Is Turkey Hunting Hard: 5 Hunting Spring Turkey Proven Tips

Is Turkey Hunting Hard

Is turkey hunting hard? Turkey hunting can be a challenging but rewarding experience. To be successful, you need to know the habits of these birds and understand the best strategies for taking them down. 

Are you thinking of trying your hand at turkey hunting? If so, you’re in for a challenging but rewarding experience!

In this blog post, we’ll go over some beginner mistakes to avoid while turkey hunting. 

With the correct information, however, you can make your next turkey hunt a success.

This how to turkey hunt for beginners guide will give you everything you need to know about hunting wild turkeys. Happy big game hunt!

Are Turkeys Hard to Hunt

Is Turkey Hunting Hard?

Are Turkeys Hard to Hunt? Many people believe that hunting wild turkeys is challenging. There are many factors to consider when hunting turkeys, including the weather, the terrain, and the behavior of the birds.

Wild turkey hunting can be a lot of fun but also challenging. You need to be able to adapt to changing conditions and make quick decisions to be successful. 

The better you know your quarry, the easier it will be to hunt them. So do your research before hitting the field, and you’ll be on your way to bagging your next turkey!

How Hard Is Turkey Hunting?

Turkeys hunting can be one of the most rewarding and challenging types. It requires enormous skill, knowledge, and patience to bring home a successful harvest consistently.

Turkey hunting is often considered one of the most challenging hunts due to the intelligent nature of turkeys and their ability to detect predators. Hunters must also consider the environment, terrain, and weather conditions when planning their hunt.

To be successful in turkey hunting, hunters must have extensive knowledge of the birds’ behavior and habits. They need to know when turkeys are most active during the day, where they roost at night, and what food sources they prefer.

Why Is Turkey Hunting So Hard?

The difficulty of turkey hunting is twofold. First, turkeys are intelligent creatures with keen smell sense and hearing that can detect predators from quite a distance.

This means that hunters must stay well hidden if they want to be successful. Hunters also need to know how to call wild turkeys effectively to attract them into range.

Second, turkey hunting can be quite physically demanding. Hunters must often cover vast distances on foot to locate flocks of turkeys and set up ambush points. This physical effort, coupled with the mental strain of being still and silent when calling a flock of turkeys, requires significant endurance and determination.

Ultimately, the difficulty of turkey hunting is what makes it so rewarding. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of success after a successful hunt and the satisfaction of knowing you have outsmarted one of nature’s most intelligent creatures.

With proper preparation and practice, any hunter can become a master turkey hunter quickly!

5 Top Turkey Hunting States

Want the best turkey hunting experience possible but need help figuring out where to go? You’ve heard all the rumors but need to know which states are the top ones for turkey hunting, leaving you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

With our Top Turkey Hunting States guide, you’ll get extensive research on the best state-by-state regions to hunt in. We’ve done all the hard work, so you can get out there and start enjoying your turkey hunting fun as soon as possible!

Here are the five states that are considered to be excellent for turkey hunting:


The beauty and seclusion of the Ozark Mountains, combined with a well-managed population of wild turkeys, make Missouri one of the best turkey hunting states in the nation. The state’s mild winters, diverse terrain, and abundant public land access allow hunters to pursue spring gobblers in different regions.


Kansas is home to more than 600,000 wild turkeys and boasts an impressive number of hunting opportunities for hunters of all skill levels. Kansas’ diverse terrain and abundant public land access offer turkey hunters plenty of opportunities to pursue gobblers in different regions throughout the state.


Texas is one of the most popular turkey-hunting states in the nation and for good reason. The Lone Star state offers some of the best turkey hunting opportunities in the country with its mild climate, diverse terrain, and abundant public land access.


Pennsylvania boasts a healthy population of wild turkeys spread throughout the state. With its diverse terrain, mild climate, and abundant public land access, Pennsylvania offers some of the best turkey hunting opportunities in the country.


The Sooner State has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of wild turkeys and offers plenty of public land hunting opportunities for hunters. Oklahoma’s mild winters and diverse terrain make it one of the Best States for Turkey Hunting in the USA.

No matter where you hunt, all five states offer turkey hunters something special. Whether tracking down a longbeard in the Ozarks or chasing Easterns across the Lone Star State, these five states provide some of the best turkey hunting experiences in the country.

So grab your gear, pick a state, and prepare for some of the best turkey hunting you’ll ever have!

How Hard Is It to Hunt Turkey with a Bow?

