4 Weird Hacks for Bream Fly fishing (Beginners Guide)

fly fishing for bream

Are you planning to go fly fishing for bream? Well, most of the people might have frowned on what bluegills actually are.

Bream is actually an umbrella term that is being used for all the species of fish that come under the redbreast sunfish genealogy.

Bream are also known by various names including perch, redbelly, bluegill, redear, pumpkin seeds, rock bass, smallmouth bass, panfish, crappies, and others. However, fly fishing for bream is an amazing option that fishermen can partake in.

A definitive guide for bream fishing

Bream Fishing
Bream Fishing

Fly fishing for bream is one of the most fun kind of fly fishing that fly fisherman can experience ever.

Actually, you can find bream everywhere:

Whenever you are going outside with the intent of fly fishing for bream, you actually know you will find something everywhere in rivers and Streams.

Even though bluegills aren’t the biggest fish you can catch with flying fish, but whenever you are going to fly fish for bream, there are some fundamentals to touch ranging from reading the water, casting, selection, presentation, casting, rigging your equipment, and more.

So, here we have brought a complete guide for you to enjoy the best fly box for the panfish fishing experience. here we go:

Can you fly fish for Bream?

Can You Fly Fish For Bream
Fly Fish For Bream

The straightforward answer to this question is, “YES”, you can fly fish bream. Even more fly fishing for bream can be the best and most amazing activity anyone can take a part in.

Most commonly fishermen also prefer to fly fish for bream and experiment with different bluegills fishing flies to learn fishing in the best possible way.

Even more, bream is one of the most commonly found options to fish in fresh water bodies. If you live anywhere near a fishable water body, fly fishermen are not going to have a hard time finding bream. However, when these are spawning process, then that can be the best time to go and search bream.

What is the best time to fish for bream?

Best Time For Bream fishing
Best Time To Fish For Bream

It is a common saying that the best time to fish for bream is the time when they are biting. However, to narrow the guesswork, it is important to understand which time in a year you can enjoy the best experience of fly fishing for breams.

One various fishing water for bluegills, it is being said that the best time to fish for bream such as redear, and bluegills is in early summers and spring.

This must be done near or during the time when the moon is full to make the most out of your bedding fish experience in the best possible way.

What do bream eat?

What Do Bream Eat
What Do Bream Eat

Bream are commonly opportunistic feeders that can eat a wider range of natural prey including prawns, octopus, shellfish, small fish, such as sprat and anchovy.

Some of the bluegills also feed on other aquatic insects, midges and tiny minnows and freshwater shrimp’s as well wooly worms.

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Bream fly fishing tips: How do you fly fish for bream? the 4 Weird Hacks

There are multiple species of bream out there. Angler not only loves them because these are easier to find often, but also because these are attractive as well.

However, when it is about to fly fish for bream, then alongside knowing about some of the best bream fishing artificial baits, you also need a bit of skill to catch a good bream.

These are usually the kind of fish that offers an amazing balance of reward and challenge that can keep angler smiling. So, here are some of the most important bream fly fishing tips that you must know to catch more bream in the best possible way.

So, here we go:

·       Find the best place to fly fish for bream

Undoubtedly, bream live everywhere in fresh water. Fisherman can usually go from small farm ponds to big lakes to find a lot of bream. Still, it is highly important to know where you can take your fly road, bream fishing flies and other fly-fishing setup to have a best fly fishing for bream experience in a more effective way.

·       Stay quiet

Small bream can tolerate an amazing amount of disturbance, while, the large bream won’t. they will disappear into depths with even the first hint of danger. Therefore, when you go for bream fly fishing avoid noisy distractions especially. Arrange all of your fishing gear carefully. So that there would be lesser chances of any disturbance while fishing.

·       Don’t forget live bait

Even though, commonly anglers prefer to use small popping hair bugs to fly fish for bream, but live baits can also make best bream fishing flies as well. It is because there is no reason to ignore live baits to use as best bream fishing artificial bait.

You can pin a live cricket to a bream hook to lob gently on a place where a bream can be hiding to entice.

