Can you fish for Carp when they are Spawning! (Explained)

Can you fish for carp when they are spawning

Can you fish when Carp are spawning? Catching Carp that are spawning is tough, but it can be done.

As the spawn progresses into June, there are really good opportunities to sight-fish to Carp that are either post-spawn or simply taking a smoke break from all the greedy cyprinid sex.

This is an amazing opportunity for anglers who want to catch big fish on fly rods.

If you’re interested in catching some of these big fish on your fly rod, then check out this blog post with tips and tricks for how to do it!

You won’t regret it! And if you have any queries about where else in the world you might find carp spawning, feel free to reach out by email. We love talking about our favorite sport!

fishing for carp
fishing for carp

What is carp spawning? 

Carp spawning is the process by which female carp sexually mature and release eggs, and male Carp fertilize those eggs with their milt.

Can you fish when Carp are spawning
Can you fish when Carp are spawning

Carps are well adapted to this cycle and spawn at the same time every year. It’s important to note that Grass Carp are iteroparous, meaning they reproduce many times throughout their lives.

Spawning occurs when water temperatures reach approximately 62-64 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 – 17.8 Celsius). The optimal water temperature for spawning carp is 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 – 23.3 Celsius).

As the water warms up, the Carp will start to congregate in large groups at certain spots on the lake. This is known as staging and happens throughout the spring as the water warms.

A good indicator of when spawning will begin is when males start chasing females aggressively. This behavior can occasionally be very delicate.

It is not uncommon for a female carp to be fat with eggs when they are in relatively good condition, but they may still appear to be fat and healthy with what looks like a good layer of body fat.

This is because Carp store their energy as lipids in the form of fatty acids. So, if you see a female that is round and full, she may be post-spawning or simply taking a smoke break.

Can you still catch Carp when spawning?

You can catch Carp when they are spawning. The best spots for catching post-spawn Carp are the outer edges of weed beds, rock piles, and drop-offs.

These places will provide the Carp with a suitable substrate for egg-laying, protection from predators, and access to food. They will also be close to males who want to fertilize their eggs.

Carp don’t feed during the spawn, so you will have to fish very close to the bed. Sight fishing with a fly rod is an extremely effective way to do this!

How long does it take for Carp to spawn? (Carp spawning behavior)

Spawning carp can take anywhere from 4-14 days to complete their spawn. There are no set patterns or schedules for this, so it is important to watch for when they begin laying eggs.

If you miss the first wave of spawning carp, don’t worry! They may return to spawn multiple times throughout the season.

What does carp spawn look like?

Female Carp lay their eggs, called roe, in long strands that can be as big as a coffee table.

Carp often spawn in shallow water, so you may see the Carp laying their eggs below the surface and then covering their roe once they are back in deeper water.

The eggs are round and small, which is what distinguishes them from common carp eggs. Spawning carp are easy to identify even if they are not spawning.

Male Carp fertilize the eggs by shooting their milt out of their backs as the eggs pass by. This process is called sperm casting and can be incredibly interesting.

There are even people who have been able to swim with Carp as they spawn!

How do you tell if Carp are spawning?

Spawning carp will be easy to tell from non-spawners. The fish will have a very dark color, which is especially noticeable on the stomach.

Carp fish will also appear fuller than usual, with their eyes rolled back into their heads. Carps’ jaws may even be upturned, which is a great indicator of spawning.

Spawning carp will also be very aggressive and chase anything that comes near them. It is also not uncommon for fish to dart quickly across the water’s surface when they are spawning.

Spawning carp may even be seen cavorting together, which is a fun opportunity for great photos!

It is important to note that Carp are iteroparous, meaning they reproduce many times during their lives. Spawning is not the same thing as giving birth; although Carp often gives birth simultaneously, they are spawning.

What should you do if you find a carp spawning?

The most amazing thing to do is to keep watching the carp spawn.

There are many videos online of people kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding as they watch carp spawn, but it’s best to be as safe as possible.

If you are fishing, we recommend catching and releasing the fish immediately. This will allow the Carp to spawn and recover as quickly as possible.

Catching them by hand is best, but you can also just cast a fly over them if they are close to shore.

How can I tell if a carp is female?

Female Carp are rounder than male Carp, but the best way to tell is by looking at their pectoral fins.

