What are the Best ice fishing lures for crappie (Crappie ice fishing jigs & techniques)

best ice fishing lures for crappie

Crappie fishing is one of the most popular fishing sports in America. If you’re searching for a great bait to catch crappies, then this article will help you find the best ice fishing lures for crappie fish!

There are many different types of lures that work well when it comes to catching crappies. 

However, some specific ones tend to be more effective than others.

These include jigs and minnows, which can both be used with or without bobbers depending on your preference. 

The main point is finding out what works best for you and sticking with it!

We all know how frustrating it can be when we go ice fishing but don’t catch anything at all. 

This guide will teach what you need to know about using these two types of lures so that next time you go out, they won’t let you down! You might even get lucky enough to catch a few fish, too. Who knows? It could happen!

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Top 5 best crappie fishing lures and jigs in 2021:

Where are crappies in ice fishing?

Crappies are small fish that can be found in various bodies of water such as rivers and ponds. Depending on where you are living, you may have to travel a few miles from your house, but they should be somewhere close.

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Crappie ice fishing

Crappies are well known for being difficult to catch, so it may take you a few trips out before seeing any results.

If your last trip was unsuccessful, don’t give up just yet!

Wait a little longer and try going out again. The fish may have been there all along, but you weren’t in the right place at the right time.

However, don’t take too long to decide. If you want to catch these fish, it is essential to be out there as much as possible. 

The bad weather may make you feel like staying at home and avoiding the ice, but sometimes these fish like to take advantage of the nice weather.

Even if it’s a bit cold for them, they may still come out of the weeds to get some food.

Remember, crappies like to stay in water that is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They range in color anywhere from light brown to silvery gray and can grow up to 12 inches in size.

Their mouths are tiny, especially when compared to other species like bass, which means they eat very little prey.

Some of their preferred foods include small shrimp, insects, crayfish, and smaller fish!

What lures to use for catching crappie?

When trying to catch these fish, many different fishing lures can be used.

However, if you want to increase your odds of catching the fish, the best thing to do is to use a lure that closely resembles their natural food sources.

This makes your chances to attract fish better because they are more likely to recognize it as something safe to eat.

The lure below is an excellent example of how an artificial bait resembles the natural food crappies like to eat.

The best crappie lures and ice fishing baits are all here

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Toledo Goldfish Black Fathead Minnows, Tuffies, or Crappie Minnows -...
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Fathead Minnows (Small, 2 POUNDS)
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Bobby Garland Crappie Baits BS369-18 Baby Shad 2"
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Bobby Garland Crappie Baits Garland Slab Huntr Live Minnow 2 1/4"
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Golden Shiner Minnows (4 INCH, 5 POUNDS)
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Syosisny 50 PCS Plastic Soft Fishing Lure, Lifelike Forked Tail...
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Berkley’s Nibbles, Johnson Beetle Mini Spinner Bait PowerBait Power Minnow Emerald Shiner Gulp Alive Minnow Mepps Spin Bobby Garland Baby Shad Smelt’ gulp a live bait’ minnows Trout Magnet Crappies Jigs

It is important to remember that you need to be prepared for not catching anything when going out on this type of trip.

What is the best crappie ice fishing bait? (Best crappie ice fishing lures)

When you’re looking to catch some crappie, use the right bait, and it’s as simple as that.

Minnows work best near shallow water where they can find food quickly, while deeper waters call out wax worms or mealworms instead of those pesky minnow brethren!

Also minnows produce better when fishing with jig heads, but both types have been known to be successful on fly lines, too – it just depends on what type suits your style best at any given time.

ice fishing jigs soft plastics types: (minnow lures for crappie)

Crappies are one of the most underrated fish in freshwater fishing. They’re not big, but they fight like crazy and can be caught on just about anything that moves.

The best bait to catch them is with minnow fishing lures! These small soft plastics baits come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, making it easy to find one that matches your environment. 

Plus, soft baits have bright colors that make them easy to see when you cast out into the water or retrieve back towards you.

We’ve done it for you by compiling this list of our favorite minnow lures for crappie, so pick your favorite color!

QualyQualy Fishing Soft Lures Artificial Bait Luminous Glow Shrimp...
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Bobby Garland Stroll'R Soft Plastic Crappie Fishing Lure, 2.5 Inches,...
  • You can strol it
  • You can troll it
  • You can jig it
  • Produces action from head to tail to entice
Berkley PowerBait Power Minnow Fishing Bait, Black Shad, 2in | 5cm,...
  • ENTICING SCENT AND ACTION: With a split tail design that mimics...
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What type of soft plastics crappie lures to use?

