How To Stay Warm While Fly Fishing? (Solved & Explained)

how to stay warm while fly fishing

Winter Fly fishing is a great sport, but it can be very uncomfortable when the weather gets cold. So in this guide you’ll learn how to stay warm while fly fishing!

Unfortunately, there are no tricks or shortcuts for staying warm while winter weather fly fishing. You have to layer up and bundle up before you even step outside your door!

Luckily, we’ve got some tips that will help you stay comfortable all day long so that you can enjoy every minute of your outdoor adventure without worrying about how cold it might get.

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Is cold weather good for fishing?

That is the question that many fishermen ask themselves when they are deciding what to wear on their morning fishing expedition.

If the answer is “yes,” then you should be wearing a jacket if it’s chilly outside.

Many fishermen spend time trying to figure out what kind of bait to use, and fail to think about how cold they will get if it’s really cold outside. This is a huge mistake!

In this blog post, we will discuss reasons why cold weather can be great for fishing and generate more fish for your dinner table!

How cold is too cold for fly fishing?

Before heading out into the cold, it’s important to realize that you have to be prepared with warm clothing if the temperature is going to drop below 50 degrees.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Fly Fishing
How Cold Is Too Cold For Fly Fishing

If you are fishing in the winter or going on a vacation where the climate is very different from your home town, check out a climatic map before you leave so.

Why is cold weather good for fishing?

When you go out in colder temperatures, your senses become very sharp and everything seems to slow down a little bit.

You are much more alert because of the cold, which will help you spot fish easier than when it’s warmer outside. 

You will be much more aware of your surroundings, and it will help with the little things like remembering to check your line for nicks or having a dry fly ready to go when you need to strike.

Fly fishing in the winter can also be great because fish become lethargic in colder temperatures. You have less chance of spooking.

How do you keep fly fishing warm in the winter?

The best way to stay warm is to dress in layers. You should wear a base layer, mid layer, and outer layer as your personal insulation system.

You need fabrics that protect from the wind and retain heat without getting weighed down by water. Wool and fleece pants are great options for many of these garments because they provide insulation even when they are wet.

A polyester fleece pants are a great option for base layers because it allows your skin to breathe and wicks moisture away from the body.

What is the best extreme cold weather clothing for fishing?

When the temperature drops below freezing and you are planning on spending a long time outside, it is essential to wear extreme cold weather clothing.

It’s also important that your outer base layer provide windproof protection. This is because if the wind chill factor is high enough, it can cause frostbite of exposed skin in minutes. When temperatures are at or below 0°F, these conditions can occur in windy conditions.

Your outer layer should have water-repellent properties and completely cover your body other than your face, hands and feet. The outer jacket should protect you from wind as well as moisture so that it does not become saturated with perspiration or rain.

What do you wear for cold water fishing?

For water fish in the winter, you should bring a change from your normal fishing clothes.

In very cold weather, wear a wetsuit and keep an extra set of dry coveralls in a waterproof bag at the ready.

You can then strip down to your wetsuit as soon as possible and store your other clothing in the bag.

When it’s ready to go fishing, you can change back into your dry clothes and keep warm by the heat of a campfire.

Here are some more tips for keeping warm while fishing in cold weather:

  1. Wear waders if your trip will last longer than two hours. Waders allow you to stay warmer because they trap a pocket of warm air against your body.
  2. When you are fishing in extremely cold weather, bring along nutrients, especially if you have been out all day and are not eating well. Protein bars or energy balls are good bets because they provide quick energy to your body when it needs it the most.
  3. Wear a hat to keep warm. A lot of heat loss comes from your head, so keeping it covered will make you a whole lot warmer.
  4. Use layers of clothing to trap heat around your body and put on an extra pair of wool socks.
  5. You can also wear light polypropylene liners under your breathable waders if they are not breath

Do you wear socks inside stocking foot waders?

If you are having a good day where you are catching fish, then it’s more than likely that your waders will get wet.

However, if the water is really cold – below 40 degrees – and they have stayed on long enough to soak through, then wet feet can cause hypothermia.

To prevent this from happening, wear wool socks under your waders in cold water.

If the water is really cold, then you will want to wear neoprene booties over your stocking foot waders because they keep your feet warm by providing a barrier between them and the water.

They are also more comfortable than wearing stocking foot wading boots all day long. You should always bring along a pair of wading boots to change into when you have been in the water for long periods.

How do you stay warm at night for fishing?

You should wear quality thermal underwear to keep your body warm at night.

You can also bring along a blanket that will keep you warm, and it’s lighter than a sleeping bag.

Remember to layer your clothing so that you don’t overheat during the day but have enough insulation at night when it’s cold.

Best water temperature for saltwater fishing in cold weather

You should not fish in saltwater when the temperature is below 50 degrees.  If it’s colder than that, then there won’t be any bait in the water, so you will have nothing to catch.

No matter what time of year it is, always bring extra clothing with you when you go fishing, especially if you are going to be fishing in a boat.

The weather can change quickly and you could get into trouble if you don’t have the proper clothing.

If you are going to fish in very cold water, then don’t use your waders for warmth. Use other alternatives like extra layers of clothing or neoprene booties.

What is the best cold weather fishing gear?

It is important to dress for the weather before you go out fishing. You will be more comfortable and less likely to get cold if you wear layers of clothing.

When it’s very cold outside, use a hat or balaclava, chemical hand warmers, waders, gloves and booties with water proof bottoms. Cover your face and hands to protect them from the wind.

If you are in a boat, then you should have breathable waders on as protection against hypothermia, but if it’s really cold outside then use booties over your waders to keep your feet warm.

Are you thinking about trying your luck at ice fishing?

Well, this sport can be a lot of fun if done safely. Here are Top Picks of winter fly fishing gear and Where to Buy Them on

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Is fly fishing hard to learn? (Winter fly fishing guide)

As with any other sport, no one knows for sure because fly fishing is a very personal thing. However, most people who love it will tell you that it’s not difficult to learn.

You will get better at it every time you go out, but don’t be surprised if your first few times out don’t result in any catches.

Well, not much. Although winter fly fishing is harder to learn than other types of fishing, it’s not impossible.

And once you start catching fish with a fly rod and reel, then you’ll never want to go back to bait and tackle again.

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Frequently Asked Questions about winter fishing (FAQ)


In cold weather, winter fly fishing can be a challenge. Fish may not want to bite when it’s too chilly for them and you might find yourself shivering on the banks of an icy river in search of trout that aren’t biting just because they’re looking out for themselves.

There are some tips and tricks though! One trick is tying small rubber bands around your arm-holes so air circulates through your shirt while also keeping heat close to your body core (so don’t forget those gloves!)

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