What Is The Best Tides for Surf Fishing! (Explained!)

best tides for surf fishing

Tides are a huge part of surfing, and they can also be a significant factor in fishing. Some people might think that the best tides for surf fishing are the highest and lowest tides, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re looking to go surf fishing, then you need to know the best times of the year to do it! In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the tides and when to go surf fishing for the biggest catches. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn more.

Is High Tide or Low Better for Surf Fishing?

High tide is the best time to fish because it allows you to venture into deeper waters, where fish are more comfortable with their prey. So before you go for your next surf fishing trip, try observing how high tides in different areas cycled through and plan accordingly!

Knowing the tide in your area is essential because that will help you find fish.

For example, if there are new and bigger tides near high noon than during other times of the day or on weekdays – this could be when they come out looking for food!

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Best Time for Surf Fishing

The high tide is a magical time when the ocean becomes even more beautiful. When you’re out fishing during these two hours, water fills up with waves that are perfect for feeding fish and catching their attention.

And it’s not just any type either! This special occasion usually occurs every day at noon but can vary depending on where your location is (i e there may be fewer vessels).

Is It Worth Fishing at Low Tide?

The low tide is an excellent time to go out and fish because it gives you a chance to find hidden treasures. During the low tide, you’ll be able to see the shells that were hidden away during high tide.

You might even find creatures like starfish or crabs hiding in the sand. If you do so, be sure to check out our other blog post about “Is It Worth Fishing At Low Tide! (The Complete Answer & FAQ)”

Is It Best to Fish the Incoming Tide or Outgoing Tide?

When the tide begins to rise, water flows over saltwater flats that are home to fish who search out food as soon as it starts appearing on their radar screens.

An incoming or rising tide can be one of your best chances at catching some fresh bait!

When the tide begins to fall, it’s a great time to catch fish who are in search of food. Your best bet is to go when the fish are feeding!

On the downside, fish tend to swim away when they feel like no more food. But don’t worry; you can use this to your benefit.

What Are the Best Conditions for Surf Fishing?

The best time to go out when conditions are good is between high tide and when the ocean turns slushy. This is while the waves are at their highest, and the fish are actively feeding.

The fishing will still be good during this time, but it is more than likely that the fish will be scattered. So you’ll need to use caution, and you should bring your kayak or paddleboard so that you can cover more ground.

Is Surf Fishing Good at Low Tide?

When you go on a low tide, the best time to catch fish is 30 minutes before and after high tide. This might be a bit too late in the day to go, but if you want to fish during the low tide, try it out!

As mentioned above, this is when fish are looking for food. This is one of the reasons why fishing during low tide can be very effective.

What Time Is Best for Surf Fishing?

The best time to catch large, predatory surf fish is before dawn and dusk at the start of an incoming tide.

But just as darkness falls and waves subside in preparation for morning’s rising full moon phases – when ocean dwellers feel most exposed- can be your lucky break on what might very fit turn out to be dinner!

Best Time to Fish for Surf Perch

The early morning and late evening low tides affect surf perch fishing (when surfperch fishing at night is best) are paramount. But don’t forget about a peak occurring a few hours before and after high tide as well!

Spring season and early summer is the best time to fish for surfperch. When they school up along sandy shorelines, this usually means that it’s a good idea!

The easiest way you can get on board with your adventure? Spring tides will do just fine – especially an hour or two before high tide (fish the high tide depending upon where we are located).

Best Time to Surf Fish Myrtle Beach

In Myrtle Beach, The best times to catch fish are early morning and late evening around high tide. You can only go out after 5 p.m; if there’s a lifeguard present in order not get into trouble with their rules!

Best Tide for Surf Fishing Stripers

When the tide turns, Striper anglers can find some great fishing. After a flood or high waters from rainstorms known as tide turning

Striper season starts, and what better time than now to get out there with your gear on!

Hooking into these susceptible fish that are looking for anything edible in this muddy environment will give any fisherman reason enough not only to keep their bait close at hand but also bring along friends because saying, “I caught THAT!”

Best Tide to Surf Fish Florida

Florida coast offers some of the best surf fishing in the country! With nice weather, you can catch a good amount of fish. 

The best times to fish in Florida are low, slack tide, early morning, and late evenings. This is when you have your best chance at catching something.

Best Time of Year for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is one of the best in the fall when plenty of Stripers in the Atlantic Ocean are looking for a meal.

If you’re deciding to head out on a kayak, having a powerful motor is essential for going against the tide. Not being able to take your kayak out could be a major bummer.

When the water gets deep, getting your bait down to where the fish are waiting can be challenging. A surface lure might be the best option to use when angling for surf fish.  

Is Surf Fishing Good at Night?

Whether you’re a first-time surfer or an experienced fisherman, catching more fish can be as easy and intuitive at night.

The predatory fish in these waters feed heavily during their evening activities, which makes them most active toward sunset – when we need them at least!

What Is the Best Bait You Can Use for Surf Fishing?

The most common way to catch fish in the surf is with a sand flea.

The phrase “matching your bait” comes from this practice of matching what you are using for lures versus prey.

This will often lead people down different paths depending on their location and needs, but if it’s fresh or alive (or peeled), chances are there’ll be some form of seafood ready at hand!

What Wind Is Best for Surf Fishing?

The west wind calms the waves, and limits how much food falls back into the ocean, allowing smaller fish to look elsewhere.

I would personally say that winds less than 15 knots are best when surfing in order not to have your lines get tangled up with other boats or ships nearby (that could cause an accident).

Any faster than this, though, and you’ll start getting bows sticking out of every corner!


So, what is Best tides for surf fishing? The answer to that question depends on the conditions and what you hope to catch. Generally speaking, high tides offer more fishable water levels and produce better results. However, if you are looking for smaller species or crabs, low tide can be a great time to hit the beach. Ultimately, it’s essential to experiment with different times and see what works best for you in your area. With a little bit of composure and some trial and error, you will quickly learn when the best tides for surf fishing occur!

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