10 Reasons To Go For Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Trip

columbia river sturgeon

Are you looking for an exciting new outdoor activity? Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing is a fun and unique way to spend time with friends or family.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to catch some of the biggest fish in North America!

If you want to try something different, this is it!

You can enjoy catching these massive creatures from the comfort of your boat.

You don’t even need any previous fishing experience because we will teach you everything you need to know about sturgeon fishing before setting out on your trip.

We guarantee that once you go out on our boats, there will be no turning back!

Our guides are experienced professionals who love what they do and have many years of experience under their belts.

columbia river
columbia river

They are more than happy to answer all questions and help make sure everyone has a great time. On top of that, we provide all about Sturgeon Fishing, so nothing stops you from having a fantastic day on the water!

10 Reasons to Go Sturgeon Fishing on the Columbia River

  • Catch a true fish of a lifetime – Columbia River sturgeons can weigh between 100 and 350 pounds! You probably won’t ever get the chance to fish for a sturgeon anywhere else.
  • Excellent value – Unlike most fishing trips, you don’t have to spend much money on Columbia River sturgeon fishing.
  • Expert Guides – You can make sure you know everything about Columbia River fishing before setting out on your trip, thanks to our knowledgeable guides.
  • Fun for all ages – Even if you’re an inexperienced fisherman, Sturgeon Fishing is fun and safe for people of all ages.
  • Incredible scenery – You’ll get to go Sturgeon Fishing in some of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world.
  • Great for families – Your kids will love coming for Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing trips with you!
  • Helpful staff – You’ll find helpful staff will help you every step of the way, from booking your trip to getting ready for it.
  • You can fish 24 hours a day – Sturgeon fishing is available all year round, so you can catch and release fishing, no matter what time of the year it is.
  • All levels of experience are welcome – Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or have never gone fishing before, you can join one of our Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing trips.
  • Incredible experiences – When you go sturgeon fishing, the memories will last a lifetime!

What is the sturgeon season on the Columbia River? (Columbia river sturgeon season)

Columbia River sturgeon fishing trips are available year-round, so there’s no bad time to come! The Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing season begins on Apr 1 and ends on Dec 31.

Columbia River sturgeon fishing trips go out 24 hours a day so that you can go at any time. Keep in mind that there are more fish caught during the day than at night.

Columbia River sturgeon fishing regulations

Fishing for sturgeon in the Columbia River is subject to strict regulations by Washington and Oregon. All fishing equipment, including rods, reels, and nets, are inspected by the Washington State Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife before you can go Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing.

The Oregon Marine Board inspects boats.

Before you go sturgeon fishing, we recommend reading up on the latest regulations and restrictions, so you know how to ensure the safety of the fish. This is crucial for conservation purposes and to help ensure that everyone can enjoy sturgeon fishing!

What is the sturgeon limit on the Columbia River?

Columbia River sturgeon fishing trips do not have a limit on the number of sturgeon you can catch, but you must adhere to the general sturgeon limit, which is once per day or three per year, depending on which limit is higher.

Where do you fish for sturgeon in the Columbia River?

The best places to fish for sturgeon are around Portland and Vancouver area on the Willamette River, near Kelley Point Park. Look at about 75 feet deep with a decent current; there, you can find some of these amazing creatures of the sea.

Columbia River sturgeon fishing locations range from Oak Point near Rainier to Goble, with many areas in between, including Vancouver Lake, McNary Dam, Priest Rapids Dam, Hanford Reach, and Rocky Reach.

Most of these sturgeon fishing spots are located near the mouth of the Columbia River, which is where most sturgeon spend their time.

Can you fish for sturgeon year-round?

Fishing for sturgeon is allowed year-round, though certain times of the year are better than others.

Bay waters, in particular, offer a variety and abundance that other bodies may not be matchmaking it one exciting place to fish during any season!

The presence also depends on how salty your local area’s water becomes due to winds from nearby oceans, resulting in increased salinity levels throughout periods such as high tide or low flow conditions.

What is the size limit for sturgeon on the Columbia river?

Legal-size white sturgeon must measure fork length 44 to 50 inches from the tip of their nose, weighing up to 80 pounds.

Catch limits during the season are one per day and two total fish annually, with only single-point barbless hooks allowed if targeting these prized gamefish on your next fishing trip!

Columbia River sturgeon fishing regulations were put in place to ensure the survival of sturgeon and ensure that people can still enjoy catching these amazing creatures.

In addition to this regulation, sturgeon fishing trips must abide by all state permanent rules and regulations, including tagging the fish with an official River Fish Tag before releasing it.

When can you keep sturgeon on the Columbia River?

The annual prohibition of sturgeon angling is from May 1 to Aug 31.

It starts at Bonneville Dam downstream approximately 9 miles, then crosses over on an Oregon-Washington borderline until it reaches Navigation Marker 82 near the Columbia River’s edge with Fir Point as its boundary above.

How do you fish for sturgeon from the bank?

Find a local fishing spot in your area and cast your line.

Toss out heavier lines with heavyweights to make sure your bait gets to the bottom and stays there.

And remember to keep your line tight! Sturgeon like to escape into deep water, so you must be ready at all times. You never know when a mighty Columbia River sturgeon is going to strike!

How do you fish for sturgeon from a boat?

Find a local charter and captain who can take you out to the best spots.

The best gear to use for sturgeon is rods of medium action with a 400-500 size reel, 10+ pound line.

Also, a sturgeon jig is a good option to use.

They can be found at sporting goods shops or big-box discount stores and can be cast or trolled.

For sturgeon jigs, use a small 5/0 – 7/0 hook.

What is the best bait for sturgeon on the Columbia River?

The most important thing to remember when fishing for sturgeon is that fresh bait will make your day.

Fresh crawfish, clams, or salmon eggs are all excellent ways of attracting them! If these items aren’t available in the market, try adding scents like shrimp oil and sardine oil before setting out on an adventure with this elusive fish species.

Lately, I’ve seen more people than ever catching Sturgeons, so keep at it, folks- they’re not too hard once you get used to doing their particular way of attacking hook baits (or any other type).

Where can you bank fish on the Columbia River?

The Columbia River is a great place to fish for sturgeon. You can catch them in Prescott, nearly two hours west of Seattle on the road that leads there, or you could head east towards Chinook Landing and all its scenic views from above-water access points like Social Security Beach (known locally as Kettner Dunes).

There are many other spots around this stretch also worth checking out! The stretch of the Columbia River in Washington State can be broken down into smaller sections starting with the area below Bonneville pool down to Wells Dam.

Commonly Asked Questions about Columbia River white sturgeon Fishing (FAQ)


If you want to go sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River, we have all the information and tips you need. Whether this is your first time or if you’ve been catching them for years, there are a few things that will be helpful before going on your next trip. With our ultimate guide below with the top 10 reasons, it’s worth trying out Columbia River sturgeon fishing; we hope everyone can enjoy these beautiful fish one day soon!

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