Do you use weights when fishing for bass (Complete Sinkers Guide)

Do you use weights when fishing for bass

Do you use weights when fishing for bass? When fishing for bass, you need to know how much weight to use on your lure.

If you don’t have a good understanding of the different weights available and how they work, it can be really hard to figure out what’s best for your situation.

We’re here to help! In this article, we’ll teach you everything about using weights when fishing for bass. We’ve got tips on what kind of weight to use and where to put that weight on your line as well as helpful videos showing exactly how each type of weight works in real-life situations.

If you’re new to fishing or just looking for some extra information on weights, this guide is going to be a great resource for you!

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Do you use a sinker when bass fishing? 

If you’re a beginner this is a common question you might have. Bass fishermen use light, small-weight sinkers. Bass is surprisingly deep water fish and your line needs to be able to stay submerged without tangling up when you bring in the big one!

Generally speaking, bass have an average depth rating at around 60 feet so plan accordingly by using a lighter weight if needed or just being mindful of how high up off ground level that particular spot may be located. Secure your line by using a good-quality fluorocarbon fishing line!

How to Choose the Right Weight for Bass Fishing – What to Look for in a Weight?

When choosing the right weight for bass fishing, you want to look at these 3 main factors:

1. Stability – If you’re using a weight that’s too light it could end up sliding around on the water floor or even float back up to the surface. That’s not what you want!

2. Visibility – Make sure you know how big your weight is gonna be in the water (and what color it’s going to be). Smaller weights are usually darker in color while bigger weights may be buoyant, which could float up to the surface of the water.

This is something you don’t want. White, black, or brown are good choices for color when fishing for bass.

3. Function – Make sure your weight can perform the job you’re asking it to do. If you’re fishing in shallow water but need a big, bulky weight to get deep, that probably won’t cut it for your situation.

When should you use fishing weights?

You might think that adding weight to your lure or getting a fishing sinker is just for the big boys, but there are several good reasons why you should do so. First off, these items can enhance how well anchor in the water and help cast further with great distance- which means bigger bites!

Not only does this reinforce what happens when trying not to lose something on land (I’m looking at YOU bass), but also helps proteins swim around easier too – especially if they’re bottom-dwelling creatures like trout! Get out there and try some experimenting today; who knows where those fish may end up dining tomorrow.

How much weight to use when fishing?

You can use a sinker weight for both shallow and deep waters. If you are fishing in shallower water, try using ⅛ ounce to create an enticing lure action with slow fall speed that will appeal more towards smaller fish.

For deeper locations over 20 feet deep where heavier lures may be difficult or uncomfortable to use due to lack of leverage on your line, go lighter with weights between ¼ – ⅜ ounces instead so as not to pull them away from their targets by accident during your cast!

What weight is good for bass fishing? (Types of Weights for Bass)

Sinkers are a great way to keep your lure from swimming too far off the bottom. They come in all different weights, depending on what type of fish you’re looking for and how deep they live!

Plastic baits use 1/4 ounce sinkers while tube bait finesse worms might need heavier weight like a 1/8 or even larger size jighead with it. Carolina riggers will often opt for heavy-duty gear that ranges anywhere between 2-3 ounces – perfect if lots are going around where you plan on fishing!

Do you need a bobber to fish?

No. A bobber is simply afloat that you use to detect bites or movement at the surface where your line meets the air – whereas, a weight is used to help keep your line intact down below. The two are distinct enough that they will serve two different purposes if you plan on using both to fish.

If you’re fishing for bass, then the worm weight is the right choice for you. They will keep your line grounded and give you a better opportunity for reeling in that next trophy catch.

Just be sure to pay attention and monitor how the water conditions change throughout the day – which weight(s) you’re using should be determined by where and when you decide to fish too.

Where do you put the weight and bobber on a fishing line?

When fishing with a sinker, crimp the split-shot just enough so that it sinks below your bobber. It’s not necessary to put too much weight on this piece of equipment unless you want fish coming up instead!

Try using fresh bait or replace when smells become overwhelming for other anglers nearby to conserve energy while catching more who are hungry after being out all day long searching through their depths waiting patiently underwater because they know there’ll be food soon enough

Can you use a bobber with a fake worm? (Bobber fishing with artificial bait)

You would use it just like you would if you were using a natural worm. You’ll want to set your bobber stops about ¾- 1.5 inches above the lure. Depending on where you fish, this will change how far up or down you’ll need to keep your line with this piece of equipment.

