Do Fish Have Good Memory! Common Fishing (Myths & Facts)

do fish have good memory

Do you think fish have a good memory? Most people will say no, but research has shown that some fish can remember things for up to two months! This guide will explore the myths and facts about fish memory span. So, do fish have good memory? Stay tuned to find out!

Does a Fish Have a Memory?

Some fish have a perfect memory. Research has shown that some fish can remember things for up to two weeks! Fish can remember where they were fed Nineteen days later!

This is a piece of pretty news for people who love fishing or take their pets on vacation.

It’s not just about the memory span of 30 seconds – it’s more complicated than that, with some fish being able to retain information up until two weeks old (and others only remembering associations).

How Long Is a Fishes Memory? 

According to Canadian scientists who studied them, the common belief that fish have a memory span of only 30 seconds is false. They can remember context and associations up until 14 days later!

So, do fish have good memory? It seems that fish can remember things for up to two weeks. This is pretty impressive! What fish is the best at remembering things?

What Fish Has the Longest Memory? (Memory of a Fish)

The fish with the most extended memory is probably the Dolphin.

Scientists have found that Dolphin memories can last for years, as each Dolphin has its own unique whistle that functions as a name and allows them to keep close social bonds.

This means they probably remember each other for a very long time.

How Fish Memory Works?

The fish memory works in the same way as humans. Fish remember things by association. This means that when they are doing something, they also remember other relevant information simultaneously.

Fish also have a good memory for spatial information, so they can remember where the best food is or where to avoid predators. They can even remember the best escape routes and where they came from.

How Do We Know Fish Have Short Memories?

A 15-year old schoolboy demonstrates that Goldfish can quickly learn to associate specific colors with food and swim towards them without hesitation.

The experiment by 15-year-old Max Khitrovy proved otherwise according to the theory, which states, “goldfishes don’t remember longer than few seconds.”

After just two weeks in their new surroundings, the small fish had learned how this block meant goodies were coming soon so they wouldn’t be scared anymore when it turned red!

Can Fish Remember Their Owners?

Since fish can recognize their owner’s face, it is not surprising that they form relationships with people. A study found out that when researchers put Goldfish in tanks where other owners were present and gave them food reward every day after just one week, the animals became very attached to those who fed them!

Do Goldfish Have a 3 Second Memory?

Goldfish, it turns out, are not so forgetful after all! In fact, they have much longer memories than previously thought – spanning weeks to years, with one common saying claiming that these creatures can only retain three seconds’ worth of information.

But research done by Dr. Brown has shown them having up to six-month-long reminiscences capabilities thanks in part because their brain cells remember what you taught the fish beforehand rather than simply repeating things verbatim as humans do

5 Common Fish Myths and Facts You Need to Know

While some fishing legends are exaggerations, there’s a lot of truth in many of them. Here are the most common fishing myths, debunked for your convenience!


The truth is that the ‘big bait’ trick is pretty useless. The best way to attract fish is to present them with something they recognize, using their favorite foods or lures. The best bait for any location will vary depending on the prevalence in the local area.


Another fishing myth is the belief that rain will stop fish biting. Again this isn’t true – in fact, it can have the opposite effect because fish are susceptible to movements in the water as currents carry it. Disturbing this can cause them to panic and go into feeding mode.


Those who catch-and-release believe that there’s more chance of them coming back and biting again because they let the fish go. This is not true, and there’s no scientific evidence to support it. Of course, if you’re looking for a longer fishing session, the fish may come back on another day, but this isn’t any different from what would happen if you’d caught and kept.


This common fishing myth suggests fish will bite better when the wind is from the east. In fact, this is true for just one reason – the water is moving towards shore, bringing with it food that fish can smell.


The truth is that fish have excellent memories and can remember things for a long time. Goldfish are very intelligent compared to other animals. Scientists have found that they can recognize their owners and even signal when they want food by performing tricks.

What Fish Has the Worst Memory?

There isn’t a single fish that has a bad memory. Some fish have a slightly shorter memory than others, but all fish have good memories.

Goldfish are one of the top members on the list. They can remember up to six months compared to other fish who only remember two weeks.

Do Fish Recognize They Are in a Tank?

Giant fish like sailfish and marlin often swim through an aquarium without realizing they’re in a tank.

Small herbivorous or omnivorous species hardly notice their surroundings.

Still, predatory ones such as bettas and gouramis will show signs of awareness, for example, by swimming back onto the opposite side of its territory from where it came if food has been thrown into this area during feeding time.

Commonly Asked Questions about Fish Memory Span & Goldfish Memory (FAQ)


Memory is an essential function in all animals, and fish are no exception. While we still have much to learn about the memory capabilities of fish, there are some queries about “do fish have good memory.”

What we do know suggests that they can form memories for events and locations and remember specific individuals. Goldfish may not remember everything they encounter, but their memory is undoubtedly better than people give them credit for! If you want your pet fish to recognize you and be more responsive than it has been lately, try feeding them little treats every day, so they associate you with good feelings!

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