When it comes to searching for the best soft plastic jigs, you should choose one that’s best for the water depth you’re fishing in.

For instance, if you want to fish in 3 feet or less of water, then you’ll want to use a jig that’s 1/8 oz. If you’re fishing in 3 to 7 feet of water, then go with a jig that’s 3/16 oz. Anything deeper than 7 feet should use a 1/4 oz. Jig of a medium shaded color such as white, brown, or black.

Crappie ice fishing jigs colors

When in doubt, white is always a good choice when it comes to crappie jigs. This is because their natural food sources are typically white. This can include things like baitfish, leeches, squid, and shrimp.

The best thing about using a white jig is that the crappies can see it against the white snow better than any other color.

However, it would help if you also tried using jigs that have other colors on them too. This will give you an advantage if the crappies feed near other fish species using colored jigs.

white and chartreuse crappie jig

SaleBestseller No. 1
Strike King MRCJH25PK116-1 Mr. Fishing Jig, Chartreuse
  • #2 black nickel Eagle Claw
  • 45 degree bend
  • Bright eye
  • Pack of 25
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50 PCs Jigheads for Fishing 1/32 1/16 1/8 oz Fishing Hooks Crappie...
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  • Double Eyes Painted with clear eyelets
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50 Crappie JIG Tubes Black/Chart. Glitter/Chartreuse
  • 1.5"
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Crappie Magnet 50-Pack Split-Tail Grub Body Pack, One of The Top...
  • UNIQUE SPLIT TAIL STAYS OPEN: Body has very little action but...
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  • VERTICAL JIG: Fish this Lure vertically or under a float for best...
  • DURABLE: This Lure simply catches crappie and is more durable...
Bestseller No. 5
Strike King Lures Mr. Crappie Jig Head with Lazer Sharp Eagle Claw...
  • 2 no. black nickel Eagle Claw
  • 45 degree bend
  • Bright eye
  • Pack of 8

Tungsten jig heads crappie jigs.

When searching for the best tungsten ice fishing jig heads, make sure to choose one that’s 1/32 oz.

They are typically the best tungsten jig for crappie under 18 inches, the preferred range for most ice fishing enthusiasts.

You’ll want to make sure that the jig heads are designed for crappie fishing.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s mix and matches what you’re using.

You never know how the fish are going to respond since they can be unpredictable at times!

Crappie ice fishing jigs & techniques

Below we’ve listed some of the different techniques you’ll want to use when it comes to crappie jigs and ice fishing.

While many techniques work well with crappie jigs, the following are what we feel to be the best:

  • Trolling: You can troll for crappies by casting your jigs out and then reeling them back in at a slow rate. This works well when there’s current but can also be successful when there’s not.
  • Ice jigging: This is the most popular technique that uses a line and a rod. It’s also the most fun since you get to jig your way through crappie country!
  • Float fishing: Float fishing for crappies is another fun way to catch them. You can use it even if the ice has been removed or melted.
  • Hand lining: When it comes to handlining, you’re able to use this technique year-round. This makes it the most adaptable of all the vertical jigging techniques.
  • Shallow water technique: Crappies love to stay near the top of the water when it’s cold, so this is where you need to fish. The best approach for catching them with a jig would be by using a slow, steady retrieve.
  • ice fishing jigging techniques : When you’re jigging for crappie under the ice, you will want to be sure that you’re not moving too fast. Try jigging up and down in 3-foot intervals. Duluth fishing report

When you’re in Duluth, Minnesota, use the jigging technique in 30-foot intervals. The water depth is about 20 feet, which means that you would jig in 10-foot intervals.

Since both of these techniques are done while fishing under the ice, it’s important to stay quiet so that you can hear any crappies hitting your line. This is one of the best ways to know that they’re biting!

When you are fishing with a jig, you should be sure that the hook is facing downwards. It’s one of the key points to ice crappie.

The cause for this is, they typically bite by sucking the jig into their mouths, which is why the hook must be facing down.

When you’re ice fishing for crappie, don’t make the same mistake many other ice anglers make by using too light of a line. 

Crappies can be very strong, and you could lose your jig if it’s not strong enough. Use a line of at least a 15-pound test on your crappie jigs so that you have a better chance of catching fish.

