Fishing charters for shark fishing in Hilton Head Island sc (Complete Guide)

shark fishing in Hilton head
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Are you looking for a new fishing experience? Shark fishing in Hilton Head Island, SC, is an exhilarating and exciting adventure.

You’ll be out on the water, enjoying the beautiful views of nature while also catching some big fish! It’s a great way to spend time with your family or friends.

And it’s even better when you get to eat what you catch!Suppose this sounds like something that would interest you; book one of our shark fishing charters today!

We have several different options available, so it is sure to fit your schedule and budget.

shark fishing hilton head island

No matter which option you choose, we guarantee it will be an amazing day on the water. So don’t wait any longer – Book now before all spots are taken!

Which experiences are best for fishing charters & tours in Hilton Head?

When it comes to fishing charters, there are several options available. From small boats with only a few people to larger vessels with up to 20 people, we have a size and experience option for whatever you prefer.

We recommend go Deep Sea Fishing options for those who don’t have a lot of time but want to experience a high-quality fishing charter. We have a 1-hour shark trip and a 3-hour trip, both offering amazing views of the island as you fish.

What are the best places for fishing charters & tours in Hilton Head?

The best place to be for a fishing charter is out on the water, of course! If you are looking for different island views, then our Hilton Head Island fishing tours are a great option.

This type of tour also provides a little history on the island as you travel between stops, so it’s a great option for those that want something more than just catching fish.

What is the best time of year for fishing charters & tours?

It doesn’t matter what time of year you do a fishing charter; the views are always spectacular. We go out year-round, and the only thing that changes is the types of fish we catch!

For example, in winter, you’re more likely to catch snapper, while you’ll catch grouper in the summer.

How much does it cost to do fishing charters & tours in Hilton Head?

Fishing charters vary in price depending on the option you choose. For example, our Deep Sea Fishing options are more expensive than our other options because they are the only ones that offer fishing for multiple species.

If you want to spend time on the water but don’t want to go fishing, we also have a sightseeing tour option that has a lower price.

What gear do you use for shark fishing?

The perfect fishing poles are heavy-duty, have a high line capacity and low gear ratio.

The right type of rod for this time of year should be 7 to 10 feet long with an action fast enough so it can cast large saltwater flies or surf rods well into shore breaks where anglers will find their catch more; often than not!

What type of sharks can be caught off Hilton Head Island?

Hilton Head isn’t a hotspot for sharks, but we have a few species found in our waters.

The most common shark caught here is the black tip shark. But we also catch thresher sharks, bull sharks and tiger sharks on occasion.

Hilton head deep sea fishing charters & inshore shark fishing options

Deep-sea fishing Hilton head

Hilton Head Island provides an exhilarating and exciting adventure. You’ll be out on the water, enjoying the beautiful views of nature while also catching big fish! It’s a great way to spend time with your family or friends.

And it’s even better when you get to eat what you catch!

Suppose this sounds like something that would interest you; book one of our shark fishing charters today! We have several different options.

Family fishing charter Hilton head South Carolina

Join this family-friendly trip to witness the splendour of South Carolina’s backwaters and enjoy an evening on a boat with your kids.

The itinerary will ensure that you get plenty of time to fish while also exploring other scenic areas such as Savannah Bay Islands National Park or Jekyll Island Federal Reserve Place. Be sure not to miss out!

Kid friendly fishing charter Hilton head SC

Our kid-friendly trips are designed with families in mind. Our professional crew will ensure that your family has the time of their life on the water.

Here you can catch species such as flounder and bluefish in around ten minutes, ensuring that the fishing action is fast and furious!

Night shark fishing Hilton Head Island SC

Hilton Head Night Shark Fishing? Yup! When people say that Hilton Head isn’t a shark fishing destination, the fishermen say, “not yet!” Releasing large sharks after hours is great for the fisherman and the ocean.

The sharks are released after hours so they can hunt at night to feed. This allows the sharks to fill up on other fish, making them healthier and less likely to bite you. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Shark fishing Hilton head sea pines

You are guaranteed to catch plenty of fish at sea pines! This island is known for its great fishing, so if you’re a fisherman, it’s a must-visit destination.

Our boats are large enough to fit up to six people comfortably, and there are several different boats to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your group.

Fishing charters Hilton head shelter cove

If you want to catch an abundance of fish, then shelter cove is the right place for you! We offer several different types of fishing charters that will ensure you have the most successful fishing trip possible.

You’ll enjoy catching plenty of fish, both big and small, so you’ll be able to bring back plenty of fresh fish for your family. Our catch includes flounder, bluefish, mackerel and more!

Beginners Guide about Hilton head inshore shark fishing (Questions and Answers)

Can you shark fish in Hilton Head?

Yes, Hilton Head is a great place for shark fishing. Many different species of sharks live in this area; some are caught by fishermen, and some are seen in the wild.

What time is best for shark fishing?

Sharks are most active during the evening, so if you want to catch one, then your best bet is to set out in the evenings. During the day, sharks like to camouflage into the sand and lay down.

Does Hilton Head shark fishing require a license?

Yes! As with any fishing activity, you will need a license. You can purchase one online or at the store; your options vary depending on which state you live in.

Can you keep sharks in Hilton Head?

As you can see from the information above, there are only two types of sharks that people generally eat, and these include Atlantic sharpnose and bonnethead.

So if we catch any other type, it would be best to release them back into the water as they usually don’t make good eating anyways!

How much should a fishing charter cost?

The cost of a fishing charter in Hilton Head will depend on the type of charter you want. For example, if you only want to go out for an hour, the price will be relatively small.

In addition to this, other factors that can affect the cost of a fishing charter include how big the boat is and how many people you want to take with you.

What is included in a fishing charter?

If you are fishing on a charter, then the boat will include everything that is necessary for your trip. For example, you’ll have all the equipment you need, expert guides to help you catch fish and ice to keep your fish fresh.

Where can I fish for sharks in South Carolina?

There are two places in South Carolina where you can fish for sharks: Hilton Head and Savannah. Both have different shark fishing methods, so the way you do it depends on where you go.

Is shark fishing good at night?

The best time to go shark fishing is near or after sunset. At this time, sharks are more active and will be roaming the water near the coast. This makes it easier to catch one because you have a better chance of seeing them in the water!

Can you fish in Shelter Cove?

Yes, you can fish in Shelter Cove! Fishing is a very popular activity here, so the place is filled with people looking to catch fish. The town, the marina and the surrounding waters are all full of different fish species. There’s plenty to catch; you’re guaranteed to find whatever type of fish you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for a new fishing experience, we suggest booking a charter with one of the many reputable and experienced shark fishermen in Hilton Head Island, SC. You won’t regret it! We hope this blog post has helped answer any questions that may be lingering about what it is like to go on a shark fishing trip.

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