7 Best Rods for Shark Fishing (Incl. AFFORDABLE Models!)

fishing rods for sharks

Shark fishing can be a thrilling experience, but it’s essential to use suitable fishing rods for sharks if you want to succeed. Sharks are one of the most powerful and big fish in the ocean, and using the wrong fishing gear can lead to disaster.

We’ve gathered this list of the best rods for shark fishing based on expert reviews and our personal experience. Whether you’re looking for a top model fishing rod for shark or something more reasonable, we’ve got you covered.

Best Shark Fishing Rods and Reels of 2023

Are you looking for the best fishing rods for sharks? Look no further – Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, one of these offshore fishing shark rods will surely fit your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and check out these fishing pole for sharks collection!

Can You Catch Sharks with a Fishing Rod?

The short answer? Yes, you can catch a shark with a fishing rod.

Catching big sharks is a sport that’s been around forever, and using the right fishing gear is crucial for success. If you want to catch a giant shark from shore, an 8-to 10-foot long surf rod is what’s best.

It may still be enough for those with lighter fishing reels and lines, but for a large drag on your bait, 300 yards of the braided fishing line will suffice as well 25 pounds per yard isn’t too much.

Either way, make sure not less than this amount, or else there could quickly come back down again!

What Rod Size Do You Need for Shark Fishing?

When fishing for sharks, you will need a spinning rod that can withstand the power of their attacks.

A 6′ or 5’6″ stand-up model with at least 30 pounds in braided line rating is ideal; fiberglass material makes it more durable than other different types such as graphite 

which breaks easily) and aluminum oxide–though these also have advantages depending on what kind of boat engine/outfit you’re using!

How Much Is a Shark Fishing Rod?

Shark fishing rods vary in price. For a basic, entry-level model, you can expect to pay around $50-100. More advanced offshore shark rods can cost upwards of $300. It’s important to determine what you will be using the rod for and how often before investing in a higher-end model.

You can give Shimano tallus a try buy the best fishing rods for sharks suitable for your budget.

TOP 7 Best Fishing Rods For Sharks of 2023 – Reviews (Shark Fishing Rods for Sale)

Best shark fishing rod and reel combo (Shark Fishing Combo by RICHCAT)

Richcat Fishing Poles and Reels Combo, Fishing Rod and Reel Kits for...
  • 🎣【Richcat rod combo】Includes essential fishing...
  • 🎣【Designed for large fish】High density carbon fiber...
  • 🎣【Powerful Components 】The guide and reel seat is made of...
  • 🎣【Spinning reel】Metal Fishing reel is left&right...

Are you looking for a fantastic fishing experience? Look no further than the RICHCAT Shark Fishing Rod and Reel Combo!

These best shark rods and top-quality set provides everything you need to reel in some serious catches. The telescoping shark rods are perfect for adults, and the pre-spooled spinning reel ensures smooth operation.

Plus, the 22lb line is tough enough to handle any fish imaginable. Get ready for some serious catch with the RICHCAT Shark Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is a good choice!

Land-Based Shark Fishing Rods by Penn squall(Fishing rods for sharks)

PENN Carnage II Surf Casting Fishing Rod
  • Sls3 blank construction
  • Fuji K guides with alconite inserts
  • Non slip foregrip
  • Great for use with braided line

Shark fishing rods for surf fishing: The Penn Surf shark fishing rod Carnage II & III rods are perfect for surf casting and surf fishing. They have a moderate fast action and are built with Sls3 rod blank construction for durability.

The Fuji K guides with alconite inserts provide smooth line travel, while the non-slip foregrip ensures a firm grip in wet conditions. The Fuji reel seat offers stability and precision when fighting fish.

Best Rod and Reel for Shark Fishing by Ugly Stick

Ugly Stik 7’ GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Spinning Combo, Ugly...
  • UGLY TECH CONSTRUCTION: 1-piece, Ugly Tech construction combines...
  • SIZE 50 REEL: 3 ball bearing system for smooth operation....
  • INSTANT ANTI-REVERSE SYSTEM with one-way clutch for quick hook...

Ugly Stik GX2 combos are perfect for beginner anglers, with graphite and fiberglass construction that offers durability and sensitivity.

The HT-100 carbon drag system provides smooth, powerful drag without sacrificing sensitivity, while the lightweight EVA grips are designed specifically for small sharks.

Machined aluminum spools ensure smooth operation, and one ball bearing ensures years of dependable use.

Fiblink Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Fishing Rod Big Game...
  • Solid Construction--Top-quality,extra-tough 1-piece tubular...
  • Stainless Steel Roller Guides--Heavy-duty Roller Guides minimize...
  • Extreme Exposure Reel Seat --Machined aluminum alloy reel seat...
  • Unique Design--5'1"heavy duty short rod will be easier to...

Are you looking for a top-quality, heavy-duty trolling fishing rod for shark that’s perfect for saltwater? Look no further than the Fiblink Offshore Heavy Trolling Fishing Rod.

This amazing heavy loads spinning rods consists of extra-tough 1-piece tubular E-glass graphite composite blanks and features heavy-duty stainless steel roller guides.

The unique design makes it easier to transport and is excellent for saltwater fishing. And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Spinning Fishing Rod Offshore Graphite...
  • 2-Piece 7' portable carbon saltwater spinning fishing rod
  • Tough and strong solid carbon fiber construction for improved...
  • 7+1 Smooth polished line protecting corrosion proof stainless...
  • Aluminum alloy reel seat with corrosion resistant aluminum hoods

Are you looking for a long-lasting saltwater spinning fishing rod? Look no further than Fiblink’s 2-Piece Shark Rod. This carbon fiber fishing pole for shark is tough and strong, which improves high performance-action and sensitivity.

