10 Things to Know About Peacock Bass Fishing West Palm Beach

peacock bass fishing west palm beach

Do you want to catch peacock bass? The peacock bass is a freshwater fish that can be found in South America. Peacock Bass Fishing West Palm Beach is known for its large size and beautiful colors, making it a popular target among anglers.

If you’re looking to catch this species of fish, then read on! We have all the facts you need to know about where they live and how to go peacock bass fishing in west palm beach Florida.

Peacock bass fish is native to South America but can be found in Florida waters as well. They prefer slow-moving rivers with lots of vegetation so keep an eye out for these conditions when going fishing.

You should bring along some topwater lures or crankbaits if you want to hook into one of these big boys!

Once hooked up, don’t let your line slack because they’ll make a run straight away from the boat before turning back around and trying again.

Be patient while fighting them because it’s worth it once they’re landed on the deck!

Don’t forget to take pictures before releasing them back into their natural habitat so we can see what kind of trophy catches our customers are bringing home every day!

Where can I bass fish in West Palm Beach?

Head out to Lake Ida chain or Lake Osborne for some of the best freshwater fishing in Florida. If you’re searching for a more convenient experience, check out one of these two lakes with your family and friends this summer.

If you want to go peacock bass fishing on west palm beach, you should consider dropping by BallenIsles Park.

They have a canoe launch and a boat ramp for your convenience, so grab some gear from the Tackle Shop and hit the water!

The park is located on Lake Ida Rd in Wellington, Florida, which means there’s plenty of parking for everyone.

Where can peacock bass be caught in Florida?

Peacock bass fish is one of the most sought-after and beautiful freshwater fish in existence. It can be found anywhere between North Carolina and Florida.

Its best fishing locations are along Miami beaches like South Beach or Biscayne National Park – even though it’s not easy catching them while you’re there!

Another location that provides some excellent opportunities for this elusive species is the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee.

How far can you catch peacock bass in north Florida?

The Peacock Bass population in Florida extends from Palm Beach County to just short of Key Largo. On the west, Krome Avenue is probably as far you’ll find them; they may exist west of Krome, but that would put one out into the everglades, which would be too much wilderness for most people!

Could you catch the peacock bass fish in Tampa?

Florida’s coastal waterways are filled with various fish that can be caught, including spotted bass and peacock bass. The Tampa Bay Canal is home to black bass as well!

You’ll also find mixed bags of pompano, flounder, and redfish in Tampa Bay. Bring a speargun if you want to get more than your angling limit, and try to let the big fish go so more people can catch them!

Does Lake Okeechobee have peacock bass?

Lake Okeechobee is known as the “Crown Jewel” of Florida’s lakes for its largemouth bass, and it also houses one of America’s top panfish fisheries.

Fishing in Lake Okeechobee can be just as fun and exciting as fishing in any freshwater lake. The fish species that you can game fish in Okeechobee include grass carp, black crappie, white catfish, and peacock bass.

Where is the best peacock bass fishing?

The peacock bass is a beautiful fish that can be found anywhere south of Palm Beach County.

The best zones to catch them are in Miami, where you have the opportunity for catching larger ones, but fishing trips done near Pahokee also yield good results because someone may hook one more exotic: the Clown Knife Fish.

What is the Florida state record for peacock bass?

A fisherman from Miami, Florida, recently reeled in a new state record for the largest catch of butterfly peacock bass. Felipe Prieto caught his 9-pounder on May 4th, and it measured close to two feet long! 

The fish was so giant that he had no trouble fitting its entire length into one bucket – which says something about just how deep this person’s passion runs (and what a fantastic angler).

What fish are biting in West Palm Beach?

Tarpon, snook, and wahoo fishing are the best in Florida. The grouper season starts on June 1st, while it’s so popular for tarpons that they’ve extended their annual catch limit to 20!

Anglers can also look forward to some world-class shellfish during spring when Mackerel are running hot–April through May will be flockin’.

Summer months bring jacks around: groupers live here too, but we prefer catching them after dark with lights because yellowtail consistently puts up more than 150 pounds an hour right about sunset time every night.

Finally, anglers can look forward to catching snook and redfish year-round.

Where can I get bait in West Palm Beach?

If you need to get bait for fishing at West Palm Beach, you can visit the many tackle stores in the area of Palm Beach.

One of the leading bait shops is Inshore Fishing Supply, located on Okeechobee Blvd. You can call them at 561-582-4446.

Another option is South Florida Bait & Tackle, located at 3805 N Congress Ave, only a few miles away from Inshore Fishing Supply. Call them at 561-840-3233.

How do you catch a fish in the Intercostal?

Fish in the Intercostal Waterway are caught by casting a line from land or on a boat. Hooks can be worm or artificial; the latter is more prevalent among fishers.

If you fish from land, it is essential to choose an area with deep water next to the shore. Avoid areas with shrubs or vegetation because this could get tangled in your fishing line. 

The most commonly caught fish from the Intercostal Waterway is snook. In the summer, the water is warm, and fish can be found in deeper waters.

If you prefer fishing from a boat, it is best to use a kayak or canoe. On the other hand, fishing from a charter boat has many advantages since you can cover more areas and access deeper waters.


Peacock bass fishing is a popular outdoor activity for many Floridians, but there are some things you need to know about peacocks before going out on the water.

The best places to go peacock fishing in Florida include Lake Okeechobee and West Palm Beach; however, they can also be caught as far north as Tampa Bay and Jacksonville! If you’re looking for tips on how to catch these fish (or even want more information), we’ve got it all right here.

Our blog has everything anglers need, from what bait works best to where you should cast your line when hoping to snag one of these colorful fish. Remember that if you have any questions or concerns while doing this type of fishing.

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