What to Wear Turkey Hunting? – Get the Most Out of Your Hunt

what to wear turkey hunting

Are you gearing up for your turkey hunt? If so, it’s essential to make sure you’ve dressed appropriately. You’ve been invited on a turkey hunt but don’t know what to wear turkey hunting! and what are the turkey hunting clothes is the best?

It can be tough to find out what to wear when hunting turkeys. Do you go for camouflage or bright colors? Do you need long turkey hunting pants or shorts? What about shoes? We’ve got you worn from head to toe.

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about what to wear when turkey hunting.

We’ll help you choose the best turkey hunting clothes and gear so that you can make the most of your hunt.

We’ll also provide you with some hunting wild turkeys tips on making the most of your hunt. Stay safe and comfortable out in the field!

What Do You Need to Wear for Turkey Hunting? (Turkey Hunting for Beginners)

What to wear when turkey hunting? When hunting turkeys, it is important to wear clothing that will allow you to blend in with your surroundings. Wearing camouflage patterns and earth tones is ideal for this, as well as hunting boots, pants, legs, turkey decoy and a jacket or shirt. Make sure to wear gloves and face and head protection to keep yourself safe from harm.

In addition, you will want to wear a turkey hunting vest. This special turkey vest has pockets and loops specifically designed for holding turkey hunting gear.

Some of the critical things you may want to bring along with you in your vest include: 

  • A Box Calls: There are many types of turkey calls available on the market, so it is essential to select one best suited for your needs.
  • A locator: A locator can help find lost turkeys.
  • A knife is always a good idea to have while Hunting, in case you need to cut something or defend yourself.
  • Water and snacks: It is important to stay hydrated and fueled up while in the turkey woods, so ensure to bring along some water and snacks.

After you have gathered your turkey hunting gear, it is time to start getting dressed.

When getting dressed for tom turkey hunting, always start with the basics: an extra pair of hunting boots, pants, and a t shirt or jacket.

Once you have these items on, you can add base layer of clothing as needed. Generally, you should dress in layers to quickly take off or add on clothing as the temperature changes.

What Color Should You Not Wear Turkey Hunting?

When hunting wild turkeys, it is not a big deal to wear clothing that will help you blend in with your surroundings. Wearing earth tones and camouflage patterns is the best way to do this.

However, there are specific colors that you should avoid wearing while turkey hunting. These colors include white, black, and red.

Wearing these colors will make you stand out in the wild turkey woods and increase your chances of being seen by the turkey.

When Should You Wear Long Pants vs. Shorts Turkey Hunting?

What Type of Pants Should You Wear Turkey Hunting? The type of pants you should wear while turkey hunting apparel depends on the weather and the terrain.

If the weather conditions are cold outside, you will want to wear long pants to keep your legs warm. However, if it is hot out, you may want to consider wearing shorts and other warmer clothes.

Wear shorts can help you stay relaxed and comfortable while walking through the wild turkey woods.

The spots you will be hunting in are also a factor to consider when deciding what type of pants to wear. Long pants will help save your legs from getting scratched if you walk through tall grass or brush.

On the other hand, if you will be hunting in an open field, shorts may be the better option during turkey hunting season.

What About Shoes?

The type of shoes you wear while turkey hunting is also essential. You will want to wear shoes that are comfortable and provide good traction.

Hiking boots or rubber boots are a good choice for turkey hunting. They will keep your feet dry and provide good traction on uneven ground.

Wearing too big or tiny shoes can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Make sure to wear shoes that fit well and are appropriate for the terrain you will be hunting in.

You are wearing the proper clothing, and covering your face while turkey hunting can help you stay comfortable and increase your chances of success. By following these tips, you will indeed have a successful hunt.

Is Camo Necessary for Turkey Hunting? (Camouflage for Turkey Hunting)

Do You Need Camo clothing for Turkey Hunting? No, camouflage isn’t necessary for turkey hunting. While it can help you to blend in with your surroundings and make it harder for turkeys to spot you, it’s not essential.

Many hunters choose to go without camouflage when they’re turkey hunting and instead rely on their knowledge of the habits of wild turkeys and their natural abilities to remain undetected.

That said, there’s no doubt that camouflage can be a valuable tool for turkey hunters. If you can conceal yourself from the birds properly, you’ll have a better chance of getting close enough to take a shot.