Crappie jigs vs. minnows for ice fishing

When you’re ice fishing, there are many different things that you can use to catch crappies. One of the common ways is using live minnows, but crappie jigs heads quickly become another great choice.

The main advantage of using a crappie jig is that they’re reusable, which can save you a lot of money over time.

On the other hand, minnows can be more effective when it comes to catching crappies.

This is true if you’re fishing in a lake that has low levels of oxygen.

This can be common when it comes to winter crappie fishing, which is one of the reasons why crappie jigs are usually the go-to crappie ice fishing lures.

On the other hand, minnows can be more effective when it comes to catching crappies. This is true if you’re fishing in a lake that has low levels of oxygen.

This can be common when it comes to winter crappie fishing, which is one of the reasons why crappie jigs are usually the go-to crappie ice fishing lures.

Fishing with a crappie jig also means that you can keep track of where you caught your fish. This can be done by using a small piece of string or wire to attach one end to your jig and the other to your line.

This way, you’ll know where you initially set the hook while ice fishing for crappies. If you ever need to release them, this will help the fish return unharmed into the water.

We hope that these tips on how to use a jig for crappie ice fishing were helpful! 

What month is the best time to catch crappie?

Every spring, crappies seek out warmer water to spawn.

They do this by assembling and releasing their eggs into the surrounding environment after being fertilized by male sperm cells from other males who were waiting nearby or even inside you! 

The Crappie Spawn happens when these fish are ready for spawning as a sign that its time has come around again (most typically once per year). 

It can take place at any time between early March – mid-May depending on where along with the vast country we live.

However, most populations have been reported hatching near 1-6 feet deeps, with some exceptions made due as if there was not enough food available.

What is the best time of day to catch crappie?

Many people enjoy catching crappie, but it is important to know the best time of day for them.

The most frequent feeding hours among these fish can be found between midnight and 2 am, with an additional good choice in dawn or dusk when they also use crappie feed during those times!

If you do not like to fish in the dark, then it is recommended that you go after these fish around midday when they are known for sinking to the bottom of the water column (up to 10 ft. deep) and resting up for periods measuring about 16 hours!

How deep do you fish for crappie?

I’ve found that the best depth can change quickly. From 4 feet to 6 or 8 feet, depending on what my feeding fish want me to do that day! 

Trolling with the wind will get you more hooks in than heading into it—and these days, most people don’t like fighting their tackle box as well either, so they wait for a bite and let nature take over from there.

What is the best color jig for crappie?

When it comes to fishing for crappie, jig heads can make a big difference. What color should you use?

Try bright colors like chartreuse or pink in stained water and natural hues such as brown with clearwater methods.

If that doesn’t work well enough, then try one of these other suggestions: green when fishing on an open body of water without much vegetation near the shoreline

(that would mean bass fishing!), blue beneath bridges where there are lots going on underwater!

Do you use a bobber for crappie?

A bobber (or float) is a device for marking the depth of a fish and helping ice anglers to raise or lower their fishing lines without having to re-tie the line every time.

The bobber consists of a bead, hollow soft plastic ball, or buoyant cork attached to the fishing line so that it is neutrally buoyant.

Fishing with a bobber can be fun and straightforward, and using crappie jigs can lead to some good catches for new ice fishing anglers!

Fishing for crappies is not always easy. You have to watch out and be ready when they come up in a hurry, or else you might end up with more than your share of spooks!

But that’s where bobber jigging comes into play – it gives ice angler time by staying back far so as not to get tangled up near those pesky little guys on their turf underwater.

For more tips on how, where, and when you can find crappie, stay tuned to this blog and become an expert fisherman before you know it!

What size crappie jig should I use?

The size of the jig you use depends on the depth of your fishing spot. If you’re fishing in less than 8 feet, use a 1/24 ounce jig.

If you’re fishing in depths of 8 to 10 feet, use a 3/32 or 1/20 ounce jig. If you’re fishing in water more than 10 feet deep, use a 5/32 or 3/16 ounce jig.

What is the best way to catch crappie?

Finding crappies can be tricky. You have to find prime fishing spots to find crappies. It’s not as simple as just casting your line and waiting for a bite – you have to work for it!

