Can You Hunt Turkey with a 22 Rifle in the US? (Yes, or No!)

can you turkey hunt with a 22

Can you hunt Turkey with a 22 rifle in the United States? The answer, as surprising as it may be, is yes! Let’s take a closer look at why this might be a viable option for some turkey hunters and how to go about it.

As a wild turkey hunter, you may wonder if you can use a 22 rifle for hunting turkeys in the United States. In short, the answer is yes – you can use a 22 rifle for hunting turkeys in most states.

However, there are some things you should know before hunting turkeys with a rifle. In this blog post, we will discuss the legality of using a 22 rifle for hunting turkeys in the United States and some of the pros and cons of using this type of firearm for turkey hunting. Stay tuned!

Is a 22 Good for Turkey Hunting?

It depends. For hunting small game animals, like a turkey, almost any 22 will do the job as long as you are accurate enough to take a headshot.

Larger calibers will provide more stopping power and ensure a quick kill, but if you are skilled with a 22 and can make headshots, it’s an excellent choice for taking down a turkey.

Can You Hunt Turkey with a 22 Rifle? 

Can you hunt turkeys with a .22? In most states, yes – you can you shoot a turkey with a 22 rifle. The only exception is Alaska, where the use of rifles for big game hunting is prohibited.

In all other states, there are no restrictions on the caliber of rifle you can use to hunt turkey.

So, if you want to use a 22 rifle for hunting turkey, you can do so in most states. There are some things to keep in mind, though, which we will discuss next.

Things to Consider When Using a 22 Rifle for Turkey Hunting 

When using a 22 rifle for hunting turkey, a few things to keep in mind are to increase your chances of success.

First, turkeys have small heads and can be difficult to hit with a rifle. Second, 22 hornet rifles are not as powerful as larger calibers, so you must be extra careful to ensure a clean kill.

Here are Some Turkey Hunting Tips to Help You When Using a 22 Rifle for Hunting Turkey: 

Following these wild turkey hunting tips can increase your chances of success when hunting a turkey with a 22 rifle.

Where to Shoot a Turkey with a 22 

Where Should I Aim My Turkey 22? Where can you shoot turkey with a 22? As we mentioned earlier, the head is the most vulnerable spot on a turkey. For this reason, it is best to aim for the head when using a 22 rifle for hunting a turkey.

A headshot will kill the turkey instantly and minimize the chances of it running off and dying a slow, painful death.

To increase your chances of making a headshot, take your time and ensure you have a clear head shot wild turkey before taking it. And remember, it is better to err on the side of caution and pass up a shot than a shot no larger to the head that is not certain to result in a clean kill.

When is the Best Time to Hunt Turkey with a 22 Rifle? 

Spring hunting season is the best time to hunt turkey with a 22 rifle. This is when turkeys are most active and, as a result, easier to find and hunt.

During the spring hunt season, turkeys are also more likely to be grouped, which makes it easier to take multiple birds with one shot.

If you are planning on using a 22 rifle for hunting turkey, check the hunting regulations in your state to find out when the turkey season is. 

What Can You Hunt with a 22?

In addition to turkeys, 22 rifles can also be used to hunt small game, such as rabbits, squirrels, and birds. 22 rifles are also sometimes used to hunt deer, although this is more common with larger calibers.

Virtually anything that lives in North America. A 22 is perfect for taking small games like turkeys, squirrels, groundhogs, prairie dogs, foxes, and deer. Some states allow the hunting of wild hogs with a 22-rimfire rifle.

No matter what you are hunting, it is important to be familiar with your firearm and know how to use it safely and effectively.

Pros and Cons of Using a 22 Rifle for Turkey Hunting 

Pros of Hunting Turkey with 22 Rifle

  • Almost any 22 hornet will do the job as long as you are accurate enough to take a headshot.
  • 22 rifles are relatively inexpensive, making them a good option for those on a budget.
  • 22 rifles are lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient when you are out hunting all day.

Cons of Using a 22 Rifle for Turkey Hunting

  • 22 rifles are not as powerful as larger calibers, so you must be extra careful to ensure a clean kill.
  • 22 rifles have a relatively low muzzle velocity, which makes it more difficult to take a clean headshot.

Despite the cons, 22 rifles can be a good option for turkey hunting if you are careful and take the time to familiarize yourself with your firearm. 

What Caliber Do You Hunt Wild Turkeys With?

A 22 Long Rifle and a 22 Magnum are both good turkey calibers.

The 22 LR shoots a lighter bullet, which is good for smaller games like turkeys, while the 22 Magnum shoots a heavier bullet, which is better for larger games.

Whichever caliber you choose, use hollow-point bullets to increase your chances of killing the turkey with one shot.

