How To Store a Kayak in a Garage! (kayak garage storage Guide)

how to store a kayak in a garage

How to store a kayak in a garage? Storing a kayak in your garage can be difficult. You don’t want it to get damaged by the elements, but you also need room for other things like cars and bikes.

There are many solutions out there, but they all have their own problems. Some require drilling into walls or floors; some take up too much space.

We have found the perfect way to store your kayak in a small garage with no damage! It’s simple, affordable, and easy to do!

By reading this article, you will learn how to best store your kayak in a garage.

Your first step is to measure the width of your door and then add an extra 2 feet on each side for the room while opening it.

Now, find some straight boards that are at least as wide as the widest part (the stern) but not more than 12″ wider so they fit through your doorway with ease.

Next, attach these boards across both ends of where you plan on storing them by using nails or screws if needed from any hardware store near me.

The last thing left before storage should be leveling out one end by either screwing down two braces onto opposite walls about 6-8 inches apart vertically or attaching another board horizontally all around there.

Top 5 kayak racks & storage units of 2021

How to store a kayak in your garage?

Watch this video below for step-by-step instructions on how to store your kayak in a small garage without damaging anything!

We have found the perfect way to store your kayak in a small garage with no damage! It’s simple, affordable, and easy to do!

7 Easy Storage Hacks to store a kayak in your garage

  • Save valuable space in your garage
  • Free up floor space by storing a kayak on the wall
  • Folders stay organized and tidy with less effort  
  • Store multiple kayaks without any hassle or hassle of dealing with clunky racks.
  • Reduce clutter and stress levels with these tips for storage
  • Get help hauling your kayak around with this free wheeled cart
  • Get the kayaks out of your way and off the ground

How do you secure a kayak outside?

There are many ways to protect your kayak from theft. If you have a lock, loop the cable around it and then through one or more of its handles before securing tightly with the padlock.

Another option is using two different sized cables that can be locked together at both ends using quick release clips on each end; this way, they are easier to take off without damaging other equipment in case someone needs access for legitimate reasons but still provide protection against thieves who may not return them intact if left unsecured.

A third idea is cutting up lengths of old bike rack tubing into short segments (about 18-24 inches long and can carry over 100 pound), which will easily fit over any number of scupper plugs when coiled so as not to interfere with paddling strokes while being long enough to get rid of the ‘grab me look.

If using a truck, trailer, or other such vehicles for transportation, it is also a good idea to remove scupper plugs and secure them in some manner (inside a cooler bag or something) so as not to lose them while traveling.

Is it OK to leave the kayak outside in winter?

The answer depends on the kind of material your kayak is made of.

If you have a wooden one, it’s not such a good idea to leave it outside in winter as the wood gets stiff.

But for plastic kayaks and other fiberglass ones – no problem, just cover it with a tarp when you can’t use it. But if it rains a lot or in winter the temperature is below freezing, be ready that your kayak can be covered with ice after some time.

To prevent the ice, take your kayak under the roof or put on a tire.

Foldable kayaks are the best choice for cold weather. It’s easy to store in winter, takes up small space, and you can use it all year round.

Your kayak passes a lot of time exposed to wind and rain, so better take care of it. If you want to give your kayak a fresh look, clean with detergent, rinse water and leave under the sun until dry. Don’t forget about maintenance!

Is cleaning necessary after every trip?

I would not worry too much if some sand or bits of seaweed get into your kayak – just float them out when next you’re on the water (before launching, though).

However, if you do decide to wash the kayak out afterward, then don’t use anything too harsh on the plastic, and rinse off thoroughly afterward to avoid any residue getting in and causing damage.

What you should do is always make sure that your kayak is dried out well after each outing (even if it’s not dirty) – especially at the end of winter or summer when water can be quite warm.

If you like, you could even leave it outside for a day or two to air dry completely before putting it away for storage. This will help prevent damage from mold and mildew, which can form if a kayak isn’t dried properly.

How do you safely store a kayak in the garage? Storing kayak in hot garage tips

Kayak garage storage Good way to store a kayak is to use foam pipe insulation on the ends. They are also fireproof and will help keep moisture out. I use a 5/8″ size, and they work great.

Make sure you wedge them in tight when you put them away; otherwise, they tend to move around and won’t fit right the next time you take them out. Good luck!

Storing kayak in hot garage tips:

  • Keep the kayak in a shady spot
  • Place it on its side to make sure all parts are covered and protected
  • Put something underneath to absorb moisture, like a towel or old mat
  • Store the kayak on end with one of the ends propped up against a wall or other object for stability
  • Use blocks or bricks to keep it off the ground – this will also help protect from water damage if there is any leakage

How to Store Your Kayak in a Small Garage without Damaging Anything?