So if you’re new to turkey hunting or just looking for a little extra edge, consider using some type.

What Color Do You Wear for Turkey Hunting?

What Colors Should You Wear Turkey Hunting? You should avoid wearing white, black, and red while turkey hunting. Instead, opt for clothing in earth tones and camouflage patterns. This will help you blend in with your surroundings and make it more difficult for turkeys to spot you.

Wearing suitable clothing can significantly impact your success while turkey hunting. By following these tips, you’ll indeed have a successful hunt.

What Camo to Wear Turkey Hunting? (Best Camo clothing for Turkey Hunting)

There is no one “best” camo pattern for turkey hunting. Instead, it’s crucial to choose a pattern that will help you blend in with your specific surroundings.

Some popular camo patterns for turkey hunting include mossy oak, Realtree, and Timber. These patterns are available in various clothing items, including turkey hunting shirts, pants, and hats.

When choosing a camo pattern, look for one that has a lot of contrast and is broken up into small shapes. This will help you blend in with the environment and make it more difficult for turkeys to spot you.

Avoid wearing white, black, and red while hunting turkeys. These colors are more accessible for turkeys to see and will make it more difficult for you to stay hidden.

Turkey Hunting Clothing Brands

Several different brands make clothing specifically for turkey hunting. Some popular brands include Mossy Oak, Realtree, and Timber.

These brands offer a variety of clothing items in different turkey hunting camo patterns. You can find turkey hunting shirts, pants, and hats in various colors and patterns.

There are a few key considerations when choosing turkey hunting apparel: camouflage, quietness, and warmth.

Mossy Oak Bottomland and Mossy Oak Obsession are two popular camouflage patterns for turkey hunting. They’re effective at breaking up the hunter’s outline and helping them blend in with the surroundings.

Realtree Timber is also popular, as it is designed to help hunters blend in with trees. Choosing a pattern that matches the environment you’ll be hunting in is essential.

In addition to camouflage, it’s vital to choose modest clothing so as not to scare off turkeys. This usually means selecting light-colored clothing made from natural materials such as cotton.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you’re warm while turkey hunting. This usually means wearing layers of clothing to adjust to the changing temperature throughout the day.

Turkey hunting clothing brands such as Mossy Oak, Realtree, and Timber offer a variety of clothing items in different camo patterns. Look for a pattern that will help you blend in with your surroundings, and be sure to choose

Best Turkey Hunting Clothing (Clothing for Turkey Hunting)

You’re probably like most turkey hunters. You want to be as enjoyable as possible while out in the woods, but you don’t want to sacrifice your concealment. Finding clothing that’s both comfortable and effective at concealing your movement can be tricky.

Please take a look at our selection of best turkey hunting clothing below. We’ve got everything from jackets and pants to hats and gloves, all designed to keep you warm and concealed during your next hunt.

Turkey Hunting Pants

Mossy Oak Turkey Thug pants are some of the market’s most famous turkey hunting pants. They’re made from a stretchy, breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable while you’re on the move.

The Turkey Thug pants also have many pockets, including a large cargo pocket and two hand pockets. This offers you plenty of time to store your calls, shells, and other hunting gear.

Hunting Clothes for Men

Finding good quality turkey hunting clothes for men that fit well and are affordable can be challenging. The truth is, a lot of hunting clothes out there are either overpriced or made with low-quality materials. And it’s harsh to know which is which until you’ve already bought them and worn them in the field.

Turkey hunting clothes for Men offers high-quality, affordable hunting clothes that will keep you comfortable and safe while you’re out in the wild. We have a wide selection of jackets, pants, hats, boots, and more, so you can always dress for success.

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Women’s Hunting Clothes

Turkeys Hunting can be a fun and challenging sport, but it’s hard to know where to start when choosing the right gear. 

Finding good quality hunting clothes that fit well and don’t cost a fortune can be challenging. And if you’re a novice hunter of the sport, it can be even harder to know what you need.

Check out our top recommended Women’s Hunting Clothes. We’ve got everything from jackets and turkey vests to pants and shirts in sizes that fit real women. Plus, we only carry brands known for their quality and durability.

