Best Time for Tuna Fishing in New Jersey (Nj Charters Guide)

best time for tuna fishing in new jersey

If you’re an angler looking for a thrill, then tuna fishing in New Jersey is undoubtedly the right sport for you. While there is no definitive answer to the best time to go tuna fishing, here are some tips to help get you started. While this type of fishing can be enjoyed all year long, the Best time for tuna fishing in New Jersey is typically from September to November. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start hooking some monsters! Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Catch Bluefin Tuna in NJ?

Yes! You can find and catch Bluefin Tuna in the waters off New Jersey. The average size of a Bluefin tuna is about 400 to 600 pounds, but it can grow up to 1,500 pounds. These massive fish are known for their fight, so be prepared for a battle if you’re lucky enough to hook one.

When Can You Catch Tuna in NJ?

Tuna is one of the most popular fish in America, with thousands sold each year. The season for tuna fishing charters in NJ typically runs from August through November, but you can still get your hands on it any time between those dates!

Expect to spend around 24-26 hours at sea during your trip. You’ll have a 4-5 hour boat ride down and then another equal length journey back!

What Type of Bait Do You Need for Tuna Fishing?

Tuna are predators and will eat just about anything, so almost any type of bait will work.

Some of the most common baits used for chunking and jigging tuna fishing are live fish, dead baitfish, squid, and cut bait.

How Far Out Are Tuna in Nj? (Tuna Fishing Charters Nj) 

Tuna fishing in NJ can take place anywhere from 9 to 60 miles offshore. The best tuna fishing is typically found in waters at least 40 miles from shore.

When you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, it doesn’t get much better than fishing with Bluefin Tuna.

You’ll start seeing them 40 miles offshore but heading out even further will be more fruitful – at the 100-mile mark, your search should turn into an endless stream of juicy fish!

What is the Best Time of Day to Fish for Tuna?

What Time of Day Is Best for Tuna Fishing? When targeting tuna, fishing between dusk and dawn is the best time for tuna fishing in new jersey. Without the light of day, it’s easier to increase your weight without attracting their attention with sharp eyes that can detect movement in the water at night!

Heavier tackle will help you land one of these intensely complex fighting fish even if they’re not caught right away.

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How Long Does the Tuna Season Last?

In June, the bluefin tuna fishing industry will start up again. It’s a long season that typically lasts six months and ends in November.

While the best time to leave the dock and go tuna fishing is typically from September to November, you can still find and catch Bluefin Tuna in the waters off New Jersey any time between those dates!

The anglers have been able to catch seafood as late as December, which is very unusual.

How Many Tuna Can You Catch a Day?

Tuna fishing is one of the most popular sports in New Jersey, with over 3 million people going out each year.

The recreational yellowfin tuna retention limit for everyone who goes on a trip or does their own thing- individually licensed fishers included! 

A person can only catch up to 3 fish per day within this time frame, but if you’re under 27″ curved fork length, it doesn’t matter since these smaller types are protected too, so no worries there.

But big eyes still need an accurate measurement before they’re eligible, which means all measures must be taken at least twice while looking in different directions.

How Much Is a Tuna Charter in NJ? (Tuna Fishing NJ Price)

Tuna Fishing in NJ usually costs around $600 for a 6-hour trip. This price includes the charter fee, bait, and tackle. If you’re looking for a longer trip, some charter companies offer 8-hour or 10-hour trips for around $900.

The 24-hour tuna trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For $1250 per person, you’ll enjoy an all-inclusive meal with your friends and family while taking part in some fun activities like fishing for yellow Jacks!

Do You Need a Permit to Catch Tuna in NJ?

Commercial fishing for tunas is a big business. All commercial operators must have the proper permits to fish in this area, and if they’re using any equipment other than hand lines or rod-and reels, then it’s time you got your General Category Permit.

This document is necessary because it outlines the terms and conditions of your tuna fishing activities and the areas where you’re allowed to fish.

It’s important to note that the taking of Atlantic bluefin tuna is prohibited in the United States unless otherwise specified in the permit.

So if you’re planning on going after these fish, make sure you have the correct paperwork! As for recreational fishing, no permit is required in New Jersey.

We hope you enjoyed learning about tuna fishing in NJ! Be sure to follow the regulations to have a successful and safe fishing trip.

