Is New Moon Good for Fishing? (Moon & Tides Explained)

is new moon good for fishing

Is the new moon good for fishing? We all know that the moon phase significantly affects the tides, but did you know it can also affect fishing?

This guide explains everything you must know about moon phases and tides. Depending on the stage of the moon, you may want to head out to the water or stay home. This post will break down what each moon phase means for anglers. Keep reading to learn more!

Is Fishing on a New Moon Good?

Is new moon good for fishing? It is the experience of many people that new moon is not suitable for fishing. New Moon refers to the time when the moon appears as a crescent. This is because, during this period, the light from the moon is not strong enough to attract fish. This phenomenon has been well documented. 

The best times for catching a fish happen at the new Moon or full Moon, but this varies depending on where those celestial bodies fall with our local horizon.

So it’s hard (if not impossible) to pinpoint which night will provide better results; without knowing all aspects involved beforehand!

New Moon & Fishing: When to Go Out

So if fishing is good on a new moon, you may be wondering when exactly you need to go out. This question is twofold: you want to fish at dusk and dawn.

Dusk tends to be the best time for catching prey, as the day’s light begins to fade. On the other hand, dawn is often one of the best times for catching fish because the predators are out looking for their next meal.

As you can see, fishing on a new moon is not always easy to predict. The better thing you can do is to use our moon calendar. There, you will see all of the great fishing opportunities for the month ahead.

What Is the Best Moon Phase for Bass Fishing?

There is an excellent opportunity that many people will wonder: what is the best moon phase for bass fishing? While it varies depending upon where you are located, you are likely to have many fruitful opportunities.

A full moon often makes the bass more aggressive and easier for you to catch. This is mainly true if you use a silver spoon to entice them.

However, the downside of a full moon is that it can become quite challenging to see your lure. If you are looking for clear skies, this may not be the time to go out.

A half-moon is also suitable for bass fishing. This is especially true if you do not mind fishing in the dark. If it’s a new moon, you will have very few people on the water to contend with.

Finally, a crescent moon can be great for fishing bass because its prey will seek shelter near the shore.

How Moon Phases Affect Fishing Success

Phases of the moon have a significant impact on your fishing success. While it may be difficult to predict, knowing what each moon phase means can give you a great advantage.

Beyond fishing by moon phases, the idea is that the sun and moon are gravitational pull in one direction during a new or full moon.

This makes for larger ocean tides than average twice monthly: once on each side of our globe as it spins under us!

Is a Waxing Crescent Moon Good for Fishing?

Typically, there are three essential factors you want to consider when fishing: timing, weather, and moon phases. This is exceptionally accurate if you decide to fish on a waxing crescent moon.

The best time to go fishing during a waxing crescent moon is typically right after dark and before dawn.

This is because this moon phase brings high tide and low tides, making for excellent fishing opportunities. However, if the weather isn’t cooperating, the fish may not bite.

In contrast to a waxing crescent moon, a waning crescent moon is typically best for fishing during the day. This is because it brings lower tides, which means you will have fewer obstacles to contend with on the water.

What Is the Best Moon Phase for Saltwater Fishing? (Best Moon Phase for Fishing)

Fishbites happen more often during certain times of day, such as the morning and evening. Do you know why?

In some specific fisheries worldwide, it has been noted that bites are better on either side of a Full Moon or New Moon!

There is even experimentation to back this up – one study showed big fish like biting for several days before their preferred mealings (at day and night) 

followed by an extended period without eating anything at all after sunset – which happens right when we’re getting ready for bedtime here on Earth, so our bodies can rest up while digestion kicks into high gear.

When it comes to defining the best time to go saltwater fishing, you need to consider several factors. One of the most important is the moon. If you are fishing in a new or full moon, it will be easier to catch your prey.

Why Do Fish Not Bite on the Full Moon?

Immediately after a full moon may be poor for fishing because the lunation cycle causes fish’s preferences in bait, Rates of success with lures or flies, etc., to change to help them find food when they cannot see very well.

This gets back to why fish do not bite on a full moon. The reason is simple. The light from the full moon overpowers everything else in the water, making it difficult for them to see what is happening.

How Do You Fish the Moon Phases?

Fishing the moon phases can be a difficult task. Many anglers are unsure when, where, and how to fish for certain moon phases.

Many people are uncertain whether there are any exceptions to the moon phases.

For example, some fishermen will avoid fishing on a full moon, while others will target that time frame. How well do you know the moon phases? What is your favorite type of fishing during each stage?

In this video, we provide a detailed guide on How Do You Fish the Moon Phases so that you can raise your chances of success while fishing.

Can You Catch Wahoo on a New Moon?

Wahoos are not only caught during the day, but they also seem to be most active around new and full moon times.

An excellent time for catching these fish is at dawn or dusk when it’s just starting to light out and right before sunset, which gives you plenty of time on your own if no one else wants dinner!

The best location in terms of catches isn’t precise one way; however, we do see more action during July through October due largely because those months have less rain than other parts annually.

Commonly Asked Questions about Night Fishing New Moon (FAQ)


Fishing on a new moon is excellent for freshwater and saltwater fishing, but it’s best to fish during the waxing phase of the cycle. The full moon may be good for catching large game fish like sharks or marlin, but you won’t find many largemouth bass biting at night when they are most active.

Remember that these phases vary annually depending on where you live because all celestial bodies move relative to each other. We’re happy to help you figure out what type of bait will work best with your chosen time frame based on the lunar phase. Let us know if we could help by answering any questions about is new moon good for fishing and how different types of fish behave according to the moon phases!

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