Does Kayak Color Matter When Fishing? (Here’s What To Do!)

Does kayak color matter when fishing

Does kayak color matter when fishing? Many anglers believe that the color of your kayak will affect how many fish you catch.

When it comes to kayaking, you want to make sure that your kayak is the right color. The wrong color can not only be a safety hazard but also tricky for fish to see.

However, when fishing from a kayak, choosing the right color of the kayak is crucial.

Many factors decide what colors work best for fishing kayaks, such as water clarity and weather conditions.

kayak color schemes
kayak color schemes

Fish are drawn towards specific colors on sunny days and others in cloudy or murky water, so finding the perfect blend of visibility and attraction will help you catch more fish!

Some people claim that if you use a bright color like yellow, green, or orange (as well as Camo in clear water), it might attract more fish to bite.

However, this is not supported by science and maybe an old wives’ tale. Some fishermen say that white can spook fish.

The only thing we know for sure about kayak colors is that they are all equally effective when fishing! Choose any one of these colors and go out there and get them!

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated because we have created an easy-to-follow guide with all of these things taken into consideration so that you know what kind of kayak you need.

However, we do not support this posture. The only color that might spook fish is white. We recommend choosing a kayak based on your personal preferences rather than its color.

Here are the 5 top recommended fishing kayaks of 2021:

Does kayak Color affect Your fishing?

Many fishing kayaks have bright colors that are great for fishing in open water. Some fishing kayaks come in glow-in-the-dark or can even be customized to your liking with fishing decals like a fish scale pattern.

But the color of the fishing kayak is not always necessary because if you use stealth fishing techniques, you will be fishing in the shadows anyway.

When fishing near rocks or other structures, it is essential to have a fishing kayak that blends in with its surroundings. For fishing, camouflage can be the difference between an empty catch and a complete catch.

Choosing Your Kayak’s Color:

Choosing Your Kayaks Color
Choosing Your Kayaks Color

There is no scientific evidence that any color of a fishing kayak is superior to another. Some fishing kayak owners claim that fishing kayaks should be blue because fish don’t see the color, but that’s not true either! Fish can and do see colors.

Biologists have proven that fishing kayaks of any color will catch just as many fish as the next fishing kayak. However, we recommend fishing kayaks with a fluorescent dye because fishing from kayaks that are more visible will lead to fewer accidents.

What color fishing kayak should you get?

When fishing, you want to make sure that your fishing kayak is easy for fish to spot. This way, fish will be attracted to the fishing kayak and closer to your fishing line.

What color fishing kayak should you get
What color fishing kayak should you get

However, if you are fishing in open water on a sunny day, choose a fishing kayak that is either red or orange! Bright colors attract fish, but it will be harder for you to see them.

Choosing kayaks with more muted colors is suitable for fishing around rocks because fish are already attracted to the fishing kayak and have been looking for one that fits their liking through camouflage.

If anglers choose a fishing kayak of an identical color as the environment, then fish won’t notice the fishing kayak at all, and you will have a better chance to catch fish.

On the other hand, fishing for fish in murky water requires fishing kayaks with bright colors. Dark colors can make fishing kayaks hard to see!

To be effective when fishing under such conditions, pick fishing kayaks with fluorescent dyes that will stand out against the fishing kayak’s fishing environment and make sure that fish can easily spot your fishing line. These fishing kayaks will also be great for fishing on sunny days!

Best kayak color for fishing: kayak color schemes

Best Kayak Color For Fishing
Best Kayak Color For Fishing

How do you choose fishing kayak color schemes? When choosing fishing kayaks or fishing kayak accessories, fishing enthusiasts want to choose colors that will stand out.

However, fish aren’t attracted to specific fishing kayak colors because they can only sense dark and light. They are attracted to fishing lines with bright fishing lures attached to them!

(In fact, fishing kayaks of all colors will attract fish well if fishing lines are attached to fishing kayak fishing accessories.)

If you are fishing in large groups, you should choose the fishing kayak color that represents your group. For example, a fishing club can be represented by a fishing kayak with blue and yellow stripes!

Iridescent fishing kayaks are popular among fishing groups because fishing kayaks with special effects can be very eye-catching.

If you enjoy fishing in the ocean or where there is a lot of light, then fishing kayak colors with light to dark tones will create contrasts and highlights to make fishing easier.

Do bright-colored kayaks scare fish?

The color of your kayak might not affect fishing, but it does affect safety. A fisherman’s number one concern should be to make sure they are being seen on the water by other boats or even people who may also have a kayak nearby before going out into deep waters.

This is where brightly colored kayaks shine as opposed to black ones.

Before you go out on the water, you should permanently attach bright fishing lures to fishing kayaks fishing accessories! This way, boats or other boaters can easily spot you and will not hit you because they know that the fishing kayak is there.