SaleBestseller No. 1
King's Camo KCL2104 Women's Hunter 2.0 Pant, Realtree Edge, 14
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE HUNTING PANTS: The XCG Series Ridge Pant for...
  • GREAT CONCEALMENT PATTERNS: The pants come in realistic camo...
  • PERFECT FIT: The high-performance active pants for women are...
  • BUILT FOR YOUR COMFORT: XKG Ridge Pant is designed for...
Bestseller No. 2
Arctix Women's Sarah Fleece-Lined Softshell Pants, Realtree MAX-5...
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Browning Women's Graphic T-Shirt, Classic Hunting & Outdoors Short...
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SaleBestseller No. 4
Realtree Girl Women's Merino Wool Blend Cushion Boot Socks 2 Pair...
  • Superior moisture control keeps feet dry and cool
  • Full cushion foot and leg for optimal comfort and impact...
  • Merino wool blend provides natural odor-free and itch-free...
  • Performance design with stay-up top to keep sock in place
Bestseller No. 5
SCENTBLOCKER Women's Sola Drencher Lightweight Early Season Breathable...
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  • Built-in, Adjustable 3 Piece Hood: Stay protected from the...
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Turkey Hunting Gear for Beginners: (Turkey Hunting Gear 2023)

The accessories and gear that you need for your turkey hunt are easier than ever to find. You can go straight into the store or grab them online at Walmart, making it so that they have all of this great stuff and make life easier on yourself!

Here is a list of our top picks for the best gear to take on your turkey hunt.

  • First and foremost, you need a good shotgun. We recommend the 12 gauge for a beginner since it is more versatile. You will also want to ensure you have a good choke for slugs and that your gun is sighted correctly.
  • Next, you will need some good turkey hunting ammunition. We recommend a three or 4-inch shell loaded with 00 buckshot.
  • You will also want a good turkey call. There are many different types of calls, but we recommend a slate call for a beginner. These are easy to use and produce great results.
  • Lastly, you will need a suitable blind. A ground blind is an excellent option for a beginner. It will give you the concealment you need to stay hidden from the turkey’s keen eyesight. These essential items will prepare you for your first turkey hunt!

What Are the 5 Species of Turkey?

There are five species of turkey in North America: the Eastern, Osceola, Merriam’s, Rio Grande, and Gould.

Eastern turkey is the most populous of the five, with a range that extends from Maine to Michigan and down into Florida.

The Osceola is found only in Florida, while the Merriam’s inhabits the Rocky Mountains region. The Rio turkey is found in the southwestern United States, and the Gould’s turkey is native to Mexico.

What Is the Difference Between tom Male and Female Turkey?

The difference between a male and female turkey is that the male has a large, fan-like tail and bright plumage, while the female is smaller with duller feathers.

The male also has a large, fleshy bump on the head called a snood, while the female does not. The male turkey is a tom, while the female is a hen.

Why Would a Wild Turkey Be by Itself?

There are several reasons why a wild turkey might be seen by itself. One reason is that the turkey is a young bird that has not yet formed a flock. Another reason is that the turkey might be an older bird pushed out of the flock by younger birds.

Lastly, the turkey could be a sick or injured bird that can no longer keep up with the flock. Whatever the reason, if you see a wild turkey by itself, it is best to leave it alone and not disturb it.

What to Wear Spring Turkey Hunting?

When turkey hunting in the early spring, you will want to wear light-colored clothing to help you blend in with your surroundings. You will also want to wear clothing that is comfortable and not too bulky so that you can move quickly and quietly.

A camouflage pattern is always a good choice, and you might also want to consider wearing a face mask or paint to conceal yourself further. With the proper clothing, you will be ready to spring gobbler hunt!

What Is the Best Time to Turkey Hunt?

The best time of day to hunt turkey is in the early morning or late evening when the turkeys are most dynamic. However, you can also successfully hunt turkey during the day if you find a spot where the turkeys are feeding or roosting.

Where you hunt will also affect the best time of day, as some areas are more heavily hunted, and the turkeys are shyer. Eventually, it is up to you to pick out what time of day you want to hunt, and you will likely find success no matter when you go out.


So, there you have it turkey season. Everything you should know about what to wear while turkey hunting: while this list may seem like a lot, remember that dressing in layers is the key to staying comfortable in any weather. And don’t forget your camouflage – you don’t want those pesky turkeys seeing you coming! Now that you get the good place to go for turkey hunting trip!

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