Bow hunting for turkey can be an enriching experience, as it is one of the most complex forms of hunting. Because turkeys have such a keen sense of smell and hearing, bow hunters must use extra caution when attempting to get close enough for a shot.

In addition, it takes a lot of skills to shoot a bow accurately and consistently, making it even more challenging. That being said, bow hunting for turkey can be done with some practice and patience.

Hunters must properly camouflage themselves to remain hidden while stalking the flock. Additionally, they should invest in quality equipment and practice their shooting skills regularly to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Ultimately, bow hunting for turkey may take a bit more effort than other forms of hunting, but the reward can be worth it. With practice and patience, any hunter can become an expert bow hunter and enjoy the satisfaction of outsmarting one of nature’s most intelligent creatures.

How to Hunt Turkey in the Spring? 

How to Hunt Turkeys in the Spring? Spring season is one of the perfect times to hunt turkeys since they are typically more active and can be found in larger flocks. Here are some proven tips to help make your spring turkey hunting trips successful:

Here are 5 tips on how to hunt spring turkey:

  • Scout the area ahead of time – Spend some time scouting areas where turkeys will likely be roosting or foraging. This can help you decide where to set up your ambush points and how best to approach the flock.
  • Use roosting techniques – Turkeys often roost in trees at night, so using a decoy or turkey call near where they are likely to be sleeping can be helpful. This can draw them out into the open for an easy shot.
  • Set decoys and blinds – Setting up a few decoys can also help attract turkeys in the area, and using a blind can help you stay hidden while you wait for them to approach.
  • Be patient – It takes patience to be successful at turkey hunting. You may have to wait in your blind or stand still for long periods.
  • Bring the right gear – Ensure you have the necessary equipment, such as a quality shotgun and camo clothing, before heading out on your hunt.

These quick tips will prepare you for your spring turkey hunting trip and hopefully have a successful hunt!

Ultimately, turkey hunting can be an enriching and challenging experience. Hunters must take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and success, but anyone can become an expert turkey hunter with practice and patience.

Keep in mind to stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the satisfaction of outsmarting one of nature’s

Is Turkey Hunting Harder Than Deer Hunting?

Is Turkey Hunting Challenging? Some people believe that turkey hunting is more complex than deer hunting. This is because turkeys are much more alert and wary of predators. They have excellent eyesight and hearing and can be tough to stalk. 

However, with the proper techniques, turkey hunting can be just as successful as deer hunting. The key is to be patient, stealthy, and knowledgeable about the birds you’re hunting. 

If you put in the time to learn about turkey behavior and perfect your hunting skills, you’ll be able to take down these problematic birds.

What Makes Turkeys Hard to Hunt? 

Are turkeys hard to hunt? A few things make turkey hunting more challenging than other types of hunting. First, People don’t use the correct tactics.

Most people try to get close to the turkey, but turkeys have a good sense of smell and can see well. They will run away if they see or smell humans coming.

The best way to hunt turkey is to use a turkey decoy. Find an open area with many turkeys, set up the hen decoy, and then wait in the woods nearby. The turkeys will fly down to the decoy, and you can shoot them while they are eating.

What Is the Hardest State to Turkey Hunt?

  • Louisiana is the most brutal state to hunt turkeys because the turkeys are intelligent and elusive. They know how to stay hidden in the thick vegetation and are speedy runners.
  • North Dakota is the most challenging state to hunt turkey because of the cold weather. The turkey season is abridged, and the turkeys are difficult to spot in the snow.
  • Nevada is the hardest state to turkey hunting because there are so many different types of terrain – from deserts to mountains – and the turkeys can be found in any of them.
  • Delaware is the most rigid state to hunt turkey because there are so few turkeys in Delaware compared to other states. The turkeys here are also very shy and hard to

Which Species of Turkey Is the Hardest to Hunt?

The Merriam’s turkey is the most complex species to hunt because they are timid and live in remote areas. They are also tough to stalk because they know their surroundings. 

The Osceola turkey is the second hardest species of turkey to hunt. They are also timid and live in remote areas. They are not as tricky to stalk as the Merriam’s turkey, but they are still complicated to hunt. 

The Eastern turkey is the third hardest species of turkey to hunt. They are not as shy as the other two species but are still tough to track because of their excellent eyesight and hearing. 

The Gould’s turkey is the fourth hardest species of turkey to hunt. They are not as shy as the other three species, but they are still challenging to track because they live in remote areas. 

