How to set drag on conventional reel properly without a Scale

How to set drag on conventional Reel properly without a Scale

If you are fond of fishing you must know the proper equipment that you should carry along. It is important to properly set the drag before catching the fish. You must know how to set drag on conventional reel and the art of setting the drag on the reel for getting the best experience of fishing. 

You can prefer some best star drag reels which are easy to handle.

Fishing pole drag provides the friction to control the amount of line which is required to fight the fishes and catch them easily. 

So, fishing pole drag is surely a good thing to use. Let’s figure out how to set drag on conventional reel more.

What is a drag on a reel? 

Drag is a pair of plates in your fishing reel which are very noticeable. They are also called friction plates of the reel. You can call it a safety mechanism while fighting the fish. It is effective in providing the freedom to the spool to turn at a certain tension. 

When the line is pulling from the reel it causes it to turn after a certain tension limit is reached. You should set drag on baitcaster before using it. 

Why is drag important in fishing? 

What Is A Drag On A Reel
What Is A Drag On A Reel

The drag is very important in fishing because it provides you a grip on the fish. Drag is a safety method while you are trying to get the fish that has been trapped. It doesn’t allow the fish to break off.

You can get the fish without letting yourself and the fish tired. It is a known fact that the fish will try to get back into the water by fighting you. Without drag, you cannot get your hands on the fish.

The drag setting also depends on the amount and type of fish that you want to catch. You should also consider the type of water that you have chosen for fishing either an ocean or a river.

The action of the rod also plays an important role in setting the drag. 

Star drag vs. lever drag

It is important to discuss it when it comes to how to set the drag on a conventional reel. If you are confused between star and lever drag, have a look at some of the specialties of both. 

Price range 

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that star drag is cost-effective than lever drag. 


Another factor is that you can move the position of lever drag without your intention. It can open or lock closed by mistake which sometimes causes inconvenience. However, it is impossible to move star drag out of position by mistake. 


 Star drag is convenient to use because it can self-maintain itself. You can set the star drag and forget all about it on the other hand lever drag requires a lot of attention, you have to repeatedly check its setting while using the rod. 

Level of Experience

Star drags are best for inexperienced users while lever drag can be used effectively by experienced fishers.

Shifting loads

 Lever drag provides a feature of shifting the loads within seconds. Star drag lacks in providing this feature. 

How to set the drag on star drag conventional reel? 

It is easier to set drag on bait caster as compared to a conventional reel. You have to put a drag on the reel after which you can put the drag scale in the form of a loop.

Start pulling down but make sure that the line is balanced and smoothly traveling between the guides. You should do this several times to make the drag warmer. 

How to set the drag on the spinning reel without a scale? 

It is easy to set the drag on the reel but there are certain things you should consider while setting the drag on a spinning reel that too without having a scale.

You need to provide the correct pressure for the line to set the drag properly. It should also have a balanced level of resistance neither too tight nor too loose. 

You can check the resistance before using it for catching the fish. If you want to tighten your drag it can be easily done by moving the wheel of the drag to the right. To get it to loosen you can turn the wheel towards the left. 

Always keep in mind that the drag should have enough tightness to catch the fish without breaking the line. However, if you want to catch the fish of a bigger size it is advised to keep the drag a bit loose. You have to fight with the big fishes for more time than the smaller ones. 

How to set drag on conventional reel can be understood by this point in a good way.

How to set the drag on baitcaster? 

It is very simple and easy to set drag on baitcaster. There is a dial present between the reel body and handle. The dial is quite large, having the shape of the star. You can turn it forward to make your drag tighter while shifting it back towards you will loosen the drag. 

How much drag do I need for a bass?

If you want to experience smooth bass fishing it is important to set the drag in the right manner. According to most experienced fishers, 8-10 lbs of drag is considered very effective for bass fishing. 

Setting drag with braided line

It is simple to set the drag with a braided line. You only have to consider the breaking strength of the line.

For example, if you want to use a 20-pound braided line it is recommended to set the drag at 15 percent considering the breaking strength. For 35 to 60 pounds of the braided line, you can set the drag at 20 percent of breaking strength. 

Setting drags on a lever drag reel

Lever drag reel allows the fish to pull line even if under tension. It is effective in standing the shift in sudden pressure of the line.

You can turn the drag towards the right to make it tight similarly turning it towards the left will make the drag lose. 

How to tighten fishing line on a reel

Tightening the fishing line on the reel depends on many factors. The bail should be in a proper position to keep the fishing line tight; the drag should also be tightened enough. 

The type of line that you are using should also be made up of good material and new. One of the most important factors is that the fishing line should be properly attached to the reel

Final thoughts:

Setting the drag is very important in fishing. It helps you catch the fish easily without losing it. We hope the above will guide you about how to set drag on conventional reel in a detailed way.

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