Shark Fishing In Florida | What You Should Know (Explained)

shark fishing in Florida

Do you want to catch sharks? If you are looking for a new challenge, then shark fishing in Florida is just what you need.

It’s an exciting sport that will test your skills and allow you to enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of this state.

You can also find out everything about shark fishing in Florida right here! This guide will tell you all about where to go, how it works, and even tips on catching these amazing creatures.

Shark fishing in Florida is one of those sports that has been around for decades but still manages to capture people’s imaginations with its unique challenges and opportunities.

There are many different species of fish found off the coastlines here, so there is something for everyone – from beginners to experts who have been doing this their whole lives!

The thrill of seeing a big fish thrashing around at the end of your line never gets old, especially when it’s a huge great white or hammerhead shark! And once they get tired enough, they make easy prey which means lots more fun times ahead and bragging rights!

So if you want to know more about shark fishing in Florida (or anywhere else), read on because we have all the information right here waiting for you.

Is shark fishing legal in Florida?

Although it is against the law for any person to catch, possess or land a prohibited species of sharks in Florida waters.

When fishing from shore or while onboard your vessel, if an unknown fish is caught, release them without Harvesting. And don’t forget that there’s always RFD Monitoring, so check back often!

Many people think all Sharks need permission before being harvested, but this isn’t true when dealing with state wildlife commissions across America. They have separate policies on what can be taken by sport fishermen versus commercial.

Florida shark fishing regulations 2021

There are several species that you can hook and land in our state waters under the current Florida shark fishing regulations.

For example, while Sharks that are considered a prohibited species include any of the following: black nose, bonnethead, dusky smoothhound, fine-tooth, fine-toothap, galagos, longfin mako shark, niger, school, sharpnose, and spinner.

And also prohibited in state waters are any sharks of the species sandbar, sand tiger shark, scalloped hammerhead, and sharpnose.

You need a saltwater license to catch sharks, but there are also regulations about the size of your fishing line and how many hooks you can use.

Is there a season for shark fishing in Florida?

No, there is no season for shark fishing in Florida. Going fishing is fine as long as it’s during the day and you are not fishing for anything else.

Do you need a permit to fish for sharks in Florida? (shark fishing permit Florida)

The permit is required for all shore-based shark anglers who are 16 years of age and older. This includes those 65 or over but not normally exempt from needing a fishing license because they don’t have any medical conditions that would make it contraindicated to be in the warm water for long periods!

The new rules state anyone under 16 must carry proof on their person at all times while out catching these dangerous creatures – no shore based shark fishing permit exceptions whatsoever!

How much does a saltwater license cost?

A saltwater license costs $30 for one year, which is a great deal. If you take up fishing and like it, then a year’s license will quickly cover the cost of its initial fee.

What tackle can I use for shark fishing in Florida?

To catch sharks, you need to have high-quality fishing tackle.

Your line needs to be able but also light enough to land the shark if you hook one.

Usually, your line will be a size eight minimum, but you might even need something as big as 15.

To hook the shark, you may need some heavy-duty hardware, like strong circle hooks or octopus hooks.

What bait do I use to catch sharks?

When shark fishing in Florida, the most common bait is either live or dead pogies. Live blue crabs are also popular if the pogies aren’t available.

It’s a good idea to have both live and dead bait on hand because you never know when one will work better than the other.

Can you legally keep a shark in Florida?

Yes, but check the regulations first. You can keep any shark that is less than 54 inches in fork length.

Prohibiting the Harvesting of certain species has increased biodiversity.

Prohibited sharks must remain on land with their gills submerged when fishing from shore or boat but may be returned to the water if caught red-handed by fishermen who take pity upon them and release them promptly without delay.

How big do sharks have to be to keep in Florida?

The minimum size of a fish from Group Two is 54 inches, with the daily bag limit being one for each person.

There’s also an overlapping vessel limit which means you can only have two sharks on your boat despite how many people are fishing or if there are more than two anglers on board.

Be aware that sharks are often caught by accident when fishing for other species, so always check the bag limits before heading out.

Can you shoot sharks in Florida?