Here are some simple tips for catching crappies:

  • Cast out your line and place the bobber next to the edge of a weed bed or near a drop-off into deep water.
  • Wait for the float to go under the water surface. When it does, lift the rod tip and reel in the line quickly. Be aware not to pull too hard, or you might lose your bait!
  • If you don’t feel a tug or see the bobber move, your line might be hung. Be calm and wait for the fish to take the bait, which might happen a few hours later.
  • If you feel a jerk on your line and see the bobber move, you’ve got a bite! Lift the rod tip quickly and set the hook by pulling back. Don’t wait for it to come towards you – be quick and firm with your treble hook set!
  • When crappie is hooked, fight it as if you were in bass fishing!
  • Reel it in (crappies are very strong) and bring it to you.

What size hook is best for crappie?

What hooks to use for crappie? There are many hook sizes available, but the best ones that will catch fish and not break off in their mouth are size 2s or 4s.

You can also try out Gamakatsu circles with an eyelet bend at one end if you want more action on your cast!

SaleBestseller No. 1
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At what temperature do crappies stop biting?

When water temperatures reach between 50 and 56 degrees, crappies move shallower.

The stage on flats that are 6 to 15 feet deep at this time–it’s often best to abandon live bait for small inline spinnerbaits like those with safety pins to cover as much ground while trying not to waste your entire day fighting fish!

What to use for crappie ice fishing?

Crappies are great fish to catch in the wintertime, especially through the ice! You can use jigs or minnows when crappies are in the shallow water and use larger minnows and live bait when they’re in deeper waters.

What time of day do crappies bite best?

Crappies can be caught early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is not as bright on the water. However, they can be caught at any time of day!

Frequently Asked Questions about ice fishing crappie (FAQ)

What type of lures do you use for ice fishing?

Crappies will eat anything, so the best thing to use is a silver jig with perhaps hair or maribou on it. But don’t use that only – there are many of the best ice fishing lures that crappies can be caught with.

How deep does crappie go in the winter?

When the water temperature is around 40 to 45 degrees, crappies go down to 20 feet. However, when the water temperatures reach between 50 and 56 degrees, crappies will move shallow again.

What are the best lures for ice fishing?

The best ice fishing lures for crappie are ones that will imitate a minnow. So, jerk baits and spinnerbaits should be used. But you can’t forget about the jigs – those will be a great choice as well as one of the best ice fishing baits!

What is the best water temp to catch crappie?

The best water temperature for ice fishing crappie is between 68 °F and 72° when the fish are spawning, post-spawning feed. This means that Northern regions see their highest peak around early June, while Southern areas can expect this in March or April!

What is considered good size crappie?

The best crappies are usually found between 10 and 12 inches. Fish that size make better fillets, but they’re much harder to replace when you have an unfortunate catch-and I do mean “unfortunate.” A typical 8-year-old fish would never know how it feels not to be around for another decade or more fish.

Where are crappies in mid-winter?

Though crappies can be found throughout the year, they tend to hover around deep basins in search of food during this time of year. Lakes with 18-25 foot depths often hold these fish that are searching out anything from baitfish eggs and crayfish larvae all way down their favorite foods: minnows or crustaceans! 

Other lakes have deeper water where their prey holds no interest; so those types will stay close by near structures like wreck walls 

where there may not yet be any aquatic life present, but it’s likely just waiting on some tender loving care before taking off again once it’s ready–as if humans had something special planned out, especially just.

Do crappie bite more at night?

Well, it’s hard to say if they are more likely to be biting in the dark or not, but I think it’s safe to say they are not more likely to bite for sure! 

I would suggest getting out there at different times of day and figuring out if that’s a pattern you can see. 

What is the best rod for crappie?

You can use a typical rod and reel with an 8 lb line, but many ice fishermen shouldn’t use anything heavier than 10 pounds. When most people go crappie fishing, they are likely using a simple crappie rod with a spinning reel to secure the line tightly.

Final thoughts:

Crappies are some of the most sought-after fish in ice fishing. They can be found on or near the bottom of lakes and rivers, so it’s essential to use the best ice fishing lures that will make contact with this depth when you’re casting out.

One lure that is perfect for crappie is a small jigging spoon like the Raja Jiggy Spoon, which has a highly reflective finish making it easy for them to spot your bait underwater.

The best way to catch these tasty big fish is by using plastic-gator jigging spoons like Berkley Gulp! Crawler Crankbaits have a natural look and feel while still durable enough to survive prolonged periods underwater without breaking down.

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