We have found the perfect way to store your kayak in a small garage with no damage! It’s simple, affordable, and easy to do! Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to store your kayak in a small garage.

How do you hang a kayak on the garage ceiling?

You could take your kayak off the ground and put it on a garage ceiling to keep it safe, clean, out of reach from water, or anything else that might damage it. Hang them with hangers screwed into both support beams in the walls for stability. 

If you don’t have room by a wall, then suspend yours up high with ropes running through hooks attached behind rafters. Store it in boxes, bags, or tubes. 

You can purchase storage products specifically designed to fit kayaks or wrap a tarp around the kayak for protection from the environment while still having easy access when you want to go paddle.

Best kayak storage racks for garage

To find the best kayak storage racks for the garage, I looked at many different factors. These include quality, price, and user reviews.

You can easily find the best kayak storage racks for the garage that will work well with your needs and budget below.

SaleBestseller No. 1
RAD Sportz Indoor Outdoor Freestanding Heavy Duty Two Kayak Storage...
  • ►ALL METAL RACK - Our Deluxe Kayak Rack will withstand rigorous...
  • ►HOLDS TWO KAYAKS - Will hold two kayaks or stand up paddle...
  • ►VERSATILITY - Can be used indoors or outdoors, the padded arms...
  • ►LARGE CAPACITY - Weight capacity is 175 pounds, enough for two...
Bestseller No. 2
RAD Sportz Wall Hanger Pro Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Foam Padded...
  • ►CONVENIENT: Holds up to 125 pounds! Enough for the largest...
  • ►SAFE AND SECURE: With the included nylon straps and clips,...
  • ►VERSATILE: Easily mounts to a walls, posts, benches and other...
  • ►DURABLE: High quality yellow powder-coated steel will hold up...
Bestseller No. 3
8 Place Kayak or SUP Log Rack Natural Finish
  • Made with glued mortise and tenon joinery in northern Wisconsion
  • Made with Northern White Cedar used Indoors and Outdoors
  • 8-place Kayak, Surfboards and SUPS Log Rack,Natural Finish
  • 74"H x 84"D x 77"W Assembly required
Bestseller No. 4
Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Watersport Kayak and SUP Outdoor Storage...
  • OUTDOOR WATERCRAFT STORAGE: Weatherproof rack holds up to 4...
  • FREESTANDING DESIGN: Moveable, freestanding rack for any outdoor...
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE: Solid steel and aluminum support up to 300 lbs...
  • SPACE EFFICIENT: Assembled rack measures 81"H x 46"W x 36"D to...
Bestseller No. 5
Vahodegn Garage Storage Heavy Duty Hooks, 15Inch Jumbo Arm Kayak Rack,...
  • VARIOUS FUNCTIONS: Garage storage hooks great for organization...
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS: Uitility hanger made of selected...
  • SPACE SAVE: Wall mount rack for indoor or outdoor storage in your...
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 6 pack ladders hooks has EVA arm protector,...
Bestseller No. 6
RAD Sportz Kayak Storage Rack – Two 53 1/8-in Freestanding Kayak...
  • SPACE SAVING- Make the most of the storage space you have...
  • STRONG BUILD- Tough steel tubing makes up the two kayak stands...
  • EASY SET UP- No need to damage your walls with permanent mounting...
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT- The strong, steel arms that hold up your...
Bestseller No. 7
Log Kayak Rack 6 Place Canyon Brown Finish
  • Heavy duty holds 6 kayaks, surfboard, canoes or sup, Each boat...
  • Made of 100% northern white cedar logs with mortise and tenon...
  • Made in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsion, Made in USA
  • 1-year warranty, Finished with Canyon Brown Finish
Bestseller No. 8
Log Kayak Rack 4 Place Unfinished
  • Heavy duty holds 4 kayaks, surfboard, canoes or sup, Each boat...
  • Made of 100% northern white cedar logs with mortise and tenon...
  • Made in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsion, Made in USA
  • 1-year warranty
Bestseller No. 9
Ajillis 71 Kayak Storage Rack, Gray
  • Kayak Storage Rack
  • Holds 6 Kayaks
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Holds Kayaks up to 11' in length
Bestseller No. 10
BISEBIN Kayak Racks for Outdoor Storage, Garage Paddle Board Wall...
  • 【120 LBS BEARING CAPACITY】This garage storage hooks can hold...
  • 【HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS】Round tube steel and no welding process...
  • 【SPACE SAVE】Kayak wall mount for indoor or outdoor use in...
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】Place the tip of plastic anchors on the spot...