Shooting is illegal for all species of sharks in Florida (including harpooning, stunning with a blunt instrument, or lassoing) and is punishable by a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

How many sharks can you catch in Florida?

The daily bag limit for sharks is one (1) per person, with no more than two total on a vessel. This means you can’t take home that rare whale or seal and expect it to be happy in its new surroundings!

In addition, the Vessel Limit applies regardless of size – so don’t assume that just because your friends aren’t afraid of this large shark will mean they won’t mind sharing them either; remember, everyone has their own set space requirements when traveling by boat too.

Where is the best shark fishing in Florida? (Best shark fishing spots in Florida)

The best shark fishing in Florida is between Cape Canaveral and Miami. You can find the biggest sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, while the Atlantic is the place to head if you want to catch smaller ones.

Besides Florida, the best shark fishing in the world is found along the east coast of Chile, which has a long coastline with mild waters.

What are the best sharks to catch in Florida?

The best sharks to catch in Florida are sandbar, blacktip, and dusky sharks. These are the most common species along the coast of Florida. Sometimes, other shark species can be caught along with more than one of these.

How much does it cost to deep sea fish in Florida? (Shark fishing in Florida prices)

Fishing charter prices depend on your location within Florida and can be from as little as $200 for a half-day trip up to around $500 for a full-day trip.

The price includes all necessary equipment, bait, and tackle, as well as refreshments. Some charter companies also include lunch as part of the package.

In addition, there are a large number of boats available for hire, which you can use to take an angling trip out with one of the crew.

How do you catch sharks in Florida? (Catching sharks in Florida)

The best time to catch sharks in Florida is at night. This is when you will get the most bites, making it the perfect time to catch sharks.

Night fishing is allowed in Florida, but you need to have a license for 18 years of age or older.

By law, you must use an artificial light; 12 feet above the water for 10 feet around your boat.

You can catch sharks by trolling with lures or baited hooks behind the boat.

Can you catch hammerhead sharks in Florida? (Hammerhead shark fishing Florida)

Landing and possessing sharks is illegal in Florida, but it is possible to catch them with the help of a license.

One method for catching landed fish that you might want to use is non-stainless steel hooks to avoid leaving any rusting metal behind after your day on the water.

This is a serious matter, as the law provides substantial punishments for those who land sharks. As an alternative, you can always release your catch and tag it with a small amount of wire to allow for identification if you spot them again.

Is the bull shark the most dangerous? (bull shark fishing Florida)

Bull sharks are found in coastal waters all over the world. They prefer shallow, near-shore environments and often come into contact with humans because they prefer shallows; this makes them responsible for more attacks on land than any other type of oceanic predator!

These fish have been documented as being particularly dangerous to people since they swim deeper out at sea but still nearer shore where there’s a greater risk that someone might encounter one by chance or find themselves within biting range if harassed – so be warned: bullshark bite incidents can happen anywhere from Florida northwards up through Canada towards Alaska (and even parts in south Florida).

Can you shark fish in Destin Florida? (Destin Florida shark fishing)

Yes, you can go shark fishing in Destin, Florida. The best time to catch sharks is at night when the sharks are moving up onto the beach to feed. During the day, you need to fish out in the deeper water using live bait or chumming with fresh fish guts or chicken.

What type of shark is in Destin Florida? (Sharks in Destin Florida)

The most common sharks you will catch in Destin Florida, include hammerhead, blacktip, and a variety of other sharks.

In terms of size, anywhere from 5-6 feet is the most common, with a few being close to 10 footers.

How do you catch sharks in Destin Florida? (Shark Fishing Destin Florida)

Night fishing is allowed during the summer months in Destin Florida. You can catch sharks by trolling with fresh bait such as mullet, bluefish, and ladyfish behind the boat.

At night, you will get the most bites, which makes it the best time to catch sharks.


If you’re wondering, “How do I catch a shark?” or “Is it legal to fish for sharks in Florida?” then this article is all that you need. We’ve provided information on everything from the legality of fishing a shark and how much the cost per boat hour can be to what gear you should bring when going out deep water fishing near Destin. Whether your dream vacation includes catching some big game or not, we hope this fishing guide will help get you started!

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