What color do kayaks attract sharks?

What color do kayaks attract sharks
What color do kayaks attract sharks

Some of the sharks in past studies were possibly attracted to yellow because it would have had a very high difference against the surrounding water.

These animals’ unique coloration may be an evolutionary advantage, as they can stand out from their background and scare off predators before being attacked.

Some scientists even argue this is why some fish sport bright colors; they’re advertising themselves for defense!

However, choosing a fishing kayak with bright colors can help you spot sharks if they are in the area and you want to be safe.

What color kayak is safest? (Best kayak color for safety)

Numerous aspects can affect a person’s safety when kayaking. The safest kayak colors are bright and eye-catching.

Orange, yellow, red, or white are the best to go for when purchasing a new kayak to be as visible as possible on the water.

If safety is your priority when deciding on colors for your new kayak, you want something bright enough to catch anyone’s eye. 

Then look no further than orange or white—the most colorful of all color options available in most daylight conditions.

If you’re looking for a safe fishing kayak that will stand out from the crowd, it might be time to try orange.

Should you get a 10 or 12-foot kayak for fishing? (10 VS 12 Foot Fishing Kayak)

Fishing kayaks come in a variety of lengths, but what size is right for you? Generally speaking, shorter fishing kayaks (less than 11 feet) are more maneuverable, and longer ones (longer than 12 feet or so) will be faster.

Unless you’re looking for speed, shorter kayaks are the way to go. Short kayaks can navigate through more tight spaces due to being less unwieldy and more accessible to maneuver than longer ones that need much broader turns to avoid obstacles like rocks or other obstructions protruding from the water’s surface.

There may be some exceptions, though: if it looks like most rivers around here go pretty fast compared to other areas’ water flow rates, then maybe going with something long would suit better when looking at high speeds as well.

The smaller size makes them better suited for low-traffic waterways such as small ponds, creeks, and backwaters without many sharp bends where larger vessels typically travel only during high tide.

If your local waters consist mainly of small ponds, creeks, and backwaters – opt for the one that’s easier to turn on the fly!

Recommended 12ft fishing kayaks (Best 12-foot sit-in kayak)

There are tons of various kayaks out there, which is why we created this list of the best 12-foot sit-in kayaks on the market today. We did all of the research so that you could make an informed decision about your purchase.

Bestseller No. 1
Pelican Catch Classic 120 - Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak - Multiple...
  • Gear rails: Equipped with 4-inch rigging tracks to set up your...
  • Storage hatch and tank well: Bring all your essential gear aboard...
  • Rod holders: 4 flush mount rod holders allow you to store your...
  • Molded-in paddle rest: Molded paddle rest and paddle/rod...
SaleBestseller No. 2
perception Pescador Pro 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak with Adjustable...
  • Premium Fishing Experience: The Perception Pescador Pro 12 is a...
  • Comfort First: This fishing kayak features an adjustable lawn...
  • Durability & Stability: Built to last, the Pescador Pro 12 is...
  • Angler-Friendly Design: With its spacious storage and comfortable...
Bestseller No. 3
12' Pedal Fin Drive Powered Fishing Kayak | Sit-on-Top or...
  • EFFORTLESS PEDAL DRIVE: Propel yourself easily to your favourite...
  • ULTIMATE FISHING RIG: The kayak is designed to be user-friendly,...
  • ARMCHAIR COMFORT: Our stadium seats are designed for comfort,...
  • HIGH-CAPACITY: With a weight capacity of 550lbs, no matter what...
Bestseller No. 4
Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Fold Away...
  • Ultimate Fishing & Storage Space: Perception Outlaw 11.5 is a...
  • Unparalleled Comfort & Design: Enjoy maximum comfort during long...
  • Integrated Fishing Features: Efficient multi-rod fishing is made...
  • Handy Tackle Trays & Storage: Keep your gear within easy reach,...
Bestseller No. 5
Wilderness Systems Recon 120 - Sit on Top Fishing Kayak - Premium...
  • AirPro ACES seat: Embodying easy Adjustability, luxurious...
  • StowPro storage system: StowPro storage system featuring an...
  • S.M.A.R.T. hull technology: Wilderness Systems' signature design...
  • Dual rod troughs: A unique horizontal rod storage solution to...

Frequently Asked Questions about kayak fishing Colors (FAQ)


With so many options for colors, finding the right kayak color may seem impossible. The good news is that there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your fishing kayak. For example, you may want to consider how bright or dark the color of your boat will be and whether it will scare fish away or attract sharks.

You can also think about what type of water you’ll most often use your boat on – saltwater versus freshwater – as each has different considerations for which colors work best.

If all this sounds crushing and you need help figuring out which color would be best suited for you, leave us a comment below! Our experts here at Kayak-guide have been carefully researching these topics, and we’re happy to assist you.

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