Bass rigs for shore fishing Types (bass fishing rigs and knots) 

If you’re fishing from a bank, going to be walking around quite a bit, and want to hook your line onto something more convenient yet secure enough for all the activity you’ll be doing, go with a series of slip sinkers.

These are specially designed so they can slide up and down your line to where they can be easily unhooked when you get ready to reel in your catch.

Take the time to learn how these are used so you can catch more fish in the future. If you’re fishing from a raft, pier, boat, or dock though – then go with snap weights. They are very responsive to bites, tugging, and other movements in the water.

You can also try using a rig that’s called a Carolina rig that is popular amongst anglers who are looking to catch catfish in the south. These are typically made with two weights, one above each hook.

It’s an excellent way to cover more than one area at a time so remember to pay attention to where you’re casting if looking to catch largemouth bass (which is what you’re after).

What is the best rig for bass fishing? Most common fishing rigs

It’s really up to you. It’s all about what type of fish you’re looking for, where you are fishing, and how deep they seem to be moving. The more you practice catching bass with each rig, the better you’ll become at maneuvering them and reacting to bites accordingly.

For the most part, though, you’ll want to go with a Carolina rig if the bass is where you’re planning on fishing. It’s very easy to throw together quickly and can be used for four weights (four hooks) making it great for bass anglers who are looking to catch different types of fish.

Best Bass fishing knots for braided line

This isn’t a knot that’s going to break very often. Even if you’re using a braided line, it should be able to take a lot of pulling and tugging without breaking.

If you’re looking to catch catfish, then this is the right knot for you to use. Just be sure you have the right bait if fishing in shallower waters because they can be spotted fairly easily when using baits that are too big for them.

For fishing in deeper waters though, this is a great knot to use especially if using live bait or lure because it can be easily adjusted to accommodate whatever you have on the hook.

Best bass lures for shore fishing

If you’re looking for lures, bright colors are the way to go in most cases. They seem to be more attractive than natural colored ones.

When fishing from a pier, a topwater lure is a good idea to use. It puts off the appearance of a fish being found and attacked by other fish in the area.

It’s also a good practice to put some kind of scent on your lure while fishing (and while it’s on the hook too). A scent like garlic juice or some kind of fish bait (like chicken livers) can help put bass in the mood to bite.

Questions & Answers about bass fishing Weights & Sinkers (FAQ)

Do I need a weight on my fishing line?

If there is a lot of current in your area, you may find that fishing with weights can be more effective than using just lures. If the area you’re fishing is particularly rocky and filled with obstacles, then weights will also help protect your line from potential damage!

Should I use a sinker with lures?

You can, but they’re designed more for situations where you need to place weight on your line while still being able to work the lure.

What is a shaky head in bass fishing?

A shaky head is a weighted pointed fishing lure designed to mimic the movement of a wounded baitfish. They are most commonly used in saltwater during the winter months when fish are in a condition of stupor and will strike at anything that moves.

Do you use weights when fishing with lures?

The best way to enhance your fishing experience is with weights. Lures will be more durable and attract fish who are hungry because they think it’s time for feeding! You can cast farther when using heavy lead sinkers, so if you want an extra challenge on land or in deep waters tries casting beyond what seems possible without them.

Just make sure not too many people see how far away from shore their lines extend before drawing back into yourself again.

Where do you put the sinker and bobber?

You should be able to tie them both on directly in front of your fishing bait. These pieces of equipment will help reduce the risk of having a sudden snap of the line and having to go back into that body of water for days or weeks trying to retrieve it again.

Why use a swivel on a fishing line?

Swivels help to prevent the line from twisting and becoming damaged over time. They can also help to make your fishing day smoother since you won’t have to worry about changing your equipment so frequently while trying to catch a fish.

Do you use sinkers with lures?

You should be able to attach the sinker directly to the fishing line, but if not you can always put it onto a swivel.

What are the different types of fishing rigs?

You should be able to use a Texas rig, Carolina rig, Drop shot rig, Tandem rigging, and Jigging spoons among many others. Most of these rigs are designed to help you get fish onto your hook while still being able to move around the water.


Fishing weights are an important tool for catching bass. They can be used to attract the attention of hungry fish, or they may even act as bait themselves. As long as you know what type of weight is best suited for your fishing needs and how to use them, there’s no reason why you can’t catch more bass! If you’re still unsure about which one is best for your situation. Avoid sliding sinker

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