Where Is the Best Place to Go Tuna Fishing in Nj? (Tuna Fishing near Me)

The best place to go tuna fishing in NJ is usually offshore. This is because the bluefin tuna are typically found in deeper waters.

The Top 3 best places to fish for tuna in NJ are: (Top tuna fishing charters NJ hot Spots )

Hudson Canyon Tuna Fishing

This is an excellent spot for tuna fishing as it is one of the deepest canyons in the world. It is located off of Long Island.

Toms Canyon NJ

Toms Canyon Tuna Fishing: This is another great spot for tuna fishing as it is one of the deepest canyons in the world. It is located off of Long Island.

Tuna Fishing Belmar, NJ

Belmar is a great place to go tuna fishing charters in NJ as it is located right on the Jersey Shore. Many charter companies offer tuna fishing trips out of Belmar.

These are just a few of the great spots for tuna fishing in NJ. There are many other great spots located offshore. When choosing a place to fish, check the regulations to make sure you are allowed to fish there.

How Far Is Ocean City NJ from Canyons?

Ocean City, NJ is located about 75 miles from the Hudson Canyon. This is an excellent spot for tuna fishing as it is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

Toms Canyon, NJ, is located about 100 miles from Ocean City, NJ. This is another great spot for tuna fishing as it is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

Belmar, NJ, is located about 50 miles from Ocean City, NJ. Belmar is a great place to go tuna fishing charters in NJ as it is located right on the Jersey Shore.

New Jersey Offshore Tuna Fishing Report 

Anglers are looking for the latest information on where to find tuna and striped bass. The problem is that there’s too much information out there, and it’s hard to know who to trust. 

The New Jersey Manasquan inlet Offshore Tuna Fishing Report provides up-to-date information on where the fish are biting, with reports from experienced fishermen along the entire Jersey Coast.

Commonly Asked Questions about Tuna Fishing Charters in NJ (FAQ)

How Far Offshore Is the Hudson Canyon Tuna Fishing?

Hudson Canyon is located about 75 miles from the shore. Hudson Canyon is the vast, deep cut into the Atlantic coastline just off New York Harbor.

Does Full Moon Affect Tuna Fishing?

The full moon is a great time to catch wahoos and bluefin tuna. The fish are more active on the brightest nights, so if you’re looking for an audience with these big guys, your bait should be fresh!

Are Tuna Active at Night?

Tuna are more active at night, but they can be caught during the day. The best time to fish for tuna is usually around sunset or dawn.

How Much Do Tuna Fisherman Make a Year?

Fishing is a tough job that can be dangerous, but it pays well. The average yearly salary for Fishermen was $27,880 last year. The middle half made around 25 – 27 thousand dollars per year. The top 10% of earners made more than $38,000.

How Many Tuna Does a Boat Catch in a Season?

This all depends on the size of the boat, the type of tuna being fished for, and the location. Usually, a boat will catch around 1000 – 2000 pounds of tuna in a season. This is enough to fill the freezer and have some to spare!

How Long Does It Take to Reel in a Tuna?

It all depends on the size of the tuna and how experienced the fisherman is. It’s an actual contest of wills between man and fish. The struggle can take 30 minutes to three hours, but only if you want it to!

How Much Do Wicked Tuna Stars Make?

The cast members of the show eventually started making $10,000 per episode. There’s also revenue from catching Bluefin tuna, which can average at around 40 pounds and cost as much as 100k annually on some boats!

What Month Is Best for Tuna Fishing?

The best time for tuna fishing is usually in the late summer and early fall. This is when the water is warmest, and the fish are the most active.

What’s the Biggest Tuna Ever Caught?

The biggest bluefin tuna ever caught on rod and reel was in 1979 and weighed 1,496 pounds! It was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, by Ken Fraser.


So, What is the best time for tuna fishing in new jersey? If you are looking to head out on a tuna fishing charters NJ trip, do your research and plan ahead. The best time for tuna fishing in New Jersey is typically the late fall or winter, but it is essential to check with local experts to determine when the season opens and closes. You can expect to catch anywhere from one or two fish per day up to a dozen or more, depending on the size of the highly migratory tuna and how lucky you get. With some planning, NJ offers great opportunities to catch these prized gamefish.

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