When Does Bluegill Spawn and How to Tell? (Explained)

when does bluegill spawn

Do you enjoy spending a lazy day fishing on the lake for bluegill? If so, you’ll be interested in knowing when these little fish are most likely to be biting. Read on to learn more about when does bluegill spawn.

You may be able to put that extra bit of finesse into your techniques and snag a few more of these feisty fighters!

Anglers always look for the best times to fish for bluegill, but the answer isn’t always easy to find.

Bluegill can be fished year-round, but some times of year are more productive than others.

when do bluegill spawn

This guide will help you identify when the pre-spawn is happening in your area so you can get out there and catch big bluegill! Keep reading to learn more.

What Temp Do Bluegills Spawn?

Like most other fish, bluegills spawn when the water temperature reaches 68-75 degrees. Spawning usually happens in the early morning when the water is still fantastic.

The male bluegills build a vegetation nest near the pond or lake edge. He then patrols the territory around his nest, attacking other males that come too close.

The female bluegill approaches the nest, and one of the males turns into a female and fertilizes her eggs. The female fish then lays her eggs in the nest and quickly swims away.

Do Bluegills Spawn Every Full Moon?

Yes, bluegill spawns around the full moon each month from early spring through early fall.

They do this to take advantage of the higher water levels and more favorable currents around the full moon. Spawning generally lasts for just a few hours, after which the fish return to deeper water.

During the spawn, the Lepomis macrochirus bluegills are very aggressive and bite at just about anything near their nest. This makes them easy to catch for anglers that know what they’re doing.

When Does Bluegill Spawn and How to Tell? (Bluegill Spawn Season)

When do bluegill spawn? Bluegill Spawning Season is from early spring through early fall. The best time to fish for bluegill is around the full moon each month. Spawning usually lasts only a few hours, so you’ll need to be on the water early to catch them.

How to Tell When Does Bluegill Spawn?

To identify when the spawn is happening in your area, look for the following signs:

  • The best way to determine when bluegill spawn is to look for the presence of adult fish in the nesting site.
  • Spawning usually happens in late spring or early summer when water temperatures reach 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bluegills typically build nests in shallow water near vegetation or other structures.
  • The male fish will defend the nest from predators and other fish while the female lays her eggs.
  • After the eggs are placed, the Male fertilizes them, and both parents leave the nest area.

When Does Bluegill Spawn near Los Angeles, Ca?

Bluegills typically spawn near Los Angeles, Ca. in April and continue through August.

The Male builds a nest of vegetation in shallow water, and the female lays her eggs in the nest; after spawning is complete, the male and female guard the nest until the eggs hatch.

When Do Bluegill Spawn in Tennessee?

Bluegill typically spawns in the mid-May timeframe in Tennessee. The males will build nests, or beds, in shallow water areas and then attract mates to the nests.

The female bluegills will deposit their eggs in the nests, and then the males will fertilize them. After spawning is complete, the adults typically move on and abandon the nests.

The newly hatched fish will stay near the nest until they are large enough to fend for themselves.

When Do Bluegills Spawn in Minnesota?

Bluegills and other sunfish typically spawn in late May or much of the summer, depending on the water temperature.

Spawning usually happens near shore in shallow water, where the males build nests by fanning sand with their tails.

After spawning, the females typically leave the nest, and the males stay to guard the eggs until they hatch.

When Does Bluegill Spawn near Kansas?

Bluegills typically spawn near Kansas from May to August. During this period, the males will build nests in shallow water areas and then attract females to them.

The eggs will then be fertilized, and the parents will quickly leave the nest to avoid being eaten by predators.

After a few days, the bluegill eggs will hatch, and the newly-hatched fish will stay near the nest until they can swim on their own.

This process usually takes around ten days. Lepomis macrochirus Bluegills are popular sportfish because they are relatively easy to catch and can grow quite large – some reaching over 12 inches in length.

When Do Bluegill Spawn in Indiana?

Bluegills typically spawn in Indiana from mid-April through late May. Spawning generally occurs in the early morning when water temperatures are in the mid-60s Fahrenheit.

The male bluegill moves into an open water area and fans his tail to create a spawning nest (also called a “mating bed”). The female bluegill then deposits her eggs in the nest, and the Male fertilizes them. After spawning, the adults usually leave the area.

How Often Do Bluegill Spawn?

Bluegills could spawn up to five times a year in Southern states, but they usually spawn once or twice a year in Northern states.

The primary spawning season is generally from late April to early July, but secondary spawning periods may occur later in the summer.

What Time of Day Do Bluegill Spawn? Bluegills typically spawn in the early morning hours, just before sunrise. The water temperature needs to be in the mid-60s degrees Fahrenheit for spawning to occur.

What Time of Year Does Bluegill Start Biting?

Bluegills typically start biting in the springtime when the water temperatures start to warm up. They will continue to bite throughout the summer and fall as long as the water temperatures remain warm.

How Old Do Bluegill Have to Be to Spawn?

Bluegill does not reach reproductive maturity until they are about two years old. Spawning typically occurs in the spring, when water temperatures reach about 60 °F (16 °C).

Bluegills typically have to be at least one year old to spawn. In some cases, young bluegills just a few months old may be able to spawn, but this is relatively rare.

How Long Does It Take for Bluegill to Spawn?

The entire process of spawning usually takes around ten days. From when the Male starts building the nest to when the eggs hatch – 

Bluegill typically spawns every 20 to 30 days; depending on the water temperature, the male bluegill builds a nest of bubbles and debris in shallow water.

Once the female bluegill enters the nest, the Male fertilizes her eggs. The female then lays eggs in the nest and covers them with bubbles and debris. After spawning, both parents typically leave the area.

What Is the Best Time for Catching Bluegill?

The best time to catch bluegill is generally in the spring and summer when the fish are actively feeding. However, bluegills can be caught throughout the year if the water temperatures are not too cold.

Some standard bait options for bluegill include worms, minnows, crickets, and small pieces of bread or other marines.

How Do Bluegills Make Spawning Beds?

Male bluegills will often make spawning beds in areas with plenty of vegetation. This helps to provide cover for the eggs and fry (baby fish) from predators.

The male bluegill will fan his tail to create a slight depression in the sand or gravel. He will then deposit his eggs in the nest and cover them with more sand or gravel.


As you see, a lot goes into bluegill spawning. But don’t let that intimidate you—the process is quite simple once you get the hang of it. With some patience, you’ll be able to tell when does bluegill spawn. So go out there and try it; you might just be surprised at what you find!

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