Wild Turkey Hunting for Beginners Tips

Here are some turkey hunting tips for beginners tips, who want to start turkey hunting? 

  • Learn about the different species of turkeys and their habits. This will help you know where to find them and how to hunt them.
  •  You will need a shotgun, camouflage clothing, and turkey hen yelps.
  •  Turkeys are tough to hunt, so you need to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.
  •  Turkeys have excellent eyesight and hearing, so you must be very stealthy when hunting them.
  •  Turkeys are tough to kill, so you must ensure you have a good shot before you shoot.
  •  Turkeys are tough, so you must follow up with a second shot if you don’t kill the turkey with the first shot.
  •  Always follow the safety rules when you’re hunting.
  •  Turkey hunting can be very challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun.

How Often Should You Call Turkeys?

You should call turkeys every 15 minutes to check on them and ensure they’re okay. If you don’t, they may get scared or lonely, leading to them becoming sick or injured.

When Should You Stop Calling Turkeys?

It would be best if you stopped calling turkeys when they are close enough to you that they can see or smell you. If you don’t, they may get scared or suspicious, leading to them getting away from you.

When to Use What Turkey Calls?

You can use different turkey calls to attract different types of turkeys. For example, hen calls are used to attract male spring gobblers, while purr calls are used to attract female turkeys.

There are many different turkey calls on the market, each with its unique purpose. Here is a breakdown of the most common turkey calls and when to use them:

·    The yelp call: This call mimics a hen’s sound to attract a tom. It can imitate different types of hens, depending on the situation.

·    The cluck call: This call is used to get a tom’s attention or to stop him from chasing another hen.

·    The purr call: This call is used to keep a tom close by.

·    The gobble call: This call is used to bring in spring gobblers from long distances.

What is the Best Turkey Call?

There is no one “best” turkey call. Different calls work better in different situations. 

Some of the most popular turkey calls include: 

  • Box calls 
  • Slate calls 
  • Mouth calls 
  • Turkey locator calls 

Each type of call has its advantages and disadvantages. You’ll need to experiment with different calls to see which ones work best for you.

Box calls and slate calls are the easiest to use, while mouth calls and turkey locator calls are the most difficult. 

Mouth calls require a lot of practice to use effectively, but they can be very effective in the right hands. Turkey locator calls are loud and can be used to locate turkeys from a long distance away.

No matter what call you to use, sounding like a real male turkey is the most important thing. 

Top 5 Beginner Turkey Hunting Mistakes – (You Should Avoid!)

Not doing your research.

One of the biggest mistakes that beginner turkey hunters make is not doing their research. Before you go hunting, learning about the different species of turkeys and their habits is essential. Otherwise, you won’t know where to find them or how to hunt them.

Not getting the proper equipment.

Another big mistake beginner turkey hunters make, is not getting the proper equipment. You will need a shotgun, camouflage clothing, and a male turkey call. If you don’t have these things, you’ll not be successful in turkey hunting.

Not being patient

Turkeys are very difficult to hunt, so you must be patient and wait for the right opportunity. If you’re not patient, you’ll miss your chance, and the turkey will get away.

Not being stealthy

Turkeys have excellent eyesight and hearing, so you must be very stealthy when hunting them. If they see or hear you, they’re going to get away.

Not knowing when to shoot.

Turkeys are tough to kill, so you must ensure you have a good shot before you shoot. If you don’t, you’re just going to wound the turkey, and it’s going to suffer.

Where to Hunt Turkey? (Turkey Hunting USA) 

Where Is the Best Place to Turkey Hunt? The best place to hunt turkey is in an area with plenty of turkeys. You’ll need to do some research to find the turkeys, but once you find a good spot, you’ll be able to find them.

There are excellent turkey hunting opportunities in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. The best places to hunt turkeys in Alabama are the Black Belt Prairies and the Piney Woods. 

The Black Belt Prairies region is known for its extensive, gobbling turkeys, while the Piney Woods is home to some of the fastest birds in the state.

Georgia is home to some of the best turkey hunting in the country. The state offers ample public land for hunters and a long hunting season from mid-March through early May. 

The best places to hunt turkeys in Tennessee are in the eastern part of the state. The Volunteer State offers over 1 million acres of public land for hunters and a long turkey season from early April through mid-May.

Is It Better to Hunt Turkey in the Woods or a Field?

Hunting wild turkeys in an open field is generally better than in the woods. This is because turkeys need both open areas and woods to thrive. 

