What is fly fishing vs regular? – FlyFishing Basics Explained

what is fly fishing

Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are now tending towards this fishing technique. Surprisingly, flyfishing has a sharp contrast with traditional or regular angling technique.

Are you interested to learn more about what is fly fishing as well as fishing tips and techniques?

You are at the right place. Because, here we are going to let you learn everything about this popular sport.

Comparison of flying with regular spin fishing can be the best way to understand what fly angling is and why it is becoming more popular.

Everything you need to know about fly fishing:

Know About Fly Fishing
Know About Fly Fishing

Have you recently developed an interest in fly fishing? Or you don’t know anything about this sport before?

Well, whatever the situation is, this article about what is fly fishing and how it is different as compared to regular angling can help you in this regard.

The basic goal of this article is to develop an effective understanding regarding fly rods and how to learn the basics of flying sport in a quick and easy way.

So, just have a look at the information below to get to know everything about flying hoppy in a more effective way.

What is fly fishing?

It is a technique to catch fish with the bait being presented on the top or surface of the water for fish.

The technique has been designed basically to let the fish think as if an invertebrate or bug has landed slightly below the surface of the water.

In simple words, spin fishing with artificial flies is a technique to fool fish into biting with an artificial bait.

This technique is used to present and cast weightless flying which is significantly different from any other angling form.

This can certainly let you understand the high level of fly fishing basics actually. So, this is the right time to dive deep into the actual mechanics of spin fishing methods.

It’s actually an art and this part of Angling makes it a real fun. While, fly angling tips and techniques are normally based on the type of fish you want to catch and the location where you have gone for this activity.

Overall, fly Angling works pretty differently.

  • With fly casting, you will cast an extremely lightweight flying just below the onto the water or even on the top of surface of the water as well in some cases. ‘
  • The fly used to have no weight itself. While the fly presentation on the water surface has to be delicate to prevent scaring the fish.
  • To compensate for the weight lack on the fly, a combination of casting fly line set-up and casting technique is being used.

Fly fisherman usually prefers to use artificial flies that resemble bait fish, aquatic insects, or any other prey source by using natural feathers to replicate a natural fish attention subject.

When was the fishing fly created? – Fly fishing history

Throughout history it seems like mankind has fished to provide food for them and their loved ones. However, this isn’t the only motive.

That’s the reason sport-fishing is also popular almost everywhere in the world.

There are various stories about fly the origins. Therefore, it can be pretty difficult to pinpoint the exact origin from where this hoppy was started.

Here we have some of the most commonly credited origins of flying fishing that you must know:

  • The way of angling kept developing over time. However, the first reference to fishing with flies is from the 13th century and originated in England. The flying was described with feathers that were used to fish grayling and catch trout.
  • Even more, many used to credit the first use of artificial fly to Roman Claudius Aelianus near the second century’s end. Roman Claudius Aelianus described Macedonian fly anglers’ practice on the Astraeus River.
  • Moreover, Egyptian hieroglyphs also documented an ancient fly-fishing form known as Dapping.
  • While the modern-style is known as Tenkara fishing which is also a kind of technique. Tenkara is a Japanese phrase. The meaning of this word is “From Heaven”. It is a continuation of fixed fly line art, where the fly line is attached to the fly rod directly.

From this, you can see that people have been utilizing dry flies to fish for centuries. It’s the oldest technique of angling with a fly rod.

Just like modern advancements in every field, technology influence has had an amazing impact on this sport. The earliest reels of fly were fabricated and designed by watchmakers.

Just after technological advancements, modern plastic-coated lines replaced greatly the fly line during the Second World War.

However, over time, the internet has let people discover more and more via shared experiences and knowledge. Now you can see unbelievable advancements in this world with material development, flying fishing tips and techniques, and fly fishing gear.

Types of fishing with a fly:

Casting with a fly is truly an art. The availability of different types of Fly Rod and Fly Reel has made it easier for people to try out different types of casting techniques. Here we have enlisted some of the most important types of spin fishing with a flying fishing line that you must know:

·       The Overhead cast

In this technique, you will use 90% of the time while enjoying. Surprisingly, this casting type is a base for other casting types.

To practice this, you need complete angling gear with large open spaces such as parking lots. The cast type is further divided into two different parts i.e., the forward cast and the backcast.

The back cast is essential to load the fly rod and reel with energy and then create a forward cast.

·       The roll cast

This is a tried and tested casting type that comes up with the simplest approach. If you find yourself in a deep canopy with no or little casting room, don’t stress.

Because the roll cast is meant to enhance the casting approach in close quarters. Sending your flies in water often is the key security that you can achieve with this casting type.

·       Double Haul Cast

Are you fond of chunky streamers in salt or freshwater? Double haul cast is meant for you. Via other cast types, larger flies can be difficult.

This is where a double haul cast can come into action. it will allow you to create extra tension on the end of the fly line to control and shoot your flies to reach longer.

