Where Is the Best Halibut Fishing in Alaska? (Solved & Explained)

where is the best halibut fishing in alaska

There are so many places to fish for Halibut in Alaska; it’s hard to know where the best pacific halibut fishing in Alaska is?

We get that you’re looking for a new adventure and want to go on an Alaskan fishing trip. The Kenai Peninsula is the perfect spot in Alaska for Halibut fishing! You will find large schools and productive waters that offer anglers an opportunity to catch their limit.

You don’t want your time wasted on bad weather or mediocre fishing spots. You also don’t have time to do all the research about Best halibut fishing Alaska yourself (or maybe you just don’t like doing research).

And if you’re not experienced with this type of trip, how can you tell what’s good and what isn’t? That’s why we crafted this guide to help people find out where they should be going when they visit our state!

Our team has been visiting these locations every year since 2011, and we’ve learned which ones are worth your time, effort, money & energy. We share our experiences with each site so that you don’t have to waste your time.

So instead of wondering, “where is the best halibut fishing in Alaska?” you can come fish with us!

What part of Alaska has the best halibut fishing? 

Best halibut fishing Alaska: The Kenai Peninsula is the best location in Alaska for Halibut fishing! You will find large schools and productive waters that offer anglers an opportunity to catch their limit.

If you’re looking for someplace serene or just want a break from the industry, head over anywhere on this long stretch where it’s possible to cast without backlash due t-o its calm seas; then go back home with fresh Alaskan dinner in tow.

Fishing licenses are required, but free state parks make up part of what makes exploring these amazing landscapes easy as pie – there’s something new waiting around every corner, so be sure, not tight let yourself get bored while out enjoying nature.   

How Do You Catch Halibut in Southeast Alaska?

Bottom fishing is one of the simplest ways to catch Halibut. As long as you have a strong enough rod, you should be fine. Your best choice is to use a weight to make sure your bait hits the bottom of the waterway.

When you use a Halibut fishing rod, you have to get your scorpion bait or lure in front of the Halibut before they see it.

For this reason, we recommend using a weight to make sure your bait hits the bottom of the seafloor. You can use a weight made of lead or use the Styrofoam box that your spare lures come in.

The best way to fish for Halibut is in the late afternoon during slack tides. This will keep your rod as close to the bottom of the waterway and make it easier on you when fighting a big halibut caught in Alaska!

This summer, the high-pressure region could mean that we might have super strong winds. 

This means no low tide – cancel those plans right now because if there was anything more important than catching some fresh Alaskan Halibut, I’m not sure what would be better: excellent fishing weather or peace & quiet?

Is there halibut fishing in Anchorage? 

halibut fishing near anchorage Alaska – Halibut fishing in Anchorage is unavailable because the waters are too silty for halibuts to survive. However, there are other places in Alaska where you can catch Halibut.

If you’re looking for a great place to fish for Halibut, we recommend the Kenai Peninsula. Kenai Peninsula has some of the best halibut fishing in all of Alaska.

Where is the Best Place to Salmon Fish in Alaska?

The Kenai River is a popular fishing spot for Chinook salmon. According to anglers who know it well, the river runs through central Alaska and has been called one of America’s best rivers, according to anglers who know it well!.

The Kenai is known for its excellent fishing, but it’s also known to catch a trophy salmon and halibut.

If you are looking for a fantastic place to go for silver salmon fishing, we recommend the Kenai River. The Kenai River is a great choice to catch Chinook salmon.

What is The Best Month for Halibut Fishing in Alaska? 

What is the best time to catch halibut in Alaska? The best time to halibut fish in Alaska is in May through September. The fish are most active during high slack tides, which will keep your tackle as close to the bottom and make it easier on you when fighting a big one!

I hope you’ve learned a bit about halibut fishing in Alaska. If you’re interested in a Halibut Fishing Charter, we recommend Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Charters.

How Much is Halibut Fishing in Alaska?

Halibut fishing in Alaska is not cheap, but it’s worth it for the fishing experience. You can expect to pay around $400/day for a halibut charter. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, we recommend fishing from the shore.

Where Can You Find Big Halibut in Alaska?

Halibut are a true delicacy, and their range across Earth’s oceans is extensive. From Santa Barbara in California to Nome at its northernmost tip on Alaska’s mainland, you can find them.

They’re also found near Russia’s Gulf of Anadyr for those who like catching big ones! The average size caught by sport anglers? Around 20 – 40 lbs., so make sure your tackle box has plenty of lures if you want an Alaskan trip lined up this summer.

If you’re looking to catch a Big Halibut, we recommend going to the Kenai Peninsula. The Kenai Peninsula has plenty of opportunities to catch a big halibut.

Is fishing Better in Sitka or Ketchikan?

Sitka fishing is the best in Alaska, while halibut charter costs are expensive than Ketchikan costs. 

So, for that reason, we recommend Ketchikan for halibut fishing unless you’re looking for a challenge and want to fish in Sitka.

Both cities are great for salmon fishing, but Sitka has the best salmon fishing in Alaska. If you’re looking for an excellent area to go fishing for Salmon, we recommend Ketchikan. Ketchikan is a great place to catch Alaska king salmon.

What is the Best Bait for Catching Halibuts?

There are many kinds of bait that you can use for Halibut, but we recommend using live bait. Some good options include:

  • Herring
  • Pilchard
  • Sandeel
  • Salmon Bellies.
  • Salmon Heads.
  • Squid.
  • Octopus.

You should also use a diving lure or a jig to help keep your bait a little closer to the bottom.

Where Can You Catch Halibut in the US?

Halibut can be found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. They are also found in the Gulf of Mexico. However, the best place to catch Halibut in the US is Alaska.

Alaska is known for having some of the best Halibut fishing globally. If you’re looking to catch a big halibut, we recommend going to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, it is the best place to halibut fish in Alaska. The Kenai has a great halibut fishing spot.

What Tide is Best for Halibut Fishing?

Good tides for halibut fishing include a high slack tide. A high or low tide can make it challenging to get your line close enough to the bottom to catch a fish. Look for a tide that is around 2.0 feet or higher for the best results.

Now that you know the basics of halibut fishing and how big do halibut get in Alaska, it’s time to go out and catch one yourself! Alaskan Halibut fish is a true delicacy, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the challenge of catching one.


Halibut fishing in Alaska is unreal. Come halibut fish with us! We hope you find the best place for halibut fishing near Anchorage or any other area of Alaska. The next time you’re looking to catch some fresh halibut and Salmon, contact our team at Fish Alaskan Adventures today! Our goal is to give all of your family-friendly offshore charter needs with a smile on our faces. You won’t regret it when we show up and give you an epic adventure with unbeatable customer service and great rates too!

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