The 7+1 Smooth polished line protecting corrosion-proof stainless steel guides are perfect for keeping your line in good condition while you’re out on the water.

And with an aluminum alloy reel seat and corrosion-resistant aluminum hoods, you can be sure that this best shark rod will last long under any conditions.

Plus, the high-density EVA foam handle and foregrips provide a comfortable grip even when wet. So don’t wait – get your Fiblink 2-Piece Saltwater Shark Rod today!

Fiblink 1-Piece Saltwater Offshore Heavy Trolling Rod Big Game Roller...
  • Solid Construction - Solid E-glass graphite composite blanks...
  • High-Quality Roller Guides - Smooth polished line protecting...
  • Extreme Exposure Reel Seat -Aluminum alloy wheel seat with...
  • High Density EVA Handles - High density EVA gives greater...

Are you looking to reel in some of the biggest fish in the sea? Then you need a Fiblink Saltwater Heavy Trolling Rod!

This bad boy is crafted from solid E-glass graphite composite blanks, making it incredibly sturdy and powerful. Plus, its high-quality roller guides provide a smooth, wear-free experience when casting.

And if that’s not enough, the extreme exposure reel seat ensures your reel stays tightly secured while you’re battling those beasts.

Not to mention, the high-density EVA handles give you unrivaled grip and sensitivity so you can feel every nibble. So don’t stay any longer – order your Fiblink Saltwater Heavy Trolling Rod today!

OKIAYA COMPOSIT 80-130 Shark Rod

OKIAYA COMPOSIT 80-130LB The BOSSHOSS Saltwater Big Game Roller Rod

You are looking for a quality big game fishing pole for sharks that you can depend on when the pressure is on?

Then check out okiaya’s COMPOSIT 80-130 Saltwater Rod. This heavy action one-piece rod is made with CNC machined aircraft grade alloys for strength, composite fiber main shaft for superior sensitivity, and super smooth stainless rollers.

Plus, it comes with durable hardware that keeps its good looks year after year. So don’t settle for less – get yourself a BOSS HOSS!

What’s the Best Bait for Shark Fishing?

When it comes to catching sharks, the most common shark fishing bait is Bonita.

They have a high oil and blood content, making them extremely attractive for many types of fish-eating predators like dolphins or bluefin tuna!

Next on this list would be ladyfish – they’re not as fatty but still pack enough punch when chewed up by an eager diner’s teeth nonetheless; mullet (a type grouper/ensemble);

King mackerels can sometimes work well, too, if you find yourself with one that has been caught before without hooks stuck inside its mouth.

Many various types of bait can be used when saltwater fishing for sharks. An important thing to remember is that you should never use live bait.

This is because sharks are enormous creatures, and if they feel threatened, they could make a snap decision.

What Size Sharks Surf Rod do You Need?

When it comes to catching sharks from the beach, an 8- or 10-foot long surf fiberglass rod is ideal.

A medium-power rating will help you battle and land these giant fish with ease, while a stiffer weapon makes this job easier for your hands (and wrists!)

You will need to use smaller shark fishing poles, but these are more accurate. These are usually 6 feet long and can be used in many other waters, including surf fishing.

The most popular size, in this case, is 6 feet in length and made out of fiberglass or graphite. These are powerful enough to bring in large fish but still light enough to be used in the surf.

A shorter edition of the same article can also be found here: Choosing The Best Shark Fishing Pole For Beginners (2023 Top Picks)

What Makes a Good Shark Rod?

When fishing for sharks, you will need a rod to handle heavy pressure and run 50 lb or more.

You should also look out for shark fishing poles with enough power, so your fight doesn’t go on too long-most states allow only catch-and-release! 

There are several things to keep in mind when looking for a rod. First is the action. This refers to how fast or slows the rod tip will bend.

A fast tip is recommended, as it makes for more accurate casts. It also allows you to feel the feeling of a bite.

Rays or sharks will often come up to the area you’re saltwater fishing but won’t set off the hook until it feels the vibration of the rig as it moves through the water.

Next is power. The majority of offshore shark poles are lightweight because their bodies are that of a torpedo.

If you’re using a lighter line, then a medium power rod can help pull in your catch. If you’re using a heavier line, it would be best to pick up a rod with more power. This can make your fight much easier.

Lastly is hook size (and type). The point of the tip of the rod is where you’ll put your hook. You want to make sure that this is very sharp, so the issue is very sturdy. You also want to ensure that you have a decent barb on it, so your catch doesn’t escape so easily.

How Long Should a Shark Rod Be?

The best rod for shark fishing should be at least 8 feet long. A shorter rod will make it harder for you to land your catch, despite the great accuracy.

While a longer rod may not suit everyone’s comfort, it will make your game much easier when you’re in the water fighting your fish.

How Much Does A Shark Rod Weigh?

Offshore shark rods are lighter than you might imagine. The average throw weights is somewhere around 1-1.5 pounds due to its need to be lightweight and still very strong.

This is because of how powerful sharks can be and how you need to fight them efficiently.   


Many queries arise when you want to go shark fishing. What is the best rod and reel for this type of fishing? How much does it cost? Can I catch sharks with a regular old fly fishing rod? The fact is, there’s no one unique size fits all these questions.

You will need to know what size shark fishing pole you want as well – there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to fishing rods for sharks! Some people like them longer because they feel more flexible in their hands, while others prefer shorter shark fishing poles so that the bait doesn’t hit anything on its way out into long day deeper waters.

We at upicefishing.com have decades of experience in fish like sharks, so if you’re looking for any information on what gear you need or how much it costs, email us today!

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