In an open field, they can find food more quickly and are more exposed to predators. However, hunting in the woods can be just as effective if no empty fields are available.

Is Bow Hunting Turkey Hard?

Bow hunting turkey is not as hard as it seems. Many hunters prefer to bow hunt because it is more challenging. 

Turkey is complicated to kill, so you must ensure you have a good shot before shooting. If you don’t, you’re just going to wound the turkey, and it’s going to suffer.

When Is the Best Time to Bow Hunt Turkey? 

The best time to hunt turkeys is when the turkeys are mating in the spring. This is because the turkeys are more active, and they are also more exposed.

During the spring, turkey hunting is also more challenging because the foliage is thicker, and the turkeys are harder to see.

Where Do You Shoot a Turkey with a Bow?

It would be best if you aimed for the head or neck when bowing hunting turkey. This is because turkeys have small bodies and large heads. 

If you shoot the turkey in the body, you’re just going to wound it, and it’s going to suffer. So, make sure that you have a good shot before you shoot.

Can You Bow Hunt Turkey without a Blind?

You don’t need a ground blind for bowhunting turkeys. I’ve hunted them many times without a blind and had success. 

However, there are several things that you can do to increase your chances of success when bowhunting turkeys without a ground blind.

First, position yourself near an edge where the woods meet an open field or pasture. This will allow you to spot turkeys as they move about in open areas. 

Second, try to find a location where you can get into a position where the sun is at your back. This will help conceal your movement and make it harder for the turkey to see you.

Finally, use natural camouflage to help blend in with your surroundings.

Which State Has the Most Wild Turkeys? (Top 10 Turkey Producing States)

The top 10 turkey-producing states are: 

1. North Carolina

2. Arkansas

3. Missouri

4. Virginia

5. South Carolina

6. Georgia

7. Mississippi

8. Kentucky

9. Oklahoma

10. Texas

North Carolina is the top turkey-producing state in the country, followed by Arkansas and Missouri. Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia round out the top six. 

Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Texas are also major turkey-producing states. All of these states have large populations of wild turkeys and offer ample opportunities for hunters.

States with Over-the-Counter Turkey Tags: (Best Turkey Hunts)

The best turkey hunts are in states that offer over-the-counter turkey tags. You don’t need to enter a lottery or draw to get a hunting license. 

Some of the best states for turkey hunting include: 

1. Arkansas

2. Colorado

3. Kansas

4. Nebraska

5. Oklahoma

6. South Dakota

7. Tennessee

8. Texas

9. Wyoming

Each of these states has a large wild turkeys population and offers ample hunting opportunities, so if you’re looking for a great place to go turkey hunting, check out one of these states.

Kansas Turkey Population

The Kansas turkey population is estimated at around 20,000 birds. The state offers a variety of habitats for turkeys, including open fields, woodlands, and river bottoms. 

Kansas is a popular destination for turkey hunters, as it offers some of the best opportunities in the country. The state has a long tradition of turkey hunting and is home to some of the most experienced hunters in the country. 

If you’re looking for a great place to go turkey hunting, check out Kansas. You won’t be disappointed.

Wisconsin Turkey Population:

The Wisconsin turkey population is estimated at around 30,000 birds. The state offers a variety of habitats for turkeys, including mixed forests, farmland, and river bottoms. 

The turkey population in Wisconsin has been steadily growing, with 8500 birds registered this year alone! By zone, it’s even more impressive; 21000 turkeys live within Zones 1 through 3, and 5800 can be found across all other areas. 

This means there is plenty of space for everyone to thrive – the only problem might BE YOUR OPPONENT if they don’t get their act together soon enough.

Can You Hunt Ocellated Turkey?

Yes, you can hunt ocellated turkeys. Many hunters consider them to be the most challenging turkey to hunt. 

Ocellated turkeys are native to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. They are smaller than North American turkeys and have brightly colored feathers. 

Ocellated turkeys are notoriously challenging to hunt, as they are very shy and elusive. They are also excellent flyers and can easily escape from hunters. If you’re looking for a real challenge, hunting ocellated turkeys is definitely for you.


So, is turkey hunting hard? You tell me. I’ll say this – if you go into your first turkey hunt expecting it to be easy because someone told you that “anyone can do it,” you are likely in for a rude awakening. However, with some preparation and avoiding these common beginner mistakes, you, too, can bag yourself a tom (or hen). Turkey hunting is challenging, but the sense of accomplishment when everything comes together is hard to beat!

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