At What Water Temperature Do Carp Spawn? (Answer Revealed!)

What water temperature do carp spawn

An angler’s success with carp fishing will be determined by their instruments, fishing skills, and understanding of the fish itself. Overall, Carps are extremely prolific breeders. As a result, one of the many questions people ask about these fish is what water temperature carp will spawn?

What water temperature do carp spawn? Carp typically spawn when water temperatures are between 18-24 degrees Celsius. To encourage spawning behavior, water levels should also be at a high as a result of heavy periods of rain. However, note that since the timing of a carp’s spawning will depend entirely on the water temperature, this can happen earlier or later in the year, depending on the climate with which you live. 

Continue reading to learn more about carp spawning season, including what water temperatures carps spawn, as well as how to know if carp are spawning, how many carp eggs will survive the spawning season, and more.

What Are Carp?

Carp are the most common freshwater fish in the world. These large freshwater fish are indigenous to central Asia. They are a common angling fish in Europe and are widely farmed in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

But remember that carp are considered a serious nuisance in North America, Canada, and Australia.

Carp are extremely adaptable and may survive in various environments, even severely damaged places. Carp have expanded over the majority of south-eastern Australia during the past several decades.

At What Water Temperature Do Carp Spawn?

When the water temperature is between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius and water levels have increased after periods of heavy rain, carp like to spawn. However, note that this will vary in certain areas and climates.

The timing of the carp’s spawn depends entirely on the water temperature, which can occur earlier or later in the year, depending on the climate. Once spawning has begun, it is believed that the grass carp will continue to spawn as long as the water temperature remains between these levels.

How to Know If Carp Are Spawning?

The action on the water will be rather dramatic with plenty of splashing, especially in the shallow water; when the water level rises, spawning starts, and the carp releases her eggs.

For example, when the fish are thrashing and splashing frantically, they are trying to disseminate the sticky eggs throughout the aquatic plants until they find a spot to rest and mature.

When Do Carp Spawn?

Carp spawning dates typically range from April to August, depending on the environment. Male and female carp reach sexual maturity in two years and spawn in the spring, mostly in Europe and other temperate locations.

However, if the environment in tropical areas allows it, carp can spawn once per year, although fish may spawn at various times if food is in short supply.

How Many Eggs Will Survive the Carp Spawning Season?

Although carp lay millions of eggs, as you may expect, only a small percentage survive. Water temperatures drop fast as winter weather approaches, and carp spawn.

Millions of eggs are deposited at this time. Unfortunately, a huge number of the fry will perish, leaving only a tiny fraction of the initial millions.

Will Carps Feed When Spawning?

Typically, carp will start acting differently right before they reproduce. For instance, if you consistently fish the same lake, you may notice that bites slow down, and the carp begin to act differently. They could be preparing to spawn, which would explain this.

When they begin to spawn, they will no longer be interested in eating, which causes a total shift in behavior and the beginning of the spawning process.

Can You Catch Carp During The Spawning Season?

During the spawning phase, carp are frequently seen in big shoals in shallow, weedy regions of the lake. While this sight might be alluring to anglers, they should respect nature and let the carp spawn for however long the closed season takes.

Final Thoughts

Carp typically reproduce when water temperatures are maintained between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. Water levels should also be high due to strong rains to enhance spawning behavior. 

Please note, however, that carp spawning depends on water temperature; it can occur both earlier or later in the year, depending on where you reside.

Depending on the habitat, carp spawning dates can also range from April to August. Carp commonly congregate in large shoals in the shallow, weedy areas of the lake during the spawning process. Anglers may find this sight attractive, but they should respect nature and let the carp spawn for as long as it takes.

Overall, the temperature of the water will determine when the carp spawn. It should also be noted that once spawning has begun, carp will continue to reproduce as long as the water temperature stays between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 75.

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