Do Fish Have Brains Think? – The Answer Will Surprise You!

do fish have brains

Do Fish have brains and feelings? Have you ever wondered if Fish have brains? Do they think and feel pain the way that we do? Researchers at Wake Forest University set out to answer these questions, and their findings might surprise you!

In a research published in the journal PLoS One, a team of scientists show that fish use similar neural circuits to process information and conceptual skills as humans do. Fish can experience pain, stress, and anxiety just like we can!

Do Fish Have Brains Think? (Does fish have a brain?)

It’s a frequent question people ask when they first learn about Fish and their anatomy. Do fish have a brain? The answer is people think fish not exactly. Fish brain size has one of the most miniature brains relative to their brain to body weight ratio in any vertebrate.

Fish have a central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and spinal cord, but their brain is substantially different than ours.

For example, the human brain has three distinct regions—the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. The fish brain only has two areas—the forebrain and the hindbrain.

The forebrain is responsible for higher-level functions like thinking, planning, and decision-making. The hindbrain controls more basic functions like breathing and heart rate.

So, how does Fish function if they don’t have an actual brain?

Surprisingly, Fish use similar neural circuits to process information as humans do. Fish can experience pain, stress, and anxiety just like we can!

What Is the IQ of a Fish? Do Fish Have Brains

IQ is not something that could be measured with a ruler. An animal’s intelligence lies somewhere between 30-40, which makes goldfish less intelligent than most other animals on Earth but still smarter than your average potato or banana!

Fish could distinguish different shapes, colors, and patterns in one study. They were also able to remember these differences for up to three months!

Another study found that Fish can solve complex problems, such as how to open the door to get to the food. So, while Fish cannot have the same sign of intelligence as humans, they are still pretty smart!

Do Fish Have Brain Yes or No? (Do Fishes Think?)

Yes, fish possess small brains and are capable of thinking and feeling pain. However, their intelligence is not on the same level as humans.

Fish use similar neural circuits to process information, which means they can experience pain, stress, and anxiety. While Fish might not be able to engage in deep, philosophical conversations, they are capable of complex thought and learning.

What Do Fish Think About All Day?

People commonly ask this question about Fish, but it’s definitely challenging to say. Fish are not capable of introspection, so we can’t know for certain what they are thinking about.

However, Fish are intelligent creatures who can learn from each other, recognize fellow animals they’ve spent time interacting with before, and know their place in social hierarchies. They can remember complex spatial maps of everything around them too!

So, while we can’t know what fish learn or thinking about, we can be pretty sure they are capable of thought and learning.

Do Fish Have Memory? (Fish Brain)

Yes, Fish have memory. Certain Fish can remember context and associations up to 12 days later.

One study showed that goldfish could remember the location of a food reward up to four days later, while another study found that zebrafish could remember the location of a predator for up to 12 days.

Fish has well-developed brain cells called neurons, which allow them to form and store memories. So yes, Fish do have memory, and it’s something that scientists are still learning more about.

What Do Fish Think of Humans?

This is another tricky question to answer, but we can make some educated guesses. Fish are incapable of introspection, so we cannot know what they are thinking about.

However, Fish are intelligent creatures able to learn and recognize other animals. They can also remember complex spatial maps of their environment. So, it’s likely that Fish is aware of humans.

Do Fish Have Brains and Feelings?

Fish are just like us in so many ways. They experience joy, sadness, and fear too! But unlike people with facial expressions to show their emotions in the outside world, Fish cannot do that because they don’t function well enough for it yet.

There’s been some research done about how these creatures feel inside themselves without any external cues, giving clues as to what kind of moods or feelings might be going around within an individual at any given time.

Do Fish Have Feelings?

It was found out through various experiments with different types, African freshwater fish and dwellers including trout then saltwater fishermen polling very closely related fish species alike: That not only does pain register in these animals – but so does fear, anger, and happiness.

Behavioral changes have also been noted when different social interactions occur, such as the addition or subtraction of members from a shoal.

Do Fish Have Feel Pain? Do Fish Have Brains

Yes, Fish do have pain receptors, and they are capable of feeling pain. This was demonstrated in a study where Fish were injected with acetic acid. The Fish displayed signs of pain, such as increased heart rate and avoidance behavior.

The study also found that Fish has a similar nervous system to mammals, which means that fish feel pain the same way we do.

Do Goldfish Have Brains?

Do fishes have brains? Yes, goldfish have brains. They have a very well-developed nervous system that is similar to mammals. This means that goldfish are capable of complex thought and learning.

One study found that goldfish can remember the location of a food reward for up to four days. This shows that goldfish have a good memory and can learn from their experiences.

So, yes, goldfish do have larger brains, and they are capable of thought and learning.

Do Jellyfish Have Brains?

No, jellyfish didn’t have a brain. Jellyfish are simple creatures with an entire nervous system. They cannot think or learn like other creatures with large brains. (largest brain to body size)

However, jellyfish are still fascinating creatures. They have a straightforward body mass structure, body size and can move and hunt for food using only their instincts. Jellyfish are a great example of how animals can be successful without a brain structure.


Do Fish have brains? Yes, they do. And as it turns out, their cognitive abilities are more complex than we thought. Fish may not be able to solve quadratic equations or compose sonnets, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think about things. Scientists are just beginning to research and scratch the surface of what Fish know and how they process information and conceptual skills. What is the IQ of a fish? We don’t know yet, but it’s safe to say that these creatures are far more intelligent than we give them credit. Next time you go fishing (or swimming), take a moment to appreciate the fantastic world of aquatic cognition on display beneath the water’s surface.

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