Female Carp have what are called pelvic rays, which are often long and can be knobbly. They are most visible when the fish is viewed from underneath.

Male Carp do not have pelvic wings, so the Carp is female if you can see them.

Why do some post-spawn carp have orange eggs?

Some female carp will have orange eggs, which is a result of their diet. The roe will turn orange if the Carp has been eating red gill or other omnivorous fish.

As with common Carp, it is interesting to note that if the eggs turn orange, the roe will be more bitter and unpalatable to most predators.

How long after spawning do Carp feed?

After spawning, Carp will immediately become aggressive. This is because, for the first time since they spawned, they are hungry!

It’s best to catch and release spawning carp as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will become incredibly strong (and often very fast) during their spawn.

They will also need your help to recover quickly and prepare themselves for the next spawn!

When do Carp spawn in the UK?

The carp season in the UK closed season is between May and June when water temperatures are 18 to 24 degrees Celsius. , spawning may happen at any time of the year though most activity occurs during the summer months between July and October.

Spawning carp can be found in any accessible body of water where vegetation may provide the eggs with some cover.

Carp are not the only fish to be found spawning in British waters at this time of year. Tench and Roach also spawn at this time, making for some interesting fly fishing, especially if they are holding in the same place as a spawning pair of Carp.

When do Carp spawn in Ontario?

Carp spawning in Ontario happens when water temperatures reach 17 ºC (62 ºF), typically corresponding with late spring and early weeks of summer.

Spawning has been recorded as occurring at any time from March to September. Still, this fish prefers a warm-water environment like those found on lakes or rivers.

They will begin their life cycle by releasing sperm into the water column, which is then fertilized through external male contact; typically, one female Carp can attract between 3 – 15 males!

Spawning times vary depending on where you fish and what Carp is found in the target body of water. While we recommend catching and releasing all spawning carp once again, it can also be worth keeping the largest female Carp to spread your risk.

Carp spawning season Wisconsin: when do Carp spawn in Wisconsin?

The peak season for female Carp to spawn is between May and June, with an average of 660,000-872 thousand eggs carried by older females.

The number increases each time for carp lay their fertile egg bundle because as the fish get older, their fertility also decreases, which leads them not to be able to produce more young ones but rather fill up on past lives before slowing down again due to too old age or other factors like a disease.

The big head Carp had always fascinated me ever since I can remember when my grandparents used to bring one home every summer soaked in brine that would turn red than golden brown over time while sitting out front waiting patiently until it was finally dinnertime.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carp population and Carp spawning behavior (FAQ)

Will Carp feed when spawning?

Spawning carp will not feed, but they can be caught if you fish (and keep) them before and after the spawning.

What factors affect carp spawning?

Spawning activity is triggered by the rising water temperatures of spring and winter. It takes place when the water temperature is between 16 and 28 degrees Celsius. Carp spawn in shallow water, where vegetation provides shelter for their eggs.

Are Carp hungry after spawning?

When the weather cools down, and fishes start spawning, they become very hungry. Big beds of particles will do wonders to keep them satisfied for a while!

Do Carp die after spawning?

You may have heard that Carp die after spawning, but this is more related to environmental factors like changes in water temperature or high oxygen levels. Spawning does not kill them!

Do fish bite when they are spawning?

Spawn should be released as soon as possible or kept for a few hours until they recover. Fish are less likely to bite during this time because they are preoccupied with spawning.

How do you get spawning fish?

Spawning fish are not aggressive, so you will have to use a bit of patience and wait for them to swim into your fly. Keep a close eye on the water and cast to the right spots.

How to fish at spawning time?

It is an excellent idea to keep a few flies on-hand that mimic different stages of the life cycle of your local insects. You can also try start feeding them with bread or corn if you cannot catch them on flies.


Carp are known for their aggressive behavior when they spawn. This is the time of year you will see them jumping out of the water, flipping themselves high into the air, and thrashing wildly on shorelines in an attempt to spread their eggs as far away from other carp nests as possible. If you want to fish for Carp this good time of year, be sure your gear is up to snuff, or you may end up with nothing but a big pile of broken rods! It takes about six weeks after mating before spawning occurs, so anglers need patience if they hope to catch any during the spawning season.

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