries.

If you’re going for an easy fishing trip, stick with fitted clothing and sleek shoes, as this will help avoid the tourist vibe.

Often people wear neutral colors, so they don’t stand out too greatly from one another – it all hangs on what YOU want your experience here to be!


So, you want to know how to shark fish in Panama City Beach? Well, that’s a lot of questions! To answer them all at once, no. Sharks can’t be caught with hooks or fishing lines because they’re not bony fish and don’t have scales on their bodies like most other species do. 

However: there are many different ways to catch sharks depending on the time of day and location where you go fishing for shark and mahi mahi

If you are looking for bait options, try using fresh bait, which includes squid, herring roe (fish eggs), mackerels canned in oil, or any other oily fish such as sardines; this type of fishing will help attract more sharks since they love hunting.

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