·       Make sure to learn how to cast a fly rod for bream

It is a vital fact that using a fly rod for bream or any other fish takes time. However, you can go online, and watch how to use a bream fishing fly rod to put the fly line on the water. The instructional videos can make it much easier to learn how to cast a bream fishing rod.

When you will start the process, you can observe the results and change your tricks for bream fishing fly rod over time.

How you can fish for bluegill with a fly rod?

When it is about to use bream fishing fly rod, then there are some things you need to learn in this regard. So, here is the process how you can catch a bluegill on a bream fishing fly rod:

  • A 3-weight Angling rod can be the best to use for a floating line.
  • Choose a reel with a smooth and strong drag which can let you land the occasional rock bass or smallmouth bass.
  • Bluegills can be found commonly in North America. Therefore, finding these wouldn’t be too difficult. However, fish and game agency of your state can be the best way to find the right place for fly fishing bluegill.
  • When it is about flies for bluegills, various different bream poppers, dry flies, nymphs, etc. can be used as the best bluegill flies. As these flies for bluegills are best at appealing them.
  • Commonly, in the evening or early morning, bluegills are most active. However, a midday bite can be effective a well, based on the time of year.
  • When it is about to catch bluegill, it is highly recommended to try different panfish flies for bluegill and smallmouth bass with different fishing techniques to practice accuracy in casting.

What are the best flies for bluegill?

Best flies for bluegill fly rod are given below:

  • The Triangle bream bug
  • Soft Hackles
  • bream Poppers
  • Damselfly nymphs
  • The mop dragon
  • nymph fly popper
  • The wooly worm
  • The panfish wiggler
  • largemouth bass lures
  • popping bug for bream
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Panfish fly fishing setup

Do you want to learn about an effective pan fish fly fishing setup? Let’s have a look at the things below to know more:

  • Use a line control only for pan fish fly fishing to animate as well as retrieve flies.
  • Keep the tips of your fly rod close to the shallow water surface with a straight forward pointed fly.
  • Two fly lines can also work effectively for this fly-fishing setup for panfish.
  • Don’t forget to watch the leader’s visible portion with a floating line for subtle lakes.

Best flies for panfish

Nothing can be better than enjoy fly fishing for panfish but things can go well only if you will have best flies for panfish.

There are various types of flies for panfish available out there. But to make things easier for you, we will introduce you to some top options here. So that you can make your choice smartly with ease.

Bream killer fly pattern

The original bream killer fly pattern is where a standard spider style fly is tied to chenille instead of foam. So that it can sink slowly rather than floating on water. Even more, the fly is also supporting a squirrel’s tale wing which is meant to add in the effectiveness of pattern.

The addition of wing is amazing as it can catch fish like crazy.  

Best fly rod for bream fishing (Panfish on the Fly Rod)

Pan fish are smaller as compared to various other species when it comes to target on the fly rod. Therefore, these don’t come up with the need of fast action, or heavy-duty fly rods just like big trout or pike.

In fact, these can more often fished with old fashioned light tippet and cane rods.

Still, it is highly important to look for the best fly rod for bluegills fishing that can help the fisherman to enjoy the fight with an enthusiastic panfish, pumpkin seed or crappie in a more amazing way.

Because selection of a wrong rod for beam fishing will affect your overall fly fishing for bream experience.

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Where is the best place to catch bluegill in the United States?

It’s possible to readily grab bluegill after the winter months, if they go into deeper water as summer advances. On the summer, bluegill are available over the edges of weed beds, round brush piles, stake-beds and flooded wood, especially when thicker water is near.


As bream are available in shallow water in abundance and there are various colors and shapes of bream that make its fishing more enjoyable. Most amazingly, these kinds of fish are plentiful in most of the fresh water bodies including road brooks, ponds, rivers, lakes, streams that are running through pastures or anything else you can name. Therefore, anglers love to fly fishing for bream. However, the above guide can help fly fisherman to start enjoying this sport as well in a more effective way. So, learn the basics and some interesting tips for this and start your practice ASAP.

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