·       Bow and Arrow Cast

This cast type is to turn impossible into possible. This technique is designed to reach river pieces that you wouldn’t be able to reach with other cast types.

Out of all cast types, this is the most difficult one to master because of the precision and intricacy that it requires.

What kind of fish do you catch when fishing with a fly?

What Kind Of Fish Do You Catch When Fishing
What Kind Of Fish Do You Catch When Fishing

Fly fishing is one of the best-known techniques that is being used for catching grayling, catch trout and salmon more commonly.

However, this one of the most amazing techniques can also be used to catch an amazing array of species such as bass, pike, carp, and panfish.

You can also use this technique to trying to catch other marine species as well including snook, red fish, striped bass, tarpon and bonefish.

How to learn flying fishing?

Are you interested in learning? Well, there are multiple resources that can help you in this regard.

Here we have mentioned the three most effective ways to learn cast flying and how to perform and master this technique that you must know.

So, here we go:

Join a fishing club

There are various clubs available locally that you can join to learn how to fly-fish. These clubs will offer access to incredible angling tips, techniques and partners for a fee that is pretty affordable for everyone.

Tactical Lessons Learned for All fly Angler guide

Contacts and postings are available via various stores. You can ask to be guided for an hour of a day as per your flexibility to learn flying fishing as a new fly fisherman.

Get admission in a local flying fishing school

There is an abundance of knowledge available online for beginners. However, if you want to learn this to an advanced level, then you can consider getting admission in a locally owned fishing school as well to master professional’s techniques.

Go online

This can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to learn flying casting techniques. You can consider seeing videos and other informational guides regarding fly fishing tips and techniques online to learn more about fly fishing with ease.

What is the difference between fly fishing and regular fishing? – Fly Fishing VS Regular Fishing

Regardless of the justifications that are available around, there are people who prefer angling over regular fishing techniques.

However, if you are confused between these two, then you must have a look at quick overview of Fly-Fishing VS Regular Fishing given below:

Fly Fishing

  • Commonly, it’s performed on moving water. However, still, water can also be a reliable source for this to consider.
  • This type is based on flies to mimic certain kinds of food fish usually eat. In this technique, creating your own dry flies is a common practice.
  • Fly rod and reel is normally lightweight and used for casting lines with false casting.

Regular fishing

  • When it comes to regular method deep, then regular techniques are the most commonly used option for that.
  • Regular catching fish techniques are based on heavier lures to mimic fish.
  • Regular angling tool kits including fly rods and reels are normally heavier and are being used to cast monofilament lines using a single cast.

What you need to start fishing with fly?

Are you new to the art of fly fishing? Then it is highly important for you to have a look at the fly fishing gear options listed below. Because all of these are must-have to start your adventures more effectively.

  • Fly rod and reel
  • Wading boots
  • vests
  • Fly lines
  • fly line leader
  • Box
  • Tying kit
  • fly reels
  • artificial bait

These are essentials gear box. However, you can enhance the list as per your needs further.

Fly Fishing Basics: How Does Fly Fishing Work?

Here are the basics that you must know:

Where to fly fish?

Knowing about the location is the most important decision to make in this process. Before packing up and leaving to the locale. It’s important to decide a more effective location first.

Here are the tips to consider in this regard:

  • Know the local fly fish location via online or from a local fly-fishing gear store.
  • Learn about the food fish eat.
  • Get to fly fish in a lifelike and natural way.

When to fly fish?

Fly casting season used to be at its peak from April to October. However, some fly fishermen are ready to brave cold water, which has made it a year-round activity to enjoy. Even more, with abundance of warm water locations, you can enjoy fishing with flies at any time of the year with ease.

How to fly fishing?

Here are some of the most important things to consider:

  • Firstly, learn about the fundamentals to get to know more about this fishing technique.
  • Enlist and buy the most important flying rods and reels to make your experience more enjoyable and secure.
  • Learn and practice making different fly patterns. You can make plenty from just your disposal with ease, once you know how to do it more effectively.
  • Now just like a golf swing, you can make your flying casting better over time. Learn a few casting techniques to get your fly on the surface of water

You can find some great publications in this regard to learn more regarding how to fly-fishing with ease.

What is the point of fly fishing?

The main intention of this method is just to fool a fish via an artificial fly that you have made with different pieces such as hair, feathers, etc. However, most of the fishermen consider fly adventure to challenge them with more challenges.

Expectations for fly angling

Generally, it’s known to be a lifelong learning process. However, the more you are going to practice it, the better you will become in this art. However, don’t forget to line up your expectations with reality when you are going to start.

Commonly Asked Questions about fly fishing (FAQ)


So, that’s all about what is fishing and all of its basics. This can be a rewarding fishing technique if you know how to do it properly. Even more, it can be pretty challenging and rewarding as well, because you can trying to catch a wide array of species.

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