Top 3 Best Rifle Caliber for Turkey Hunting

Trying to pick the best rifle caliber for turkey hunting can be tough. Do you go with a big bore rifle or something smaller? 

There are so many different rifle calibers on the market that it can be hard to decide which one is best for hunting turkey. Do you go with a big bore rifle that will take down any bird in its tracks, or do you choose a smaller caliber that will give you more accuracy and allow you to take your time when lining up your shot?

Check out our Top 3 Best Rifle Calibers for Turkey Hunting list and find the perfect one for you.

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Turkey Hunting with 22 in the Us for Each State: (Is It Legal to Hunt Turkey with a .22?)

Can You Hunt Turkey with a Rifle in Washington State?

Hunting with a shotgun is the only way to hunt in Washington. You can’t use your favorite bow or cross-bow because they’re not allowed, but if you have some time on hand, an old-fashioned gun will do just fine!

Can You Hunt Turkey with a Rifle in Oregon?

In Oregon, it is legal to hunt turkey with a rifle as long as the caliber is no larger than .22. Any caliber larger than that is illegal, and you could be fined if caught hunting with one.

Can You Hunt Turkey with a 22 in California?

Turkey hunters can take their turkeys with a shotgun, muzzleloading gun, or archery equipment. There are also legal methods of turkey hunting through crossbows and air rifles in California Code of Regulations Title 14 section 311!

Can You Turkey hunt with a 22 in Pa?

No, you cannot Turkey hunt with a 22 in Pa. Pennsylvania’s Game Commission is eliminating the use of rifles from fall turkey hunting statewide, effective 2020. Instead, turkey hunters will be limited to shotguns with lead or nontoxic shot, bows, and crossbows; or pistols and revolvers that employ cartridges no larger than .38 caliber/.357 Magnum. 

Can You Hunt Turkeys with a .22 in Missouri?

Hunting turkeys with a firearm during the fall firearms season in Missouri is illegal. You cannot possess both bow and gun at once, so be sure you’re not carrying any extra equipment!

Can You Kill a Turkey with a 22 in Kentucky?

Can a 22 kill a turkey? When hunting turkey in Kentucky, it’s important to follow all the rules and regulations. If a youth younger than age 12 is with an adult who has been issued both licenses for springtime birds (the regular season starts on March 1st), then they do not need any proof that their parents or legal guardians have purchased their permission – as long as those individuals are carrying valid ID cards from KY Department Of Game And Fish!

Can You Hunt A Turkey with a 22 in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, you don’t need a license to call turkeys if it’s just for your personal use and not as part of an activity like hunting with others.

However, guides must have their distinct guide card from Wildlife Fund to continue assisting without being taxed twice on the same income!

Can You Hunt Turkey with a 22 in NY?

Shotgun season in New York is a great time to get out there and experience all that America’s greatest state has to offer. You can hunt turkeys with either type of firearm, but remember these guidelines: #2 gauge or smaller shot shells only; no larger than an 8-grain slug at most (for buckshot).

What Species of Turkeys Are in Mn? (Minnesota Turkey Species)

Minnesota is home to some impressive wild turkeys. These birds can weigh up to 30 pounds and have large spurs on their legs, just like the males!

The hens are larger than these mature guys, but they stand at least 13 inches tall when you include their “beards” coming out of the chest area.

A little less glamorous but equally awe-inspiring would be our native Eastern turkey – this sort ranges from 12-22 lbs with an average size spur measuring around 3″.

What Are the Turkey Season in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, the regular fall season runs from September 15-November 30. The spring season is a little shorter, running from April 15-May 31. Special youth hunts also take place in September and October and mentored hunt turkeys in April.

Are There Ocellated Turkeys in the Us?

No, there are no ocellated turkeys in the United States. You’ll only find these beautiful birds in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico!

The ocellated turkey is a unique bird found only in Mexico. It can be seen throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, which embraces parts of 6 Mexican states, northern Belize, and Guatemala’s Petén region.


Can you turkey hunt with a 22? As you can see, the answer to whether or not a 22 is good for turkey hunting depends on your definition of “good.” If you’re looking for a rifle that will easily take down turkeys, then the 22 probably isn’t your best bet. However, if you enjoy light hunting rifles and are comfortable using one to take down turkeys, then go for it! Just be sure to practice beforehand to know what to expect when you head out into the field.

In conclusion, you can hunt turkey with a 22 rifle in most states in the United States. However, there are some things to keep in mind, such as the small size of a turkey’s head and the need for a clean kill. You can successfully hunt turkey with a 22 rifle with some care and attention to the public land natural resources. Have you ever tried wild turkey hunting with a 22? Let us know in the comments below!

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