How do you hang a kayak under a deck?

If it’s not that difficult to hang one up, then storing them is easy as well.

There are many forms of storage options for the average person, including building an extension overhanging from the house or attaching it directly onto side rails if they exist.

The downside (or upside) is that there should be enough headroom in order to avoid damaging important components and make sure everything fits nicely!

Is it OK to store a kayak vertically?

Storing a kayak vertically in the middle of your garage is not advised. The best thing to do for long-term storage, if you’re really into vertical spaces, would be to invest in some form of a stand.

This way, your kayak is still stored safely, and you’re able to free up some valuable horizontal space for other important storage needs.

A good way to store a kayak is to hang it vertically by using a garage ceiling or good quality hanging rack that can support either end and provide protection from dust accumulation as well as the elements.

How do you store a kayak vertically?

Kayaks are typically stored horizontally, but there is an alternative. If you’re interested in learning about How to store a kayak vertically, I suggest checking out this video:

By turning the kayak vertically and resting it against a wall with its cockpit facing out, you can keep your kayak standing up while also storing it so that its stern touches the ground and bow points towards the ceiling.

How do you store a kayak on its side?

In order to avoid leaks, damage, or other problems while your kayak is being stored, it’s best to keep the small deflating plug inserted into the cockpit.

store a kayak on its side
store a kayak on its side

Make sure it remains in place and that there are no tears or holes in the area that could lead air to leak inside and potentially cause damage.

Kayak storage ideas outside & Kayak storage rack ideas

You can build a small structure or even use a regular shed to store your kayak outside. Keep in mind that it will be subject to all the weather conditions, and you should keep it protected as much as possible by covering it with a waterproof tarp, good-quality kayak cover, or an extra layer of heavy fabric that’s well secured around it.

  • Install a kayak rack garage
  • Hang your kayaks from the ceiling
  • Store them in an old closet or pantry
  • Use storage shed, carport, or garage to store them outside
  • Find a place to ceiling mount kayaks on the wall inside your house
  • Store them inside an attic space with high enough ceilings

A kayak storage system is an efficient way to store your kayaks. When you have a limited amount of space, it’s best to organize your belongings so that they take up as little room as possible.

Using kayak storage hoist for garage

I’ve found that building a simple, cheap solution for kayak storage in your garage is the best way to go. This will allow you to store more kayaks than if you used one of those pre-made solutions.

One of the most popular ways to store fishing kayaks is by using a wall mount. It’s easy to install, and it costs less than $50, which makes it an affordable solution for any home.

Use kayak storage racks for the garage.

These racks allow you to easily store your kayaks inside a garage or shed without taking up any floor space. They’re incredibly sturdy, so they can hold even heavy kayaks, but they’re also easy to assemble and take apart so that when summer comes around again, you can take them down quickly and easily.

You can check out our top Recommended kayak storage racks below:

Do you need crossbars for a kayak rack Garage?

If you wanna carry your kayak, then get some crossbars! They come in a range of styles and sizes to accommodate any vehicle.

If they’re factory installed on your car, great for ya because there are super-specialized items just for carrying kayaks like saddles that attach right up top or stackers with adjustable straps which let one person handle the heavy lifting while their partner secures it down below.

Do you need crossbars if you want sophisticated carriers specifically designed for transporting kayaks? Crossbars can be found as part of an accessory package at purchase time when buying new cars; however, if yours didn’t have them already made into the structure beforehand, we’ve got more than enough options ready to go- including saddle racks.

How to hang a kayak from the ceiling

Yes, the hooking up and hanging of a heavy kayak can be quite daunting. But it’s not as hard as you might think!

It just takes some time to find all the right pieces for your ceiling setup (e.g., pulleys) and spend four hours installing them while also watching this video about how to hang a big kayak from above.

Storing kayak on the ground

Some kayakers store their vessels on the ground, but this is not recommended. Contact with dirt could cause damage to your vessel due to moisture or freezing temperatures.

You can hang it up from a hook or nail and cover any contact points between the ground and kayak using tarps that are waterproof and weather-resistant, such as polyurethane tarpaulins, for added protection against harsh conditions like rainstorms!

Frequently Asked Questions about garage kayak storage (FAQ)


If you’re looking for a way to store your kayak in the garage, this article has everything you need! We’ve included all of our favorite and most affordable options, as well as any questions we get asked about storing kayaks. Whether it’s choosing between different storage units or learning how to hang one from the ceiling, these solutions are sure to work for you too! So get out there and go kayaking! But first, store it!

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